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Fresh Start

Welcome to spring and welcome into the astrological new year! If January 1st didn't do the trick for your reboot then you can try it again with the Aries season that runs from March 20-April 19th. With Aries we get impulsive, we want to move and get it done and we want it our way! We can be in touch with our instincts and we can channel the courage to triumph over our fears. The shadow side of course is also available...meeting that anger when it does't go our way, impatience, or little to no impulse control with our actions. So how do we skillfully use this energy for a fresh start? Perhaps we will take this motivation to make decisions that channel our energy into more inspiring and empowering paths if we can take the time to reflect and to be aware of what actions do not feed us and which actions perhaps need more time, energy and attention. We have to recognize the pitfalls of the past, the choices we make that keep recreating the same scenarios and we have to use restraint to keep making the same ones. But, it we can keep that awareness then the energy is freed to be harnessed for what our hearts desires and what feels more in line with who we feel we are today. "Fresh starts" do not have to be  life overhauls but can  be made it the moment to moment choices of paying attention to what we feed. New beginnings can be as small as choosing to eliminate words or stories that we say that reinforce the past or identities that are worn out. With mars in capricorn, we may choose to eliminate the word "should" and all actions stemming from what we feel we "should" do and instead consciously choose what we want to do with the end in mind..the end not being what we feel people want us to be but what feeds our heart for the long haul allowing us to feel alive. Aries is vibrant and just like spring..allows us to witness the amazing cycle of new life! Make choices that keep you in touch with feeling alive!

The Sun in Aries is also joined by Mercury and Venus in Aries, so the fresh start might trickle into our thoughts and communication as well as our relationships. With Jupiter in Scorpio in retrograde and Mercury starting its retrograde cycle this week, we may feel a little stunted in our fresh starts if we don't take the time to be mindful of where we need to focus. Retrograde times are times for reflection. We may need to take a second look at things before we jump to conclusions. We may think we have figured it all out just to find that we are creating the same situation with different people or environments. Aries' motto can be "ready, fire, aim" and that can bite us if we don't slow down a bit to look over our experiences and learn from them.  Taking a little time to review what actions were responsible for what has gone well and what has not can be a helpful place to start. When people claim to be "unhappy" or "lost" when asked what do you need to "Stop" doing in order to move closer to what will allow you to feel more fulfilled or empowered most people know what those actions are...they just feel so familiar that it can be hard to notice their impact. Often times just stopping some of those actions can free energy for new pathways to present themselves. When we make choices that keep us disempowered it can be hard to then find inspiration and motivation to try new things. When we pause and restrain at times, often new ideas and scenarios emerge rapidly. Change is scary and it is the new frontier for our becoming. We live and learn. No one gets a road map so often times the only way to know is to take the leap and try it out. We learn plenty from our mistakes and often our biggest failures precede our most profound accomplishments. not because we "paid our dues" but because often after failure the fear no longer reigns and we finally get the boldness we need to go for the saying" You can only go up from rock bottom" ,or "I had nothing left to lose!".  During this cycle is it is also important to reflect on decisions we make due to others' influence on us. Trying to separate the threads of what others want for us and themselves away from what we desire can be tricky, especially with people we love and care how they feel about us. It is a thin line often between partnering and compromise and unstable boundaries and acting out of guilt or obligation. Jupiter will help us uncover the truth about finding our power and not allowing others to hold the power to our happiness and fulfillment. 

So, we have some work to do to make this "Fresh Start" as powerful as it can be. We have to show up and own up to the power our actions. Aries energy can go in a millions different directions or it can be skillfully channeled into truly becoming the powerful warrior for our truth, wisdom and unique essence. 

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