Holiday Aromatherapy Sprays


Holiday Aromatherapy Sprays

from 12.00

Holiday/Seasonal Sprays: Eliminate the stress of the season and enjoy the deeper meanings


    “Holiday Heart”: Be in your heart and radiate love, reside in the truth of the season (cinnamon and spices)$12/$20

   “Winter’s Kiss”: A chocolate and mint bliss, find the sweetness of the season $15/$25

"Sweet Slumber Pillow Spray": Ease your body and mind to drift off sweetly$12/$20

 "Spirit Lift": Brighten yourself, grateful to be alive, feel rejuvenated $12/$20

  "Liquid Sunshine": Find the warmth inside you..feel awake and optimistic $12/$20

"Peace": Find the peace in your heart with this easeful aroma $12/$20

“Bliss": Inhale a bit of heaven and savor this moment $15/$25

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