Initial: $75
Follow-up: $65

Partner Session: $40/per person; Atleast one private session is required for each participant prior to partner sessions. 

Using exercise styles such as yoga and pilates and the tools of TRX, exercise balls, and resistance tubes and bands we can work to build strength & flexibility while easing pain and discomfort to restore overall balance to your body. Movement sessions are customized for your goals. Ideas for movement sessions can include but are not limited to:

- Assistance with developing and enhancing your own personal practice for home, work or travel
- Injury rehabilitation
- Pain management
- Starting a yoga/pilates/movement practice before embarking on group classes
- Stress/tension reduction

I believe movement can be a type of therapy and I use my intuition and your body to develop movements that can allow your body to process and move energy is ways that lead to greater balance and well being. I specialize in the pelvis including hip pain and discomfort as well as neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. Movement does not necessarily need to be focused on getting a good workout but serving the present needs of the body in ways that allow you to live your life with  more physical freedom!

All movement sessions are 60-minutes. Payment by cash, check, or credit card is due at the time of each appointment. I require a 24 hour cancellation notice or full payment of the session is expected.