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This Aries cycle has packed quite the punch so far! It may feel as though you were about out of gas when our full Moon in Libra arrives to give us that much needed pause of harmony, balance, beauty and perspective. It won't come without intention as Mars lined up with Saturn and Lilith in Capricorn form a challenging aspect to this full moon. We will meet force, pressure, perhaps even the rock bottom or the ceiling of effort in trying to get our way. You have may felt this adversarial energy kicking up that hidden anger looming in our secret hideaways.  How dare he do this! How can they stop me? Why is this happening to me? I have the right to....Do we have only two choices on this full moon full of polarity..push harder or give up ? I think the intelligence of the Libra full moon offers the middle path...yielding. Yielding can be defined as:

-to give way to pressure or influence; to cease resistance; to relinquish one's possession of something (such as a position of authority or advantage; to give up a claim or demand

Interestingly enough it is also defined as: -to give or render as fitting or rightfully owed; to bring forth as a natural product especially as a result of cultivation; to produce as a return of expenditure or investment

Note Newton's third law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we pause and become curious about the energy that is meeting us we learn a lot about our previous actions hence our past. Remember Aries is the warrior, and we feel like we are at war fighting for ourselves and what we want.  One of my favorite aspects of martial arts is learning to read your opponents energy and meeting it, at times yielding to it and using it to harness strength and power. It you meet the opponent with rigid resistance you get knocked over. You have to bend, stretch, bow in order to be skillful and fluid. You have to study their movements and use intuition to guide your way to hidden pockets of power. It is like riding the waves of the energy exchange between the two of you, knowing when they are peaking and when they are receding and practicing restraint and patience to wait for the pivotal moment to act.  Newton's 2nd law states that when add force to an object we speed it up. So, if a hard and intense forces are meeting us and we meet it with the same powerful force of resistance then we will speed up the reaction or better understood the consequences. Simply, put you reap what you sow. 

Libra teaches us a lot about ourselves through the mirror that others play in our lives. If we are inept at receiving we find people who take until our cups are empty, mirroring and allowing us to feel the imbalance of our over giving. If we are unwilling to see our shadows and to give light to that which makes us uncomfortable then we will witness others mirroring them for us and thus kicking up the emotions that we are unwilling to make space for. With Aries we can always point the finger of blame but with Libra the finger comes back around and points us to where it is also found within ourselves. Libra seeks balance. Libra seeks harmony. Libra offers the perspective of the middle path, of connection with others when we yield. It does not mean give up, but it also does not mean to always lead. We dance with the energy and play both parts at times. But always, seeking balance and harmony, always aware of our affect on the environment and especially the other. 

The Capricorn energy kicking up all the resistance, restraint,  and " hard lessons" of karma isn't just to see how hard we can push or to see where our breaking point is but that is often how we learn. Capricorn teaches maturity and wisdom and this only comes with experience and thus trial and error. The school of hard knocks is not popular with self-enrollment but eventually we all find ourselves there. The question is how long do you stay. Are you a person that studies hard ( reflects on your experiences and learns from your "mistakes") and gets out in a timely manner or do you take your time and hit your head against the wall long enough until you notice that it hurts when you do that and that is isn't getting you that diploma? The choice is yours and with Libra it all about choices. Capricorn is reflective energy, and we can stop, reflect and evaluate the lessons of our lives we make better choices, not "right" choices or "wrong" choices but embodied choices that speak to our own wisdom. We will get tied up with Saturn in a sparring match when we make choices that we "think" are right (because someone else told us) but that don't honor our own life wisdom. With Saturn, you have to be your own boss and when you look outside for the boss then you meet the mirror of karma to send you back to the school for another round.

Another aspect of this full moon are habits. The moon is about our habits and unconscious responses to our environment though our emotions. Habits die hard. Habits are powerful because going back to Newton's 2nd law, the more they are fed the stronger and faster they keep going. With Aries, we are in unconscious desires and energy that doesn't want to wait to think it out. We may feel it as "Ready, Fire, Aim!". So, we have a Sun in Aries conjunct a retrograde Mercury which can push us to just react the ways we always have. To feel that anger erupt and respond the way we always do with blame, projection or suppression or expression. Hopefully, the retro Mercury will slow our roll a bit to go "Wait! I have been here before." Then we capitalize on the Capricorn energy and reflect on what did I do in the past and what did I learn? Perhaps we form better boundaries. Perhaps we learn self-restraint. Perhaps we learn self examination. Perhaps we learn how to stand up for ourselves in a mature way. Finally, the moon in Libra allows the perspective of a new choice..perhaps the choice of yielding. Of not only asking what do I want, but how it is coming to me and what is the energy like around me? How will it affect the others. It can also bring a bit of compassion to see other's struggle with this same energy. It is not easy to change our habits. We are taught that power is the same as force. What about redefining power as the ability to yield and produce the "natural product of cultivation". We have been cultivating some energy of desire and some of it is ready to be acted upon and some of it is the power to choice to let go of something we may feel we have claim to. Maybe in truth this claim is not ours because it is old and needs to be redone a new way, maybe it truly has not been cultivated long enough (we need to expend more time feeding it and attending to it) and we need to exercise patience. And sometimes we just need to yield to a higher authority and recognize when habits don't serve us and resistance to what is is futile. 

My wish for myself and all of us on this full moon is to lean into to what is challenging and difficult, to what is pushing your buttons with an open mind and heart. What can we learn from yielding our defiance and resistance and responding with intelligence and wisdom? I pray that in doing so we can cultivate an awareness of the power of our choices and the beauty of discernment. Often the strongest embodiment of power is the restraint of using it as a weapon or a force of resistance to what is. Happy full moon dear ones! Much love! happy full moon blessings....


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