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Libra Season- "Finding our own sense of balance"

Watch a preview for Libra season that I did on Tonight with Cassidy here!

On Monday, September 23rd we get to experience the balance of light and darkness in the Fall Equinox. Watching nature can give us the clues as to what this time calls for..harvesting of the last of the summer produce, leaves changing and falling off the trees, darker and cooler days…themes of reflection, slowing down, letting go, appreciation of what has come to fruition and acknowledgement that we must take what has been harvested and put it into use in the coming winter months. What has the fruitful and summer fun and delight revealed to you and what can you take with you? Think back to the spring equinox in March with what you planted in the form of desires and wishes..what did you grow from that? What needs to be composted and let to die and what can you savor?

With the commencement of fall begins our Libra season. Libra affords us the opportunity to work with balance and how each of us has our own formula for what feels balance feels like. My experience has taught me that this formula needs tweaking from time to time and we change. How do you feel into what is out of balance for you? What clues tell you when some part of your life is in excess or depletion? That is a good place to start tweaking your formula. Listen to your body and emotions and let them guide you. Out of balance can feel like exhaustion, lack of motivation, resentment, frustration or strong desires or impulses. I find that nature has a way of teaching us so listen to the environment and people around you for clues as to what you may be lacking or desiring. What re- occurring messages do you hear, what new inspirations come your way, how can you bridge some polarized thinking about the way it needs to be? Libra is a good time to listen, learn and look for ways to create more harmony in all aspects of your life. Look for ways that differences can complement each other, look for the middle path away from the black and white. See how you can find and trust your own sense of what balance looks and feels like for you! For some tips for your sun sign in where you may find more hints about where you may want to strike a new balance see the chart below. Happy equinox!

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