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Inner Resources

Oh how quickly the energy shifts these days?! We have moved from the flighty, adaptable, and mind provoking air energy of Gemini to watery, touchy/feely, sensitive and flowing energy of Cancer. All this change in one week and to boot we experienced Summer Solstice and tomorrow a new moon. SO much to feel and absorb and reflect with. We may want to find a place to hide out in safety..but that is exactly what not to do according to the astrology of the times. We are experiencing the end of victimhood and the commencement of being responsible for our wellbeing not only physically and mentally but emotionally. We are to direct the ship using new found inner resources and even if the waters feel choppy and stormy, we cannot give up our captain's hat! We can find safety within and trust our crew the strong forces within us guiding our path. 

We moved into the cardinal (initiating, directing) water sign of Cancer Tuesday. Cancer deals with our emotions and is ruled by the moon. During this month we feel our experiences and how we respond to them emotionally and internally. We desire emotional security and want to feel safe and at home with whatever arises in our life. We want to take care of ourselves and may desire that others/life follow suit. Our energy may fluctuate quite a bit likes waves in an ocean. We notice the relationship with flow. Emotions we enjoy flow in and out and all too often emotions we do not enjoy flow though us and hopefully out as well but that is not always the case.  Our strong desire to hold onto emotions that feel safe and cozy with a death grip can present resistance to the natural flow of yin/yang, the reality of life. We can also hold onto uncomfortable emotions with resistance to how they make us feel as they make us feel vulnerable and out of control. We may think that feeling these uncomfortable emotions makes us weak. The gift of Cancer is truly learning to tolerate all of our emotions and allow them to "tenderize" us. In our sensitivity, we awaken the gift of intuition, of connecting to others through empathy and through a felt sense of what is present. This new sensitivity is crucial in the new paradigm/new earth. Being tough and hard only strengthens the old way of the patriarch with power, fear and physical forms of safety. We can attain all the physical security we need (job, money, home) and feel completely insecure with what is happening inside ourselves and within our psyche. We can use these outer forms to control and meter others and our risk to falling prey to hurt or pain but we will find time and time again, that the real power is not in any of these forms but in the form to find power within and through the toleration of any experience.  It is like a child afraid of the dark. In the dark, we can make us stories of what is there and live in fear of what is when if we turn on the light, we see that there was nothing to fear other than the fear itself. Within the strength and vulnerability to feel it all the way through and to trust ourselves to take care of ourselves (create an inner safety oasis) we allow ourselves to be able to survive what is using the power of our inner guidance. We develop trust in ourselves different from reliance on others or situations to make us "safe".

The solar system is really pressing us towards aligning with our truth, our inner power and intuition and trusting ourselves to guide the path and not relying on others for the answers. This can be so uncomfortable, like we are being thrown out of the nest in a sense. This is not to let us fall and die but to remember we are capable of flying and flying gives us a bird's eye view of our life and the experiences we are facing. 

Jupiter in Libra is recently out of retrograde has been teaching us about the balance of giving and taking and the partnerships in which we are aligning ourselves with. How to we evolve them into allowing us to learn the essential skills of sharing and peace making? How do we stop going to war and create  the energy to find a solution outside polarity (right/wrong, black/white,). How do we allow ourselves to ask for help and not always place the burden on ourselves to do it all? How do we see others in need and step in instead of "every man for himself"? Jupiter is squaring Pluto in Capricorn ( working to transform authority, the old paradigm of power in the few, control, forms of outer restraint and control). The only way to break down the old way is to use the energy it holds as power to start new forms of power that will stand the test of time and will serve more people for longer (including yourself). Relying on the power of partnership won't be perfect but it should be a heck of a lot easier than the struggle to always be on top for fear of what if. 

Saturn in Sagittarius is a call to our truth and to making decisions to be in our life in a way that is authentic. It is choosing the path that is 100% our own. We may be facing a lot of difficulties and struggle if we are not choosing this path. Saturn is a stern hand that says no and closes the doors of the rooms that are too small for us. Saturn is square Chiron in Pisces. This is our wounds and our tendencies to say I am injured, I have been hurt, look at my wounds, look what X did to me? We are to feel these battle wounds as evidence that we are living and that life is unpredictable but the wounds are not causes to sit and drown in our tears but to make us more soft and open to the present. Use your scars as motivation and inspiration to find ways to be larger and stronger than you thought. The old saying what doesn't kill us makes us has some truth unless you use the wound to disable you and tell a story of weakness. Not getting dirty doesn't mean you are the best, it may mean you are not living in full capacity. Saturn wants you at your highest potential. Chiron is giving you the medicine to place on the salve that would hold you back. Our wounds tell  us how to heal and how to realize our divine potential for regeneration. Lilith in Sagittarius is where we suppress and stow away our truth and judgement and our  deep well of wisdom (our experiences)  and she is square off to retrograde Neptune in Pisces. In order to see the bigger picture, the outer space view of all of life, the meaning behind it all, to find the wisdom that in the pulse of all life...we have to free ourselves of smaller living, of victimhood and of thinking that if we are a voice of truth different from the times or one another or consensus that we need to go hide our light. The truth is freedom is scary because it isn't bound, it has space and it can go anywhere at anytime. We say want this but rarely do we understand what true freedom means because we have been a slave to forces other than it for too long. Neptune reminds us of the freedom of our unlimited potential to create and dream up our own reality and reminds us that we are doing it whether we know it or not. So no one else can dream up your reality better than you so take the paint brush back and start painting your own desires. 

Friday night we welcome a new moon in Cancer. This lunar cycle is all about FEELINGS and letting what is in the dark of our psyche come into the light through our consciousness. What are you feeling? How do your choices feel inside you opposed to how they look? Fake diamonds sparkle too. What are you afraid of? What needs to be comforted? How can you own your comfort? How can you take steps to assuage your fears? They will not go away but you can do what you can to meet them properly resourced. What does your sensitivities allow you to see about yourself, others, and situations? When you let your guard down what is available for you to sense that is not there when you stay in control? Let your point of observation be elevated beyond what you can see with your eyes but also what you can feel with your intuition and emotions. There is more information available. There are more advanced ways to connecting to yourself and others. Cancer will be our teacher to hone in these deep skills so we can be the great mother and protector of ourselves and each other..not that no one will ever challenge us but that we know how to take the best care of ourselves when crisis arrives. We can have our home unshaken internally even when our physical home undergoes a remodel.