Class: Full Moon Flow May 14, 2014, 7:00-8:30pm

The intuitive, watery scorpio full moon invites us to reflect and go inside. Let's use the energy charged evening to find community and a pause using breath, yoga and meditation.  Guided meditation & chanting...candlelit vinyasa based yoga class ending with long, deep stretches....aromatherapy.. What better way to celebrate the beauty and charge of a full moon! Class is open to all levels. Hope to see you there!

Location: SW Community Center at 6820 SW 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97219
Cost: Donation
Bring: An offering for the full moon alter (flower, food, rock, poem, candle...something to share with another as we will take home something from the alter.) Yoga mat, block, blanket or anything else you enjoy for your practice. 
RSVP: Please call or email me to register.


Yoga Retreat: Canon Beach June 13-15, 2014

Come retreat to the sands of Cannon Beach for a weekend of yoga, relaxation and connection. Come for the weekend or come for the day… Relax. Recharge. Reset. Daily yoga classes, meditation and good company awaits!

Yoga + Housing in Cannon Beach:

Single Room: $330
Shared Room (twin beds or shared Queen): $230
We will stay in a home complete with full kitchen and an outdoor hot tub on the beach. Various room options are available. Food is not included but available at the home if you choose to participate. More details to follow.

Yoga Only:

Weekend: $120
Friday only: $50
Saturday only: $75
Sunday only: $25
Yoga will be held at the Cannon Beach Yoga Arts Studio. Class size is limited to 20 participants.

Class Schedule:

Classes (other than late evening) are vinyasa style with attention to alignment and accessible to all levels. All classes are themed and taught workshop style with options to up level or modify with intention to enhance your understandings of the poses in your own body. The weekend is structured intensity wise so that you can attend all the classes.
Friday: 5:00-6:30p, 8:30-9:30p Restorative Yoga with Meditation
Saturday: 9:00-10:30a, 4:00-5:30p, 8:00-9:00p Restorative Yoga with Meditation
Sunday: 8:00-9:30a

Contact me for more information! I am willing to work with you for trade or something else creative if you require financial assistance. Please ask!

Check out my blog post "What is a yoga retreat and why would I want to go" to have some of your questions answered! 

Workshop: Unlocking Your Potential, An Exploration of the Psoas June 29, 2014

Please save the date of Sunday, June 29th (2-4p) for my next workshop at Yoyo Yogi. The psoas (SO-as) influences every aspect of our health and integrates body, mind, emotion and spirit. It has found to be key in releasing pain in the hips, knees, low back, feet,and jaw.... Tight, exhausted or "sleepy" psoas muscles can also be linked to digestive issues and headaches as well as unreleased emotions of fear and anger. In this powerful workshop you will learn ways to connect to this muscle and how to freely move from your center with a sense of flexibility, suppleness, strength and stability. More information coming soon and you will be able to register online or by calling Yoyo Yogi.