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Heaven and Hell

The currents of energy this week are anything but predictable, stable and calming like our Taurus Sun has been radiating. The planetary soup is going to have some kick with flavors of depth and contrast to wake up our pallet. It can feel a bit like taking a trip from Heaven to Hell with a rave dance party of polarity and dualism. The rub will be not to get lost in either pole but to taste the flavor of each and let your tongue distinguish the gifts each bestow. I guess the question becomes how do find a piece of heaven in hell and allow hell into our heaven? Blasphemous or ingenious? 

We start the week with Mercury (recently out of retrograde but still in the retrograde zone) conjoining with Uranus in Aries. These two meet and fireworks transpire. Expect some breakthroughs, eruptions, epiphanies and some energy to be expressed through the communications channel. You may notice yourself voicing some long awaited messages that need to get out. Some may be pretty and some may not but this energy needs an outlet. Be careful for discord and heated arguments as some of this buried communication pushes to the surface. Let the words, thoughts, and ideas flow and give it an outlet that feels most appropriate. Communications this week will have extra fire this week and this fire wants to reveal more about your deep, instinctual desires.

Wednesday is a big day this week. The nodes of the moon (South Node=karma and North Node=Dharma) move from Pisces/Virgo into Aquarius and Leo. This is a big shift for how are processing and integrating our past and moving into our future. We are moving into a time play, passion, and self-expression. We will need to have access to what is going on in our hearts to step into this place. We cannot move from a place of external motivation and impersonal desires as this will be a calling from the mind (be it higher mind or not). We are re-connecting to our own intuition and personal desires that need expression for us to fulfill our creative potential. And boy do we ever need some love and creativity in this world?! We can serve because we know it is needed and we know what we have the "answers" for how and we can serve humanity by being our most authentic version of ourselves and trusting that also has its value in service to the whole. Both are service but one will feed our hearts along the way.

On this day too at 2:42pm PST the moon is full in Scorpio. Sun in Taurus is a taste of heaven on earth with its call to the body and care of this physical vessel,  discovery of worthiness within ourselves, and the sensual delights of the material world.  This zone sounds so lovely, right? Why leave? Because we get stuck. We habituate only towards what is pleasurable and we never want to leave our house! Picture: comfy sofa, warm fire, beverage and food of choice, favorite Netflix show released all at once..chances of leaving? Slim, right? But, there is a world out there to explore and we don't do much evolving and growing keeping to ourselves and staying super comfortable in fact we get kinda bored after a while. Scorpio is the polarity of Taurus. If Taurus's territory is the physical, Scorpio's is the psychological world of our deep emotions, buried deep in the psyche. Scorpio doesn't care much about stillness and harmony as its game is intensity and probing to get to the truth no matter how many stones need to be overturned. The best way to do this? The interactions of with those in which the glue is power. We use our methods to steal it, keep it and squash another's attempt to take it from us..all the while learning that the true mastery comes from owning and keeping our power inside and re-stocking it by using our emotions to guide us to where we are leaking it. Scorpio takes us to our fear places and where we bury the shadow aspects of ourselves that we devalue because we think it makes us ugly. The truth is that our shadow makes us whole. If we only shine the light on all the sparkles we get an incomplete picture. If we only do what is safe and reliable we rob our selves of the joy of discovery of the unchartered waters of what lies within our potential. And our potential will always be the alchemy of our shadow and our light. The profane has a purpose and it is no less spiritual than what we believe to be our gifts.  The real spirituality exists when we see no distinction between in who we are whether we are experiencing heaven or hell. There is unity, potential, and unlimited creative capacity within our experiences within both.

Thursday, Neptune in Pisces forms a T-square with Mars in Gemini and Lilith in Sag. Mars will call us to explore, network, adapt, open and fresh in our minds. Lilith will bring out the shadow sides to our discernment. We may want to throw out truth or ideas about ourselves that we feel are meaningless and inconsequential because it evokes some fear or caused unsettling experience when we let it out into the light. Maybe our experience of ourselves with that shadow aspect was not the point but rather what we learned about ourselves. For example, maybe the relationship from hell we had with another revealed a desire that has gone unnoticed. Maybe the job that stole our zest for life wasn't the answer but the inspiration that drew us towards it is what needs to be recaptured.   It isn't about the person or the relationship or the thing but rather the aspect of ourselves that wants to be expressed and validated by ourselves. Neptune is Pisces give us the gray zone of not either or but both and more. Another way of saying is all spiritual. It is all born of the same. In this time of rekindling our heart's desires, breaking free of what has before held us hostage, and entering a new "garden of eden", it is essential that we include what we have learned about ourselves through the "hell" we have experienced with others and the powerless situations we have experienced. In any real heaven, we must bring in the reality that there is no heaven without a hell to balance the scales and allow us to integrate the parts of us that come to the surface within each reality. This weeks begs us to let those two worlds collide with a little less resistance.

Let's traverse through our heavens and hells together dear ones. We cannot do it alone and we don't have to..thank goodness. Peace and love...



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