Oil Blends

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Oil Blends

from 12.00

 Organic, therapeutic grade essential oils in carrier oils.

1/3oz glass roll-on or 15mL

"Earth": Ground, connect, feel the support of the earth. This blend is great for the feet! Rub into the soles of the feet to calm the mind and bring yourself back into the body. 

"Release": Ease tight and stiff joints and muscles,  release stuck emotions to ground and align your energy. Let it go!

"Nourish": Support swelling and inflammation in the joints and muscles and support fatigue to that you can find your inner peace.

"Spirit Lift": Ground into the present moment and lift your mood with this rejuvenating blend. 

"Women's Blend": Support healthy monthly cycles, ease PMS symptoms, and support emotional balance all month long

"Cedar Oil": Connect to the earth element, your body and feel supported while relinquishing the need to hold on.

"Supple Roots: A Women's Blend for pelvic floor health;  supple strength and mobility, tap into your creative, intuitive power!

Most of my aromatherapy spray blends can be made into oils. Please ask me if you are interested!

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