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Moving into Balance

We start the Fall Equinox and the Libra cycle with a lot of residual Virgo energy. Venus, Mercury and Mars still linger in Virgo, so the themes of integration, self-improvement, and getting our hands dirty in the "work" is still relevant. We can still feel it huh, busy, busy , busy seems to be the mantra. Libra brings cardinal (initiating) air. So we are starting new themes of energy. The air element brings with it a focus on the mental realm of things like communication and our perspectives. Some general themes of Libra are partnerships, enhancing beauty, balance, harmony, justice and bridge building. Libra always sees two so it is a time to see where we can expand our views to see another person's view and in turn build a bridge between the two sides. Polarity isolates. This is a good time then for intellectual debates in order to open our minds. If we go back to the solar eclipse, we have been expanding into our more authentic and creatives selves. Virgo has helped us take a closer look within to clean up and clean out space for these new intentions and habits and Libra helps us find those strategic alliances that can help us get even closer! We don't have to do it all alone. Whether it is a person who will give you some valuable feedback and insight on where you are stuck, or the investor that lends you some money or the friend that talks more courage into you...we need each other! This month may allow you to see clearly just who on your team and who you need to recruit. 

But there is another aspect that we need to keep walking towards our truth and (keeping with the Virgo theme) that we need to address to keep our body in its best state of wellness. We need balance and harmony within so that we are clear and focused on the most appropriate new actions and not stuck in our old ruts or too stressed to do much at all. When I am reflecting on the craziness of our world and the small contribution I can make, it can feel overwhelming. What can I really do to make a difference or make it better? I think Libra has an offering for us..create inner peace within and allow that to pour into your environment. Libra loves to beautify the environments that it touches. This is a great time to make your home or office more lovely but how can we make the world more lovely? We can create more people that take care of themselves so that they have the energy to be their authentic selves. A shadow side of Libra is codependency. Who or what do we depend on to give us inner peace or sense of place? This time is an opportunity to take initiatives to do this for ourselves and then give it out to our world in how we talk and act. It may sound trite but think of the people in your sphere that take good care of themselves and have a grounded stable presence, often times just being around them inspire you and nourish you to do the same. Reflect on times when you were well cared for and how much easier it was to feel level headed and clear with your path. When the mind is clear we are more apt to be open to new perspectives. The elements in astrology can help us with restoring balance. The chart below gives some suggestions:


My suggestion is to go around the wheel and perform an inventory of how well that element within you is cared for by your daily/weekly routines. Perhaps you can reach out to friends for support in the elements you feel need a little love or ask for suggestions for the friends that seem to have an element dialed in. Remember this is a time to ask for help and to receive and give help to our community. I want to comment though that balance does not mean that everything is done is equal portions. We are all created so uniquely and some of us have an abundance of certain elements while being a little scarce in the others. I find more often that not, that a person say with a shortage of the earth element has many earth abundant friends or through self study has determined earth based practices that bring the earth to balance. That is the beauty of having each other. 

The Jupiter (Libra) opposed to Uranus (Aries) transit is being activated during this time so being well balanced can help us with the tug of war in self and other. We can use our clear minds to help us know and free up those desires to act when we feel we are ready yet maintain an observant mind on how our actions affect others. We can also learn to be in our masculine (the doing part) with more balance with the feminine (receiving) and vice versa. 


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