Scorpio Season: Reclaiming the Power to be our Whole Selves

You can usually feel Scorpio coming because the intensity of this time is like being in a pressure cooker…Scorpio asks that we confront the forces beyond our control.. These forces usually come along with strong emotions and issues dealing with those powerful items in our life (money, relationships, loss of anything significant, the past). This is a time to peek into what is hiding in those closets that we don’t want to look at and would rather hide from and pretend don’t exist. When we can face our fears we can take back our power we diminish the control these things have over us. This is a time to face our dark sides for deep healing. In order to be whole we must face the whole of ourselves, the light and the dark! if we are not willing to sit with it then we leave it up to fate to manage and we all know how that usually turns out! This is a time for deep transformation so dive deep friends!