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Your Lighthouse

Feel the earth and water as the elements of the feminine are making a strong presence for our new moon in Capricorn today. We may feel this presence as heaviness, intensity, gravity, and even chaos and confusion. It may feel like the longest and darkest of nights and with a new moon, not even the glimmer of moonlight. This last cycle may have brought up the gravity of our choices in ways of consequences and karma. We may feel like the the child facing the disappointed parent as we sober to the reality before us of what must be done to move ahead. We could have set the goals for this next year only to realize how much work and comittment it will take to reach them and the gap between there and here. We may be tired and even a little depressed as we realize that there are no short cuts.  We also may feel a bit disillusioned to learn that the authority figures, philosophies and systems that we build up  didn't quite do what we thought they would and that the solution was not as simple as cut and paste. We may be realizing our own authority and although empowering, it can also be a bit daunting in this crazy, unpredictable world. The world may have seemed safer when we were under the guide that another was at watch. But this new moon is square Uranus in Aries, and the Sun is about to move into Aquarius (ruled by Uranus and Saturn) for some much needed air (perspective, clarity, insight). I liken this to the beacon of light seen from a light house amongst the stormy seas. This light is our fire, our uncensored passions/desires and the will to break free and liberate ourselves from the past, from the comforts of all that is secure but dead and overused. If we let the light guide us into the safety of our wisdom we can see at our problems, our larger reality with a new energy that create powerful shifts in where we have been! We can interrupt the pattern and allow new energy to direct our actions. Energy that is allowing new expressions of ourself to emerge. Expressions that allow for greater joy and connection to heart. So that all the work, the perseverance is not for more safety, more security but greater embodiment of the collection of our experiences that allow us to be uniquely who we are all the time. For us to find confidence in our choices and our path, even if we are not sure where we are going or what it looks like. We will know because we have felt what it feels like to be in our truth and to be in flow with our present circumstances and we trust the mystery and magic that happens we when tune in instead of look outwards for the leader. 

For this new moon, I think we are called to feel into our instincts and to keep going  with what we know at this time. Start with what we know is not working and stop doing that. If a system seems to be failing you, drop that system and be open to finding a new one. If a relationship is causing stress or suppression of your desires, then leave it. Take action where you can and let the rest go. It is amazing to see what can happen when we free up energy that is stuck in destabilizing or harmful patterns. Energy just re-orients itself and often finds a much better path if we let it. Sometimes focusing on what we need to do different or new starts with what we need not be doing in the first place. That place is often the energy drain that prevents the energy from shifting and evolving. We cannot let in the new when we are stuck in the old. So, stop what needs not be continued and see where you land! 

Friday the Sun moves into Aquarius. Right now we lack the element of air and that is even more difficult for us since most of us rely on out thinking intelligence way more that perhaps our intuition, emotional or physical sense. This break from air may have amped up the way you have heard from your body, your emotions or the ability to trust that gut since no amount of reasoning has worked recently. The air that is coming in is not normal air but air of the higher realm of intelligence. This kind of air brings about epiphany and genius thought that lies outside the norm of how we normally think and perceive. That is why it can be seen like lightning causing instant disruption to our norm. We get the shock wave and we see it like we have not before. Once we know we cannot "un know" and thus change happens! Aquarian energy allows us to liberate from collective or past thinking that chains us to realities that need to be improved. One way to allow more of this energy is to focus on doing new, unusual things and allowing for the unfamiliar to let us have beginner's mind experiences. When we do the same things we get the same experiences and then often we fail to notice what may be helpful to notice. Doing new things let us be open to perceiving new things. 

“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.”R.D. Laing

Driving a new way to work may allow us to see a sign advertising a service we could benefit from or the house for rent we have been looking for. Going to a new coffee shop may allow us to stumble across a future investor, or future lover. We open our eyes again!

Another way to work with this energy is to follow impulses. We get so many impulses all day long and many of them we disregard due to our natural and learned biases and perceived outcomes. What if we slowed down enough and tuned in more often to hear and explore those impulses. Like when you get the impulse to go to that event you would normally never say yes to. Or you get an impulse to introduce yourself to that stranger. Our impulses tie us to intuition and to ways in which to allow our energy to find new pathways. Try to follow one a day and see what happens. Be open! Be curious! What if??

Another aspect of this energy is to concentrate on our alliances and the support that is available when we take the step to ask for help. Everyone knows someone and often it is those connections that allow the dots to be connected between where we are struggling to find that break and the opportunity. Ask for help. Tell your friends about your struggles, your goals and aspirations and ask them for suggestions, for people they know that can help... use your connections. The flip side is to look at where you hang your hat for your allies. Do your allies support you being you? Do your allies allow you to change and to find deeper expressions of your authenticity or do they need you to be the way they need you to be for their comfort and stability? This may be a good time to change up the company you keep if not. Take a look at who you mesh with and do they inspire you to continually grow and explore the dance of life together?

As we move into this new cycle, take the first step of being painfully honest with what is not working and start by stopping or minimizing that which may be serving as a roadblock. Let in new ways to see your reality with new eyes by allowing yourself to dance with the discomfort of distancing yourself from all that is known, familiar and repetitive. Change it up a bit and perceive what is available for you when you do. It may be dark and stormy out there right now but there is a lighthouse guiding us back into the safe shores of our heart, our wisdom, the collective learnings of our experiences. That lighthouse may be an impulse that you just failed to notice or the ability to reframe the problems by looking at what isn't working and not letting that dead weight stop your ship from sailing. Take the first step...

"Start close in, don't take the second step or the third, start with the first thing, close in, the step you don't want to take...." David Whyte "Start Close in"

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