Aromatherapy Spray

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Aromatherapy Spray

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Aromatherapy provides energetic medicine for the body and a pathway to awaken your senses.  I blend essential oils and flower essences to work with personal intentions and healing.  I use organic therapeutic grade essential oils blended with purified water, flower hydrosols and/or witch hazel . My Earth+Sky Medicinals are intended to balance the energetic body by working on subtle energy layers through the healing powers of mother nature and the stars.  Ioffer a variety of blends and can also intuitively develop custom blends to work with your specific intentions. Any of my blends can be made into bath salts or oils. 

Blends:   1oz/4oz   glass bottles

Grounding  & Calming Sprays: Stabilize and ground energy; Connect to body and earth; Promotes relaxation and inner calmness
Uses: Feeling disconnected to body, excess mental energy, busy life, headaches, insomnia, sleep disturbances, pain, overall stress, performance anxiety, meditation, physical tension, Chakra: 1, 6, 7
“Bliss": Inhale a bit of heaven and savor this moment $15/$25
"Earth": Ground, connect, feel supported and stabilize your energy $12/$20
"Earth Nectar": Ground into the deep roots of nourishment $12/$20
"Forest Walk": Meditative, calming, find stillness within $12/$20
"Peace": Find the peace in your heart with this easeful aroma $12/$20
"Zen": Uplift your spirit and find your zen for life $12/$20

  Healing Sprays: Heal emotional and physical body; Remove energy blocks
Uses: relationship stress, grief, physical injury, emotional stress, confusion, physical depletion, overall stress, pain, physical tension, shadow work, Chakra: All
"Clearing Breeze": Clear your energetic body and breathe in clarity $12/$20
“Clear Space” Purify your office, home or personal energy field. Feel connected and uplifted! $12/$20
"Emergence": Heal, transform and flow with grace $12/$20
"Heart Honey: Find fullness when you open your heart $15/$25
"Resurrection:  Release the old, unmask yourself, transform, and resurrect from your truth $15/$25
"Release": Release stuck emotions and energy to ground and align $15/$25
“Spirit Lift”: Brighten yourself, grateful to be alive, feel rejuventated   $12/$20

Inspirational  Sprays: Tap into creativity, receptivity, Find your flow
Uses: creative projects, new moon intentions, enhance intuition, drawing in abundance, balance female cycles, infertility, PMS symptoms, supports pregnancy, Chakra: 2, 3, 4
“Abundance": Manifest, feel the richness and fullness of life $12/$20
"Beauty": Bring in more beauty, illuminate your own $15/$25
"Infinite Supply": Joy+ Freedom; balance the creative power center in the pelvis; initiate and be receptive;  $12/$20
 “Water”: Feel your fluidity, embrace your sensuality, cleanse, find emotional balance $12/$20
 “Yin Your Yang”: Take frenetic and stressed energy to cool, calm and collected! Get receptive, discerning and balanced. $12/$20

Energizing Sprays: Initiate, Uplift, Energize
Uses: new projects, low energy/motivation, caffeine substitute, enhance physical activity, improve confidence, mood lift, Chakra: 3, 4, 5
"EmPowered": Find your strength, step fully into your life, claim it $12/$20
"Faith": Bring in courage and faith through transitions $12/$20
"Guiding Light": Illuminate the path, feel inspired and supported $12/$20
“Liquid Sunshine: Find the warmth inside, feel alive, awake and optimistic! $12/$20
"Ignite": Find your passion and fire to live your truth and passions $12/$20
“Soulshine”: Ignite the fire inside and let your soul out $12/$20

Harmonizing Sprays: Connect to Others, Nature and Spirit
Uses: Bonding with others, family/work harmony, meditation, connecting to nature spirits/medicine, spiritual work, Chakra: 4,7

"Divine Embrace": Feel the embrace from the all that is that all is well $15/$25
 “ Sattva”: Cultivate clear state of harmony, equilibrium, and gentleness to  purify your health and wellbeing. Live in harmony with Nature and your inner nature. $15/$20
 “Svasana”: Invite in ether, expand, embody, connect to all that is…pure bliss  $12/$20

"Unity": Balance the masculine and feminine with this yin/yang blend $12/$20



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