Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions can take your intuitive or astrology readings into integration with added emotional and physical support. We can take aspects of the readings that interest you for further self work and develop ways to implement the wisdom into digestable steps.  Ideas for coaching sessions can include but are not limited to:

  • Physical practices such a body movement, mantra ,mudra, and breath work to help you with energetic shifts,  life changes, stress, and emotional unrest
  • Subtle body practices such a visualization techniques and other energetic practices to help you connect to the non- physical realms of energy
  • How to connect and trust your intuition and wisdom
  • How to uncover and express your creative potential or soul directive (Applying your Sun, Rising Sign, and Pluto/Moons Nodes)
  • How to process grief and uncomfortable stages of emotional healing and transformation
  • Learning how to work with crystals, essential oils, and flower essences for your well being
  • Attuning with the cycles of your life using the planetary transits and your natal birth chart; easing life transitions and cycles of growth
  •  Learning forest/nature medicine and healing * This work is done outdoors
  • Integrated body wisdom vs knowledge: How to sort through dietary, physical movement, and general health and wellness information that is available in masses in our culture in order to honor and align with your body's wisdom and optimal vitality

Sessions can occur in my office, at a location of our choosing, in nature, on the phone, and via Skype. Sessions can occur on an as needed basis or in regular intervals to support your intentions. 

  • Single session: $75
  • Package of five sessions: $325