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Emotional Reboot

Welcome to the tender waters of Cancer! It is here that we ride the waves of our emotions and get personal with what we need to take care of ourselves  in order to feel safe enough to navigate these vulnerable seas. If we can allow ourself this reboot time, then we can arrive rejuvenated and free into what is ready to emerge in our future. Like a cell phone or computer, we can run on old programming and feel sluggish, heavy or bottled up. Nothing like a reset to allow ourselves to release the past and to integrate new programming that let's us be current and restored! As a culture we do pretty well to focus on our physical hygiene and sometimes we even delve into our mental hygiene but now is the time for that emotional wellness that is an integral part of our wholeness. When we suppress our emotions, dismiss them or project them, they can wreak havoc inside us. We can develop physical symptoms like stomach distress, poor sleep, anxiety and even emotional weight gain. When we allow for emotional wellness then our emotions become allies, guiding us towards what aligns with our truth and freedom moment by moment. 

The moon rules the archetype cancer and the moon is the fastest moving planet changing signs every 2 1/2 days. The moon deals with our emotions, our need for inner security, comfort and nurturing. Our moon is our inner child so expect that it does not always act like an adult..this inner part of us acts instinctually without thought based primarily on the programming from our family so it tends to keep to habits of what it knows. As we know the known is very comfortable for us humans.  For me the most challenging thing about these emotions that seem to come out of nowhere at times and can change like passing clouds or they can feel like they stay too long like an uninvited guest hence, we cannot control them other than to suppress them, express them (onto others) or deny them but then they end up controlling us! So how to do allow our emotions to flow? The truth is that when we actually allow them to just flow naturally they don't last long..around 90 seconds at the most. What tends to happen is that we experience an  unexpected emotion or one that  is experienced as negative and we block the expression and then it gets stuck inside us. Emotions are energy and energy likes to flow! So, in order to keep your emotions flowing I came up with the acronym of CARE. Cancer is a very compassionate and caring archetype and caring for ourselves when we are feeling emotional is essential to letting our emotions have their space and time to be a part of our awareness. 

C:ompassion: Show compassion for yourself and others when they are feeling emotional. Treat yourself as you would your best friend or your child. Try not to judge or condemn yourself.

A:ccept: Accept how you feel without trying to change or fix it. You accept by allowing things to be just as they are!

R:elease the storyline: Try to not to let your mind hijack your feelings by going into a story about the feeling. Just let yourself stay in the sensation of feeling.

E:ase your body: Notice where you are experiencing the emotion and touch that area or breathe into that area. You can also just touch your heart, or take some deep breaths. The most important thing is to relax as best as you can. 

Based on your sun sign, here are some places you may need that emotional reboot or that you may notice some extra emotionally energy:

Aries:  family 

Taurus: your communication 

Gemini: personal resources 

Cancer: your image 

Leo: the past 

Virgo:  friends 

Libra:  career 

Scorpio: your beliefs 

Sagittarius: loss 

Capricorn:  relationships 

Aquarius:  your health 

Pisces:  your creativity

Water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) may be the most aware of this emotional time!

If we can allow ourselves this time to tune in and to process our feelings, we can empower ourselves with emotional intelligence. We can learn to recognize that when we feel "negative" emotions we need to tune in and see what they are telling us. Are we disconnecting from our truth or from our ability to take care of ourselves? Do we need to take a time out? Our culture tends to fear emotions because we feel vulnerable when we get in touch with our emotions. We have been taught that vulnerability is weak. In truth, being able to feel connects us deeply to the experience of truly living from an open heart. When we learn how to hold space for our emotions instead of feeling controlled by them we learn the power they allow us to integrate. The power of being strong enough to be soft and open. We develop strength in the vast space of what is. We all feel. It is just what we do with our feelings that allows us either to heal through them or be frozen by them. When we don't feel our feelings don't go away they just get forced underground or thrown up onto another onto to cause us more pain. We heal by feeling. 

May this month allow us the healing medicine of feeling and rebooting our emotional bodies so that we allow ourselves be to restored more integrated and whole ready for whatever presents itself!

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