Mentoring Sessions for Yoga Teachers

Teaching yoga is a lifetime evolution of learning about yourself and the vulnerability of sharing your wisdom and experience in your classes in a way that feeds both you and your students. Mentoring is a way to have a supportive partner to mirror and reflect your experiences back to you for integration and expansion. Mentoring is not the replication of the mentor's path  but yet the sharing of experiences and learnings that can assist in the mentee finding their own path towards greater truth. Through our partnership you can work on topics such as:

  • Embracing authenticity: finding your unique style and gifts to share with your classes
  • Teaching from fullness: how to receive from your teaching opposed to feeling depleted after teaching
  • Wisdom vs Knowledge: learning to discern knowledge shared in workshops and trainings and align it with your own wisdom and truth. How to make the knowledge applicable and relevant to your teaching style. 
  • Tapping into creativity: Learn how to deepen your intuition to find your creative flow so that teaching can be fun
  • Attuning to Nature: Learn how to use the cycles of nature to touch your students and your own practice more deeply as you help students align to the energies of the time (astrological, Ayurvedic, seasons)
  • Applied Anatomy and Subtle Body: deepen your anatomical and subtle body connections to your own body to expand your personal practice
  • Custom Topics of your choice

Mentoring sessions can be performed one on one in my office, at a location of our choosing, through phone conversations, or on Skype. Sessions can be scheduled on an as needed basis or for blocks of time when working with specific intentions.  

  • Single Mentoring Session: $75
  • Package of Five Sessions: $325