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The messiness of integration

We are nearing the end of this Virgo cycle and wow what an intense, odd and disorienting time it has been. The eclipse certainly has left its mark and although the main event has come and gone the rippling effects will continue to be integrated into our life as the weeks progress.  I think integration is a key theme to consider for this time. The energy of this time is mutating, changing, transforming..all meaning it is being digested and broken down into aspects for us to either discard and let die and parts that will feed us to be used for growth and healing. Virgo is all about sorting and separating, useful from not necessary. This eclipse brought up inspirations and visions and creativity of what the future can hold but most of the time to get there is not as simple as we wish. We have to pause and take a look at what has been keeping us back, draining our resources and giving us those empty calories. We also have to change habits and go to work on taking new steps and forming new practices that support our heart's desires. This is the process of integration and it happens in the body through experiences and experimentation. It isn't a one move linear process. It doesn't happen solely in our minds by choice but by what we learn and experience when we live the choices. This is what makes this time so hazy and confusing. We saw the vision and we want to get "there" but the getting there is the messy and circular at times path of our journey. This is where we live the questions instead of fixate on the solution. Most of the time we don't know the solution because we have not lived the questions and the experience yet that guides us towards that destination. Virgo takes us back to our body for that filter. Instead of simply staying in the mental realm of thinking about what to do, planning, and only seeing it, we get to experience it through our physicalness. We get to feel how our choices affect we like it? Does it feel authentic and grounded? During this time I have noticed myself and others feeling a lot of neck pain and digestive issues. These are all signs that the body is working on the energetic integration. We integrate on all dimensions of ourselves not just in what we know. Often times when we are feeling indigestion we are experiencing the confusing aspects of our growth and assimilation of our experiences. Often times when the neck/jaw and throat area is tight we are experiencing that integration from heart to mind and mind to heart. So, if you have felt really confused perhaps it is a gift to not be able to reason it out but to attune to the body's wisdom of how you are living it out. Incremental progress is still progress and if done at a pace in which you are able to consciously choose and respond then that is growth and evolution. 

Jupiter in Libra is opposite/polarized) to Uranus in Aries. We are experiencing the contrast of what I want and need and how my desires are pushing me to make new choices and actions that free me from conformity or inauthenticity and get me what I want. Jupiter is asking for partnering and relating with the others. How do we build bridges, negotiate and learn the art of balance of what we want and what others need and how our choices affect them? This requires experimentation and practice in skillfully observing when we error to far in any one direction. Part of how we do this is the Virgo process of sorting and separating. I first how to be able to sit in my aloneness and sense what my desires are and to know myself well in my individuality. What is truly mine and what is others? How do I feel and how do others feel about my choices? We cannot move integrated and together until we experience and know the parts first. An example is the game of Jenga. We build the pile with individual blocks (desires or aspects of our life). Let's say the pile we are building is our foundation based on what we value, what matters, and what is true. The game of Jenga (life) is then played by observing the effects of pulling out one piece at a time. How does it affect the whole? Does it make it crumble and fall, if so that piece really mattered? If it didn't, perhaps it wasn't necessary. The pieces of our live may be our work, our relationship, our home life, our personal life, etc. You get the gist. It is a game of playing with the questions of how will this choice affect the whole. That is the journey of this time.

With all this integration arising, it is a good time to love yourself and accept your path as good enough as you live your questions and your uncertainty and even your one step forward two back progress towards your inspirations. Notice the small changes and shifts and celebrate them. Congratulate yourself when you notice making a new choice or having shifts in your awareness in how you even make the decisions that you make. But also, love yourself when you don't. Evolution and growth are not easy and much as we want to improve and be our best, the best way to travel along our path with ease and patience is to practice grace with yourself, remembering our mistakes are often our post pivotal moments of awakening. 

Blessings and love to each of you...

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