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You are not alone

We start the week off with a full moon in Libra and Mercury recently stationing retrograde in the sign of Taurus, and that is not all! We have powerful, electric, Aries energy sparking some disruption, change and perhaps some chaos in the attempts for freedom to express who we are. We also have big heart healing and old wounds from the past coming up for our love so that we can move forward into the direction of our truth and purpose. This is a big time for all of us! Big, impactful and paramount changes are happening so that we can grow. The message of this full moon: You are not alone!

We have been in the time of Aries, connecting to our deep heartfelt desires. Sparking  action and choices that support what we value and align with. We have been learning where we need to say "Yes" and where we may need to say "No". We have been called to connect to our instincts and to channel our vital energies towards actions that are purposeful and meaningful.  This has been a time to ask "What do I want? and "What do I need to do now?". It is easy to get lost in me, my and mine with this archetype. Within this archetype is the need to find one's self and to explore how we are letting our spirit penetrate into this world. We can go too far and become self-absorbed to the depths that we feel isolated and alone. We may see the mountain and wonder, how will I ever summit this giant? We may feel that we have it all figured out only to find that we are running out of gas. But, we can also experience the fears that we encounter when change and disruption present themselves and feel very alone is this crazy and unpredictable world. Uranus, the ruler of chaos, change, the unusual, and the genius revealer will conjoin the Sun this week. The great liberator will give more power to those urges to break out of the norm and to be uneasy doing the same thing that you have been doing. He is waking us up to ourselves. This can be like a cold splash of water on the face upon awakening. You need be you because no body else will do it the way you will. And you cannot be you doing it the way anyone else it. 

The full moon, in Libra is giving another side to this "all about me" story. We are not inhabiting an island here. We are playing the game and despite how it feels sometimes, we are playing it together. Everyone and everything in your immediate world and even the more external world is not random but purposeful to you and your growth and thus to our collective purpose and growth. We have many mirrors. The truth of who you are has many aspects and many of them are best seen in the eyes of those peering back at you. Libra is about peacemaking, dispelling polarity, learning how to trust, and how to partner with yourself, each other and life. Learning how to trust means letting your guard down at times, experimenting outside your comfort zone, and most of all letting another into your world. Sometimes it works brilliantly and sometimes not so much. None the less our experiences teach us how we relate to ourselves when we see our flaws and how we respond to another's flaws. The bottom line is that we all have them. We all have those rough edges and leave it to a relationship to bring these to the surface. Aries can seem like it is too independent for relationships or that it needs no other, but that simply isn't the case. Without each other we would not be able to witness our emergence of spirit into the earth through another's perception and feedback. We learn about ourselves by watching other's responses to us. Even if the only intimacy we know is combat with others, this too is a form of intimacy. So, we need each other to even see and learn about ourselves clearly as uncomfortable as this can be at times. Every person in your life embodies something inside you, that you have yet to cultivate into expression and other traits that lie hidden in your shadow. Reflecting on this we need each other to be who we are. So that means that we cannot be alone because we would lack the necessary balance required to complete our exploration into ourselves. This can be helpful to remember when the feelings of defeat, fear, or even anger and frustration come in on a full moon, we can learn to hold their hands and respect them as a witness to the balance required in becoming more aligned with Self. 

Pluto has been bringing his normal intensity of transformation though destruction of what has been a false facade of your wisdom. Your wisdom is gained by your own experience. Through all the trials and tribulations you tried like hell to avoid yet happened anyway. These events bore witness to a false God you were serving or a false Self you were looking for in all the wrong places. Pluto in Capricorn takes away the authorities whose power actually took away yours because it required you to neglect your heart and hold firm to beliefs that could not withstand the test of time. In this full moon, take a moment to feel the people that let you down, perhaps this was their role so that you would not stray any further from the self that you need be. Take a moment to reflect on the power figures that turned false leading you to find more updated models of truth, and most of all so that you could see what the truth did not look like embodied. These people you needed to0, they helped you grow and transform. 

Lastly, on this Full Moon Venus in Pisces conjunct Chiron is square Saturn in Sagittarius. These are the wounds that we are feeling in our hearts. Perhaps inflicted from lovers of the past,it is where we feel the deep grief that cuts so deep that we feel separate from Source, each other, and even ourselves. Sometimes pain causes us to tense up and guard our hearts so that we don't have to feel this pain again. But, our guarding only leads to more separation and loneliness and we lock in the pain and keep the love from flowing. It is so easy to see the other as the source of our pain, the culprit, but in truth the other just exposed the pain that was already hidden within us. So, as hard as it is to forgive and see, we needed those partners that broke open our hearts so that we could see our wounds,  mend them with our own love and compassion, leaving scars that remind us that we survived and that we are still loveable and worthy despite the battle wounds. When we stay open, we see that we all have battle wounds. We recognize pain exists in all of us, we actually are united in this truth. We can let another see our vulnerabilities without feeling less than and we can see others without judging them as less than. We don't have to stay in relationships that have worn out their purposes but we can honor the impact of those relationships in our growth and the people that were the sparks of maturity in action moving us towards the more fuller expression of embodied truth with another.

So, on this full moon, stop and reflect on those in the past that led you to where you are now, especially those that played the harder roles of waking you up and redirecting your course. You were never alone then, the universe was matching you perfectly with whomever you needed at the time. We must trust them that who is showing up now has a role too and best of all you have a role to play for them in their growth. We are not alone. We are here for each other. So when the going gets tough don't buy the lies that you are alone, but open your eyes and listen and see who the cosmos has brought your way to help you along your journey. 

Love to you all on this full moon!

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