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Curiously Present in Gemini Season

Gemini season is here! Here is a link to my appearance on Tonight with Cassidy where I talk about the general themes this month and some tips for how to work with the energy.

If you have been feeling a little a little lethargic, home bound and having a hard time wanting to do much productive other than feed your senses then get ready for change. We now move into the mutable (changing) air sign of Gemini. This month the pace is going to quicken and especially the speed of our minds and our ways of getting around. Gemini will stimulate our mind and allow us to even change our mind a bit perhaps finding fresh perspectives on what may have felt a little fixed with the Taurus energy. We may feel more inclined to talk more, socialize more, learn something new, network as we take in and process a lot of information. We may get busier and with that we may move around faster. This can be a good way to shake things up. But, as with anything too much of something can hold its own challenges. This is a time where we can easily feel attention deficit and find it hard to focus on one thing at a time. Studies show that multi-tasking is not productive and actually raises stress levels. Where we get breadth of awareness with Gemini we cannot forget that some things require more depth and focused attention. We can feel a little over stimulated during this time and feel a little ungrounded and disconnected to our bodies, emotions and spirit. We have to remind ourselves that we are not just our thoughts! When we feel we are on information overload and we can’t seem to find the way to our heart and our own internal wisdom it may be time for a time out. This is a great month to focus on our mental hygiene and be more intentional and present with what we feed our minds and how we care for our minds when they are overloaded or need some nourishment.

Here are some signs of imbalance: overstimulated/frenetic, indecisive, too busy, disconnected from your body’s needs, information overload, headaches, pain/physical symptoms in shoulders, arms and hands, unfocused or ungrounded, short attention span

Ways to bring back to balance: time in nature, limit technology, interact with animals, focus on your goals and vision (one thing at a time), solo time, limit stimulants (caffeine), silence, exercise or be physical

Ways to channel this energy for productive uses: Writing, singing, reading, learning, exploring your neighborhood/environment, gathering with friends, humor, being in the moment, opening your mind to new ideas/perspectives, improving communication skills, learning the skill of adaptability, catalyzing change

Gemini is the last sign of the spring season and its mutable energy helps us transition and change into the summer cycle. If we think back to March and the spring equinox we may reflect on desires that were emerging and wanting to be initiated. In Taurus we were allowing those desires to get grounded and more tangible. Think about Aries choosing and planting seeds of what we want in our garden and Taurus being the time to pull weeds and tend to the care of that which is underground. In Gemini we get permission to change our mind with how our garden is landscaped and what we are growing. Maybe something just isn’t growing and we need to make some space to plant something new or maybe we decided that instead of growing tomatoes we want strawberries. This is the time to be present with what is transpiring in the now! Let yourself be adaptable to the you in this moment.

Our perception shapes our reality. Our mind has a natural proclivity towards a negative bias for survival purposes. The lower reptilian brain is constantly monitoring whether each moment is good or bad, threatening or supporting us and if anything is questionable then we will error towards what will keep us “safe” and out of harms way. Even if the threat is all in our head and not real! This is where we need our higher mind which allows for a more well rounded and broader perspective to help us process. We can choose to take in more than just our internal reality and see what else we could be missing. Example: We are on the phone with someone we have just started dating. They seem distant and cold. Story of our mind: This person is clearly not interested in me. I better bail so that I don’t get hurt. I wonder what I did. Maybe I was too open on our last date with my feelings…on and on down the rabbit hole of what ifs. Judgment: This is a threat to my survival. This is bad. Curiously Present Perspective: This person said they were tired and that they didn’t sleep well the night before. Perhaps they are having an off day. This person has not expressed any concerns with me the relationship. I could simply be curious how the situation will unfold if I gave it another day to see how our interaction goes. I could be direct ask if something wrong instead of avoiding the person or the topic if this continues. I notice I am feeling a little insure and fearful because I have not dated in a while. I know when I get like this I get overly sensitive. Bailing just lets my fears rule me instead of being more curious about this relationship. I do enjoy our interaction normally. Judgment: This isn’t good or bad, just not the way I like it to unfold. My survival is not threatened. I can take care of myself either way. I am ok!

Here are my tips for how to practice being curiously present:


*Journal about the things that worry you, How else can you see the situation? Try to take an outsider’s view to broaden your internal perspective.

*Presence check ins through out the day. Pause. Feel your body. Deep Breaths. Visualize emptying your mind with every breath out. Set a timer for 5 minutes a few times a day.

*Limit external stimulation (technology, the opinions of others, caffeine) to allow you to process your own thoughts in a more grounded way. Maybe for 30 minutes a day or for a full day.

*Choose new sources of information that inspire/bring new ideas. New podcast, new book, new person to have coffee with…

*Learn something new (new language or activity)

*Travel to unfamiliar places. If you can’t get on a plane, go to a new neighborhood to work on your computer. Take a run in a new area.

*Spend more time outdoors

*Make a gratitude alter and place evidence of “good” things happening for a month. Keep your mind focused on the the positive. Every time something good happens write it on a note and stick it on your alter. Try to add something daily. Be on the look out for small wins too (scoring a good parking spot, sunny day, finding an inspiring quote, etc)!

Below are some suggestions for each sign. This is an area of your life that may feel easier to be focused on your new perspective. It can be a place you need a new story to tell so be curious!


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