Eclipse Community Gathering

August 14th @ 7pm

We are in a magnificent portal of energy between the lunar eclipse on Monday August 7th and the solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Come and learn what these eclipses are about and how to use this time to open to what is ready to emerge within you. Bring your astrological birth chart if you have one and if you need one, message me. You don't need any astrological experience to attend this event. Let's be together in community and share insights on how to unleash our most authentic and creative selves in this amazingly powerful time!

When: Monday, August 14th @ 7pm

Where: Tanner Springs Park, NW 10th and NW Marshall Street

What to bring: Suggested donation of $10, your astrological birth chart (message me if you need yours), pen and journal, YOU!

Come gather, enjoy community, learn, ask questions and listen to what the moon is illuminating for you! This group gathers monthly to explore how the moon cycles can help us navigate through the curves of life through the lens of astrology. No experience needed. Just an open mind and a curiosity! We will talk about the astrology of the times and the new moons and how to work with this in your own life! 

Next Gathering: TBD...taking a break for the summer!

What to bring (all optional): journal, snack, friend, copy of your natal chart (Contact Jill if you need one), your questions...

Text me at 256-366-6074 if you have any questions about the location!

Questions: Email me at



Star passengers astrology study group

Take your time and learn amongst a community of friends that also want to journey into self-discovery through the lens of astrology, yoga and mindfulness! This group meets once a month on Sundays to explore astrological concepts such as: The Archetypes of the Zodiac (Aries-Pisces), the Planets, Reading your birth chart, How to work with Current Planetary Transits, The Monthly Lunar Cycles to name a few. During the month, you will have self-study recommendations for how to then take the material and work with it to make it yours and to integrate into something useful for you. Group teachings will be available via Skype or recorded so that you can participate in this group remotely if you are not located in Portland. 

Next meeting: TBD..taking a break for the summer

 Please message me if you are interested. 

Cost: $ 30-50 (sliding scale)/per month