How to prepare for an energy session

Energy sessions are co creative and so your participation is required. Although the sessions are very calming and nurturing, you will need to remain aware and connected to your body during the session but not necessarily in your mind.  I want to be clear that I am not the here to fix or heal you and thus it is our work together that provides the medicine. The guides that I work with support empowering you to listen and communicate with your body. These guides are not "fortune tellers". They tend to prefer to give you tools to learn to decipher what supports your intentions rather than just telling you what the "right thing to do " is for your current place of standing. It is not necessary that you can clearly define a goal for working with me is in our session. However, if this is case it will be is helpful prior to the session to do a journaling exercise. The day or two prior to the session, take a few minutes to write down everything you are thinking and feeling.  It does not need to have a goal or a direction but allow this time to be a “downloading” of what exists within you presently. There is no need to censor or analyze the content. If you do not have time for this exercise then on the way to the session speak out loud this same information.  This information may lead you to determine that you want to cultivate, a certain feeling state or direction for your life, or may pinpoint something you want to release or lesson, or you may still feel unsure of what you hope to work with during the session.  Allow enough time to travel to and from the session so that you are not rushed and can allow the space to continue your therapy after the session.

What to expect during the session

Sessions most often start with a footbath to unwind and to allow a mild detoxing. We will talk about how you are feeling and what you are sensing in your body. Sometimes there is little talking that is required. From this point forward, the sessions are quite unique to each person. I do channel your spiritual guides who may choose to speak with you directly or provide me with information to share with you. You can ask questions anytime during the session. I will work with your body in whatever ways seem to serve your healing process that day using any of my tools (mantra, mudra, essential oils, healing stones and crystals, therapeutic touch) to assist. The unfolding of the session will feel natural and comfortable for you so there is no need to be nervous or anxious about the structure.  My goal is to help you feel at ease in allowing yourself to step into your presence with complete attention and acceptance.  This is a space of non-judgment so anything that comes up in the session is confidential.  I am acting as a channel and an advocate for you and want to support you in your acceptance of yourself in your past and present.  Sessions last 60 minutes. 

What to expect after a session

You may feel anything from tired, relaxed or energized after the session so that is why allowing yourself to schedule a session where you have time after to provide self-care and a pause to reflect is helpful.  You may wish to take a nap or enjoy some alone time after the session to fully integrate what transpired. Drink plenty of water and eat a nutritious snack or meal after the session if you feel airy or ungrounded.  Often vivid dreams follow the session so you may wish to keep a dream journal by your bed if you enjoy working with your dreams. Most often, the guides give “homework” or helpful activities for you to practice moving in the direction of your aspirations.  You may wish to write this down after the session. Once we complete the session, if further questions then I recommend writing them down. You may find that over time you find that you already know the answer to your question. If future sessions are required you will feel drawn to make another appointment when the time is suitable.  

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