Astrology can provide a canvas with which to explore your soul intentions for this lifetime. Learning about your birth chart can help you discover more about who you are and what allows you to feel more at home in this life. Topics of discussion can be vocation, relationships, current astrological events or a  general personalty overview. We can also use your birth chart to determine forms of movement will resonate with you,  and which essential oils and/or plant based medicine can support your evolution. 


 Session: $125 ; 75-90 minutes

Includes a copy of your birth chart and an intuitively guided session (recorded) to work with questions, intentions and topics that interest you in your life. This is my favorite way to work with astrology. I meditate on your chart for days prior the session working with your questions and intentions and asking that your chart and your spirit guides to reveal messages that are anchored in your highest truth and soul desires. During the session, we will discuss the messages and how best to work with them. Instead of focusing  specifically on your chart and staying with our analytical minds, we will tap into our hearts and allow for truth to be revealed in present time. You do not need to have any astrology information for these sessions to be helpful. Readings can be done at my office, in your home, on the phone or via Skype.

These sessions require preparation time for me so please allow more than 24 hours if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. I ask for full payment if this cannot be honored. 


monthly forecast  mini Readings-via email

Receive a personalized monthly forecast reading delivered to your inbox! This reading will focus on what current planetary transits will affect your life and suggestions for how to work with them mindfully. Know where best to focus your intentions and where to expect some illuminations. A simple way to stay connected with the natural rhythms of nature.

Cost: $20 sliding scale