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Unlock and Unleash

Oh my goodness, are we ever in an amazingly powerful time. Monday, we will experience a lunar eclipse (not visible) with our full moon and in two weeks the famous solar eclipse will arrive with the new moon in Leo. This portal between eclipses is a potent time to harness extra energy to allow rapid shifts and accelerations to occur in your life! I am calling this pair of eclipses "Unlock and Unleash". You can use the energies available to unlock the hidden parts of yourself that are essential for your spirit to emerge and unleash your own creative potential to live life in a way that ignites your heart. It is time to move on from what drags us down and closes up our heart and to open our eyes to what is ready to let us shine. When we all do this collectively we can create a new paradigm that is radiant and relevant and supportive to the whole but we each have to do our part to show up! 

Background: We are in the fire time of Leo. Leo rules heart, and is ruled by the sun. The sun is our creative potential, our highest expression of who we are as individuals. Leo energy draws us to self-expression, fun, play, taking some risks, love affairs, drama and being seen! It can be likened to the adolescent..self-centered, pleasure searching and attention seeking. Shadow side can make us a a bit selfish, lazy, and needing others to give us approval or validation. Highest expression is an ability to creatively express your spirit (give form to your authentic desires) out of the love in your heart in a way that touches the world around you (joyfully offering your talents in love). 

Full Moon in 15 degrees Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse "Unlock": On Monday at 11:11a PST our moon is full in the sign of Aquarius. A full moon is opposite (polarized) to the Sun in Leo. The sun in Leo is conjoined (merged) with Mars (our will/primal desires) in Leo and the North Node( Dharma) in Leo. So the we have a lot of extra zest to this firey energy wanting us to express ourselves in a way that lights our heart on fire and expands us. We may feel during this time a lot of desires that have bubbled up for expression. We may find that we need to start acting out in ways that really reveal who we are at our core whether through how we interact, how we dress, what we say, who we want to spend time with and what we want to spend time doing! If we are not letting our desires have this expression then we may find ourselves feeling angry or frustrated, resorting to blame on the external, exploiting our creativity by channeling it towards pleasure that is shallow and unfulfilling (the temporary high that appeases the body but not the spirit). With the Sun and Mars in a trine to Saturn and Lilith in Sagittarius this creative expression must be honoring our truth and the totality of who we are (not just what we like about ourselves but also what we do not like as it has a purpose too). It is not about expressing what has been done or what others have done that you could repeat but being you and expressing you and doing it the way that feels good to you that honors your experience. It is about being truthful with what is you and what is not you. It is about going deeper in to meet your path instead of spreading out the search to find it outside of yourself.  The moon in Aquarius is bringing to our awareness what expressions of ourselves are not truthful but honestly binding. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is in the sign of Aries ( individual desires). Uranus is freedom from the norm. It is also about community and groups/associations. With Aquarius the theme  is unity in diversity. Shadow side is expression of the self based on what others like or what the "in" crowd does..needing to fit yourself in. Highest expression is a detachment from needing the follow the group and being uniquely yourself (as odd and as quirky as that may be) and yet making a valuable contribution to the group in what you can offer from Truth. The moon is conjoined with the S Node of the moon which deals with our past and our karma. The moon is all about our habits and what we do unconsciously. On this new moon we get may be illuminations of how our habits have been keeping us locked into patterns that don't serve our highest expression. Uranus is about liberation and higher mind awareness. We may get a break from the emotional weight that would feed more of the same based on being comfortable, staying with what we know and with ignoring our call to wake up! So on this full moon/eclipse some ideas to ponder:

What do I do because others need it/like it/expect it that feels meaningless to me or weighs me down?

What parts of myself do I keep hidden because I feel it makes me odd or unlikeable?

What is rapidly disappearing from my past or feeling void of heart in my life that I can allow to be released?

When we move outside our habits of relating and creating we can create the space to identify what we have to give as far as our talents/gifts and what we want to offer that feeds our heart and the heart of the receiver. The truth is that when we offer out of obligation/expectation no one really receives what they truly need. And very often what makes us feel odd and unlikeable is just what we need to love enough to bring to the light to help us reveal more about our unique talents and what we have to offer. For example, a struggle with relationships may lend me to experiences and to learn practices that allow me the opportunities to serve others as a coach or to provide insight in what has served me in my path. Uranus acts like a lightning bolt of energy to create rapid change, chaos and liberation. So with this eclipse, pay attention to what flies out the door when you unlock insight into who you are as a whole being (dark and light). Whatever wants to leave...let it go peacefully. It is preparing space for what is about to be unleashed...And remember we are dealing with fixed energy which means we are being asked to stabilize and capitalize on what we have now. This time is not about searching for something you need to learn or attain but opening your mind to what has been right inside and  beside you all along..but you just weren't ready to see it!

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: This Saturday, Mercury goes retrograde in the earth sign of Virgo. It will station (stop) at 11 degrees and go back to 28 degrees Leo before turning direct. Mercury rules the mind, communication, brothers/sisters, learning and your immediate environment. So when this planet appears to move backward we try to allow those tasks that he manages to slow down. This is a time for review, reflection and this is done internally so give yourself time and space to do this. Virgo rules our work environment, the body but also our health and wellness, it rules digestion. Often times we see the results of our life's choices in our health (could see digestive unrest) in physical ways so that we pay attention to the messages we are ignoring. When we slow down we can connect to our bodies more readily to feel how well we are taking care of our vehicles of our spirit, to listen to our thoughts, and to learn how best to create wellness in all areas of our life. It doesn't do any good to make a million dollars when you are not healthy enough to enjoy it. This is a time to explore how well we are digesting our experiences. Are we moving too fast to truly take it the full body experience of our reality and to live life embodied not just in our heads planning the next move? Do we allow time for integration of the lessons that are before us? Are you choosing work that feeds you or does it leave you hungry for something more satisfying. Virgo is the analyzer so take time to truly find what in your life is providing the nutrients and what is empty calories. What kind of diet does your mind enjoy? What lessons keep coming your way because there has not been a focus on slowing down and allowing for integration. We will fall off the bike as many times as we need to before we learn to ride. Sometimes we must standstill and take a step back in order to make a big step forward. 

Highlights for this time:

-Acknowledge your desires and find creative ways of expression

-Feed your heart with the activities and people that make you feel alive

-Take time to reflect and to hear your wisdom

-Be open to new ideas and insight with what you have and who you are now

-This is not a great time for big decisions and moves as the energy is very chaotic and much is changing moment to moment. After the eclipse more will make sense.

-Take good care of your body and your spirit. Change can be stressful. Give yourself space and patience. Routines of self-care can help us stabilize when we feel off. 

Happy full moon and eclipse friends!


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