Community Astrology Gathering:

What is going on and how do I work with it?

Come gather, enjoy community, learn, ask questions and listen to what the moon is illuminating for you! This group gathers monthly to explore how the moon cycles can help us navigate through the curves of life through the lens of astrology. No experience needed. Just an open mind and a curiosity! We will talk about the astrology of the times and the new/full moons and how to work with this in your own life! 

Next Gathering: Monday, December 4th a@ 7p at conference room at Yoyo Yogi (2nd floor by bathrooms)

What to bring (all optional): journal, snack, friend, copy of your natal chart (Contact Jill if you need one), your questions...

Text me at 256-366-6074 if you have any questions about the location!

Questions: Email me at

Webinar: Deep Dive into the SouL: A Webinar on Pluto

Sunday, October 29th 5-7pm PDT


Transformation, Evolution and Rebirth

As we approach the Scorpio cycle (October 22-November 21), we dance in the deep waters ruled by the planet Pluto. Pluto is the soul in astrology and deals with the souls journey of transformation, evolution and rebirth. Transformation is never easy or comfortable but I find that when we tap into Pluto's energy we can learn skillful ways to work with our challenges as we understand the meaning sometimes behind the sweat and tears. We can learn to not to fear the the darkness but to turn towards it as it can lead us into new depths of profound discovery about our soul's purpose. 

Learn and discuss:

- The significance of Pluto in your natal birth chart

- Pluto in the signs and houses and what that means for you (the how and the where in your life you are going to experience the most intensity, transformation, and personal growth)

- How to work with Pluto right now in these times (where may you be experiencing the most challenges)

Cost:Sliding scale $20-50, please Venmo (jillcasepdx) or Paypal (

**The class will be recorded so you can register and I will send you the link for the recording if you cannot be present.

**Email me to register with your birth information (exact time, date,and city of birth) and I will send you the webinar information. 




Star passengers astrology study group

Take your time and learn amongst a community of friends that also want to journey into self-discovery through the lens of astrology, yoga and mindfulness! This group meets once a month on Sundays to explore astrological concepts such as: The Archetypes of the Zodiac (Aries-Pisces), the Planets, Reading your birth chart, How to work with Current Planetary Transits, The Monthly Lunar Cycles to name a few. During the month, you will have self-study recommendations for how to then take the material and work with it to make it yours and to integrate into something useful for you. Group teachings will be available via Skype or recorded so that you can participate in this group remotely if you are not located in Portland. 

Next meeting: TBD

 Please message me if you are interested. 

Cost: $ 30-50 (sliding scale)/per month