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Pisces Season Tips and Star Rx

Pisces season is here! We have been admist a very fast moving and intense time it seems. I find many people feeling stressed, under a lot of pressure and very busy. Often when this happens we press harder to get it all done and taking time to take care of ourselves and slow down is the last thing we do. We must remind ourselves that stress leads to illness and a decrease in our creativity and overall wellbeing. This Capricorn energy is not going away so we must learn to relate to this pressure with taking responsibility for our health. Pisces rules the immune system so this can become compromised when we don’t take good care of ourselves. Virgo deals with our daily habits and routines and our health and wellbeing. So, my star prescription for this month is to dedicate time each day to relax and let go! We will be more creative, inspired and better prepared to handle ourselves and each other and whatever the moment brings if we can!

Here is my segment on Tonight with Cassidy on this time:

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