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Inspiring Potentialities

T minus a week until the solar eclipse and I don't know about you but the intensity dial seems to be turned up. This window between eclipses can be confusing, anxiety provoking, exciting, and un grounding. Things may already be rearranging in your life and like an animal before the storm we can all feel that something more is on the verge...inspiring potentialities. Like we have ants in our pants we want to come to a conclusion or get this sorted out and "back to normal" ASAP so we can feel that all familiar normalcy to life. But, this pivotal time is helping us re-arrange our lives so that we do just the opposite...Open to something new and take our time to enjoy living it out in a way we have never experienced before. Right now you may be experiencing change, endings,new perceptions, frustrations with status quo, a foggy confused outlook, insights, breaks in long term habits or circular patterns of behavior, bubbling up of desires previously ignored or shut down, unexplained or random body pains, old "wounds" resurfacing (physical or emotional), nausea, craving for the comfortable (food, people, circumstances), indigestion...and after listing all that I feel like I am advertizing a new drug on tv! Eclipses are times for growth and transformation. But we are energetic beings and we grow and evolve on all the layers of ourselves (body, mind, emotion, spirit and energetic) so when we are moving into new terrains our body will have an experience of taking in new energies, our emotions have to rebalance, and new thoughts will enter our mind...and that can be a lot to witness so be nice to yourself as we integrate it all. Trust your own process and know that anything goes during this time so the "out of the ordinary" is to be expected. 

Background: Last week we experienced the full moon/lunar eclipse which helped us start to move out the old and open to the new ideas and visions of what could be. We have been unlocking our potential by noticing the choices and the mind sets that keep us doing the same thing and feeling isolated from our desires and passions. Pay attention to what is flying out the door when you start to look around with new eyes on the same landscape. Look at the problems though a new lens..the lens of what will make me feel free, unbound, and alive with this same situation and that just may include letting it disappear.

Last weekend, Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Virgo. We are being asked to integrate the last 6 months especially and really our whole lives experiences. We integrate often by redoing things over and over again until we get it "right". Sometimes we choose paths that do not align over and over again even with new players but when you distill the choice, it may be the same one time and time again. Instead of beating yourself up, you can see this is simply the way we learn and grow. Repetition has a benefit.  This time is going to help you sort through what is useful for you and what is not worth the effort. Mercury rules how we are moving through we learn, how we communicate, where we are we going and our relationship to the time. Look at where you waste time or don't spend enough time...the virgo archetype is about perfecting, improving and managing it all in a way that promotes well being and wholeness. Until the first week in September, take it slow...move slower, speak slower, react slower, take your time and reflect. Moving forward is not the goal..integration takes patience and consciousness. If we want to choose differently we must first know well what we are choosing and why. 

Venus opposed to Pluto and square Jupiter: Relationship drama? That can be on the docket for those of you in mid degrees of cardinal sun signs or with lots of planets in cardinal signs for sure (Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer). Let's face it, relationships trigger the most growth and perhaps even the fastest growth. So, when our soul needs to evolve our relationships must evolve too. Venus in Cancer values intimacy, to establish internal security, to be taken care of emotionally, and to let the emotions frame our experiences. With Venus in this sign we can see visible signs of attachment to people that give us some of those things it desires. The trouble can be that what is comfortable and habitual does not allow us to grow often times because it may keep us like a little child..dependent on the other to have our needs met. With the Cancer archetype we can find ourselves stuck in relationship ruts. Enter Pluto to shake this up. Pluto enters boldly to break up stagnancy or power imbalances and anything in the way to our soul's desires. Pluto may introduce a new someone to the mix or he may take away someone that does not fit the new mix you need and maybe even both. Anything with Pluto is intense but suffering does not have to linger if we work with him when he shows up to the party. Pluto is directing us to put the effort and endurance on choices that allow us to show up in our power and maturity. Jupiter in Libra brings in the question of partnerships versus dictatorships. Jupiter is asking for balance in giving and receptivity. Jupiter in Libra is teaching us to form bonds with those we can trust and work together peacefully. If you are doing all the work or none of the work, this simply won't work. The eclipse may help you make shifts to move out of unhealthy relationships or into more healthy ones that allow you to: be you, love yourself and to be loved for who you are in return!

New Moon Leo/Full Solar Eclipse Monday, August 21st 11:26 am PDT: Drum roll please...What is this solar eclipse all about? It is about unleashing your passionate desires so that the uniquely, lovable you can be expressed and seen. It is about being on stage with what lights you up. It is about learning how to enjoy, how to have fun, play and go and be led from your spirit. There are unlimited potential expressions of your talents and gifts..but the treasure is found when we choose what we really love and what allows us to be full of heart when we do it. It really is OUR one can tell you how to be you better than you! This eclipse is on the North Node which deals with dharma or the path towards our potential. North Node territory is new and so we have not done this before. So if you feel confused or like you don't know what you are doing...remember like anything you are learning to takes practice, patience and persistence...but all of this can still be fun! Leo is a fixed energy sign so we do not need to learn a new talent or look for a new opportunity...this is about claiming who you are, what you want and how you want to express it with what you have within you and around you NOW. It may not be perfect and complete but start where you are and let it grow. What we feed grows remember? Practice asking yourself daily, what does my spirit want now and what can I do about it today? Many people think that what comes will make them money or turn into a career and maybe that will be the case. For me dialoging and attempting to live from spirit isn't about what you get from it but how it feels within you as you do it. I can do many things that give me great results but I don't feel very invigorated by them. Feeding and unleashing your spirit lets you be in love with the experience of what you are doing and at that moment you don't really care what the results will be. Do it for the fun of it! So where are you inspired? What opportunities do you have to let those inspirations have expression now with what you have and who you are today? These are the questions of the eclipse. Don't worry you still have some time to answer them. Some Leo watch outs with this eclipse: enforcing your will to "make" it happen; needing or expecting validation from others,  looking for the truth outside yourself, basing your expressions on what others expect from you or like about you. This eclipse is harmonizing with Saturn in Sagittarius so know that what is being offered to you is a chance to express and know intimately your truth and to be authentic in who you are. Your experience has given you all the tools and cues you need! Uranus is Aries is also harmonizing this eclipse so what shifts in and opens happens fast, unexpectedly and ignites and frees your deep hidden desires. 

So, as we all eagerly anticipate this potent time remember, that the energy is aligning for us to make new conscious choices that empower us to live our creative potential. We don't need to push, go faster than we can integrate it all or feel a though we don't have a choice or that there is only "the" choice that will be delivered on a silver platter with a detailed roadmap. Pause, reflect, take a deep breathe and take it all in. Close your eyes and feel deep within you for the nudges and let them have a voice.  Then open your eyes and take in what is around you and choose what feels like the best expression in this moment. Then enjoy the ride...

Blessings and love to you all during this special time.....

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