About Me:

Life has taught me to appreciate the way our experiences continually morph and reshape our identity.  The more I learn along the way, the more I grow into a better reflection of my authentic self. I started my professional life as a chemical engineer in the pulp and paper industry.  Through climbing the corporate ladder, I discovered much about who I was and who I was not. And, in this process I kindled a passion for fitness and holistic health. I have always enjoyed being active.  Movement had such positive effects on me that I wanted to share that with others. Naturally, I fell into teaching and personal training 21 years ago. I  immediately I knew it was my soul’s passion. I have taught group strength and cardio classes during my teaching career but now enjoy teaching yoga and yoga-core fusion type classes only. I studied and received my 500-hour teaching certificate in yoga and hold a host of other certifications, as I love to learn new things and challenge myself to continue to grow. Through movement I have inspired others to find their most vibrant self from the inside out! 

Over time I discovered that movement is only one piece of the wellness puzzle.  I believe that we must be just as attentive to the mental, emotional and spiritual health and energetics of our bodies. The link our physicality has to the other aspects of ourselves continues to captivate me.  I am a lifetime student of holistic methods of healing.  Through the years,  I have been able personally examine and test many modalities of working with the entire energetic body to restore balance and harmony. Some of my favorite paths to vitality in my own body include Ayurveda, astrology, essential oils, Chinese medicine, naturopathic medicine, western herbalism, massage therapy, flower essences, healing stones and crystals, mudras, music and mantra. I incorporate aspects of all these tools combined with my own personal experience into my classes, treatments and sessions. Astrology has become such a deep passion for me and through this lens, I have found such wisdom is how to consciously work with life. Current astrological events inspire my products and my workshops. 

My desire to help others and to share what spirit has taught me through my experiences led me into intuitive energy healing work. I am an empathic and intuitive healer. I have learned to see energy patterns in the body and to attune to my energy to be able to feel what is unbalanced or blocked energetically in myself and others. I channel spiritual and earth spirits to allow for information to be passed through me that will aid and support  intentions to remember our unlimited power to heal and feel abundant and vibrant in life. I do not consider myself to be "gifted" or "special" as this ability to work with our energy body and to connect with spirit is available for all of us. My hope is to teach others to learn to communicate with the body with more ease, trust and fluidity. 

My goal is to help you clear the obstacles that prevent you from connection to your true self so that you can freely dance with life in body and spirit. 

About My Classes:

Make your life yoga… and you will allow the practice to transform you and the lives of all those you meet. 

I want my classes to be relevant to our everyday lives. I believe our movement practice can be a tool to help create space, release tension and learn how to listen to the body’s wisdom and requests. I have a great interest as a teacher in helping you learn to move from your center in a grounded, synergistic, and mindful way so that you can continue to be active for as long as you desire. Our bodies are all so unique and dynamic, so I hope to provide a warm, nurturing place that allows you the freedom and joy of making the practice your own. I want you feel better each time you practice. I believe movement can be fun and at the same time educational and challenging as we learn much about how we interact with life by how we move our bodies. One step at a time, we build strength and flexibility that if done with intention can create the same affects in everything we pour our attention into. My classes intertwine alignment, astrology, aromatherapy and the wisdom that my teachers have passed along to me through my 21 years of practice.