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Tremors of Transformation

Digestion, integration, processing, internalizing, improving, perfecting..all things of this time and highlighted on the new moon Sunday. We have been getting back to work on piecing together our ideal selves. We have been trying our best to make sense of the potency of the last few months (holy $#&! has it been intense and profound) by taking the parts that are clear and applying them into our daily lives. Maybe you have been digging into your finances, working on improving your relationship or making a job change..but shifts are being made and with any new or refined actions we experience the changes and the ripple effects are evident. With the line up of planets on this new moon, the shifts may be stirring up those emotions and sensitivity as well as the feeling like you cannot find any solid ground from which to stand on. Transformation is not very static or stabilizing to say the least. When an earthquake occurs, the tremors can be felt in areas not directly affected by the earthquake and often days after the event...perhaps this time is just like that. Tremors can be defined as "nervous excitement; trembling from weakness or emotional stress; a discreet small vibratory movement following or preceding a major seismic event;  a feeling of uncertainty or insecurity.". This new moon is a call to embody the tremors of your life in all the ways they are showing up..emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically. It is all part of the transformation of ourselves and the renewed paradigm shift of becoming who we are meant to be, our perfect authentically unique selves. 

This time has not been very direct with us. With all the retrograde planets you may feel like you have been on a merry-go round for a longer than expected ride. Circular paths, redoing, repeating, reflecting...all ways to continue to allow ourselves to learn. We do it until we don't need to do it anymore. It takes as long as it takes. Trevor Hall sings "You can't rush your healing, darkness has its teachings..confusion clouds the heart but it also points the way." Confusion is the beginning of wisdom and understanding because it acknowledges that we may not know all we think we know. We often have to reach this place in order to be open to a new way. I see a vision of a bag of puzzle pieces dumped onto the table of our life minus the final picture in which to follow. We must piece it together by feel, by our senses and by our internal guidance. Our mind is not the ally as it once was as it only knows the pitfalls and experiences of the past. That is helpful but only to a point. The solutions cannot be found with the same energy of the questions..right? Our experiences teach us but they are not the best vision of a different, new way as they can give more of the same.. consistency. Although we all love it to a point it is not so helpful when we want to improve. The art of the times is the articulate care in which we choose which piece to work with and the approach and consistency of our application. If we really want to create new relationships, then we must really focus on them and dig a little deeper. What needs to shift in our approach? what do we need to consistently not do any longer or to commit to in order to allow for something new to emerge. We may not  control the timing of when the new or improved relationship takes root but we can know where to go to work and where to dig in and if we are not clear then we can atleast try something and feel the results and then try, try again. If you are waiting for the detailed instructions or the explicit step by step guide then you will be waiting. This time is about the commencement of doing something and you have to start to begin! Courage is attained by action not by certainty. 

I find it also helpful to remind myself that any integration happens not only at the mental level (hence we figure something out) but in all levels of ourselves. We cannot grow and transform physically without it affecting our emotional and mental states and vice versa. When you change what you do, you in effect change and we are more than a body, a mind and a emotion. We are all of it and thus change will be experienced in all layers of yourself. So, as you make choices to let go of perhaps behaviors, situations, jobs, relationships in your physical world, you can expect to also need to expunge emotional baggage, mental habits and attachments and energy. Expect to feel this influence on this new moon. This can be confusing or disorienting. You can be making many positive changes in your life and then feel a rush of grief and sadness and think..what did I do wrong? Nothing, but as you are releasing the old there are emotions that released as an tremor effect. You can be releasing a lot of old emotions and then all of the sudden your body experiences physical tremors. All part of the experience. The best way to cope is to allow it, accept it, feel it and surrender to the way you are transforming. Just like when we digest food we experience mental effects, we may feel more calm and satiated, we may experience clarity or determination. We also may feel emotional effects and energetic shifts. We experience a physical shift, we may feel full in a visceral way or we may feel stronger. We are digesting our layered experiences and this is quite a profound multi-sensory ride! 

One of the new principles of this paradigm is the certainty of uncertainty. There is no box that life will ever fit in that will ever make sense. There is no plan that is pain free or without unexpected outcomes. There is no guarantee that risk or change will yield what you think is fair or desirable. No one is going to save you. No one can do it for you. There is no answer that will satiate the questions you will continue to seek answers to. This time is pointing us towards our own guidance, the wisdom of our experiences and the trust of knowing we can navigate through the path of our life by paying attention, doing what we can do in each moment and surrendering to the mysteries of life. The magic is often disguised in the details and the mundane choices in every day life. The vision of our ideal self and life is created often as we make the choices day by day that feel right and it is often as simple as that. Because when we stop and reflect, it is the smaller moments that make of the majority of living not the succinct monumental experiences as amazing as they are in their moments of glory.

On this new moon, may we all pause, feel and honor the tremors vibrating through our experiences. May we see them as progress and integration ,as perfection in action. May we love the messiness and chaos of transformation and respect its powerful presence none the less.

Happy new moon and much love to you all!




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