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Coemerging Realities

And now we enter the time of balance, the night and day hours are now equalizing as nature draws us into the themes of Libra. With Libra we delve into discoveries around “bridge building”, new perspectives, peaceful debates, trust and partnership. I intuit this time to be one of “coemerging realities”. We have perhaps seen one side, be it the way we see ourself, our work, our relationship, even our “stuck” places and now we are asked to turn around and open to the other side of view. I liken this to the story of the elephant and the blind men. All the blind men were trying to explain the elephant from their own unique perspective of touch, yet all were different as one was touching the tusk, the other the tail, one the trunk and one the side of the elephant. All were “right” yet all were incomplete and you could say “wrong”. All were aspects of the elephant but when fusing together all the perspectives, the elephant was able to “seen” more whole and complete. Their perspectives needed to be bridged. This is the call of the time, to allow the other to fill in the gaps to where we ourselves are blind.


It can be all to easy to get stuck and confined in the way we see a person, a situation and even a perceived failure. We can struggle and wrestle and bind ourselves up in trying to fix and make it feel right when often the easier way to get unstuck is to change how we perceive what is transpiring. This is a tough mental practice at times. So, if I am struggling with how another is behaving and I can see what she is doing that angers me and list all the ways she is keeping me from getting what I want, I can stay in this place and keep the running down the rabbit hole of frustration or I can shift the perspective. I can try to climb into her head and ponder how she may see the situation. With Libra energy, I may even be called to have a conversation and ask her how she feels and how she views the tension. Both of us will be “right” and we both have our own perspective but in truth both of us will be flawed in only taking in our unique desires and lens of viewing. When we practice the middle path, both are right and both are wrong and from this place understanding can be found. Maybe I learn that some of my behaviors were misinterpreted and thus caused hurt feelings or frustration of her part. Perhaps she learns what I really want and we find we want the same thing but have different ways to get there. A bridge can be formed and coemerging realities can bring us to new solutions and stronger partnerships. This practice can even be applied to loss and failures. I can look at something I have lost like a job opportunity and stay in the position that this was a mistake and failure on my part, or I can choose to see what I gained. Perhaps more time to really contemplate what I really enjoy and would rather spend my time doing. Perhaps it pushes me to explore new career opportunities.

This Monday, we have a full Moon in Aries, the sign of our fiery desires and the willfullness behind getting our way and asserting ourself in the world. Part of showing up in partnership is to honor and be truthful with who we are and what we need and want. A shadow side of Libra is co-dependence or people pleasing. Letting the other influence what I want and how I should show up. Relationships that stand the test of time need to be built with two people that show up as two wholes and not two halves. A large part of who we are is inspired from what we want and honoring who we are as individuals. If we lose our own identity then we risk the other defining it for us. But, even with as far as we get in knowing ourselves, we still need the other to shine light on the shadows that we miss in liking the positive or good qualities of ourselves and wanting to hide from the negative sides that only partnerships help reveal. Relationships often expose our darkness or shadow qualities. This is meant to help us build bridges within our self identity so that we can find peace and acceptance within our whole self. This can also be a tripping ground for self-judgement or rejection. We all have wounds and we all have qualities that at times were not applied in life as skillfully as we like. That is the human plight! This full moon is about redefining who we are! We can learn to define ourselves not by only our wounds or even our bright shining qualities but by the coemergence of both realities!

Rumi says the elixir is often in the poison…so often our wounds hold the salve we need for the healing of our fractured ways of perceiving our worth and wholeness.

So this month, pay attention to a new perspective that perhaps the other will allow you to peer into. Look for ways to bridge polarized ways of thinking and relating. Instead of right and wrong sides can their be an alchemy of both in the bird’s eye view of perceiving. Let this redefine how you see yourself and your world!

Here are some suggestions per Sun Sign for how coemerging realities may show up for you!


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