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"Why's" Action

Wow..this Aries energy has us buzzing with inspiration, determination and drive but get ready because at the end of this week half the planets will be in retrograde. Translation? Things will slow down  and we may have to cool our jets a bit. This current energy has been exhilarating in some ways..finding courage to finally pull the trigger on some projects, saying what we really want out loud, empowering ourselves to make steps forward..It can be a rush but it only lasts for little bit before we can burn out. We have conditioned ourselves though in this culture to disregard burnout. We just add another cup of coffee or stay up a little longer and take some supplements to counteract the stress or squeeze one more thing in our packed schedule and skip the self care and Oila we can keep going. We don't want to feel like we cannot make it in a competitive society. Who has time to rest and slow down when there is so much to do? Right? We have all had these inner battles. The retrograde planets want us to reflect on the whys and hows we are doing what we are doing and if we can have the patience to dig in a bit, I think we may can do all that we are inspired to do differently and more sustainably. 

Jupiter has been in retrograde since February (seems like forever ago right) in the sign of Libra. Jupiter is asking us to pause and reflect on how we are doing what we are doing. Do we tend to do it all by ourselves and over give, over commit, over do, and carry the world on our shoulders? Or, do we take too much and are we waiting for the job to land in our lap, are we too dependent on the other or the situation or on playing it safe? Jupiter is Libra is teaching us balanced partnering. We are learning to be receptive do-ers and active receivers. We are learning to balance the masculine and the feminine within ourselves, the yin and the yang. We are gaining perspectives within our relationships that helps us see where we are out of balance. Sink into your current relationships: What are you giving and what are you getting? How does that balance serve you, and how does it serve the other? Friday, the sun in Aries will oppose Jupiter. We are torn between two sides: Start and assert your will to follow your desires and the call that there may be another way of doing it rather than the same ways you always have. What if there was a middle path or a path that allowed for support, more listening, not carrying the load alone but yet expanding the  impact by allowing in your magnetic powers that will call forth that which aligns with your desires? These planets will square Pluto in Capricorn. We are gaining mastery on our power sources and where we leak our power to the other. Where the shoulds take over the place of our hearts. Where traditions and the way we were told harden us from the courage to do it a new way, a way more aligned with our intuition. Any decision devoid of the heart will not fulfill you. 

Venus has also been in retrograde since March in the sign of Aries. She is asking us to take note of the calls of our hearts. How do my values align with my choices and actions? Is my worthiness validated in what is manifested around me? She is exploring the whys of what we do. Are you doing things because we need to feel better about who we are? Are we hiding our flaws with action? Are we too vested in what the other wants and not with creating boundaries around what is a call of my heart and what is a fear of my heart? Venus has since dipped back into Pisces where she will remain until 4/15. This is a deep time of heart healing. It can be a time of healing old wounds and laying them to rest, you know the ones that speak untruths like...this job, this relationship, this next thing will make me enough. Venus will square Saturn Saturday asking us whose values do we serve ours or another's? Our values drive our choices or the choices and impacts will reflect values that need to be laid to rest. 

Saturn in Sagittarius will go retrograde on Wednesday and will stay in retrograde until August.  Saturn in Sagittarius is asking us to reflect on what truths we are building our lives around and who owns them and who do they serve? Whose the authority of your life and even more your energy? Saturn often teaches through the school of hard knocks as time and experience get to be wise teachers of truths that we cannot stand on for the long haul. We cannot look outside for the leader for the decoder of our truth. We must look within. The one we have been waiting for has been inside ourselves waiting to emerge. The book we must pick up is the book of our life. Experience is best teacher of wisdom, far better than any class or degree could ever be. Sometimes growing up is hard but we can choose how hard it has to be right? 

"Dom, dom, dom!"And last but certainly not least, it is Mercury retrograde time again. Sunday Mercury stations in Taurus until may 5th. Mercury rules our communication, technology, travel... the mental functions. He will start in Taurus and then dip back into Aries. Mercury in Taurus is a bit stubborn, slower, and practical. We get an invitation to slow down and smell the roses of our creations. What your have been thinking, dreaming, and talking about has shown up. Your words are powerful. How do your creations feel? How do they echo your values and your worth? As he dips back into Aries, you get a chance to redo that honing in of desires and to start to tell a revised story. Once in which you will perhaps enjoy more in the future? Don't like what you see, feel, and experience now? Change the song playing in your background music in your head. Like what you are experiencing? Then tend to it. Take care of it. Nurture it so it can develop strong roots. With Mercury we face time. Sometimes we live like we have a lot of time and we put off what we need to tend to now, what desires do not need to be put off any longer?  Sometimes we don't take the time to pause and look around so that we can be more conscious of our creations and the "collateral beauty" that they are creating. What good is all of this creating if we cannot stop to smell the roses anyway?

I saw a powerful movie last weekend called "Collateral Beauty". This movie deals with the 3 whys that are intertwined into every decision we make. We all want love. We all fear death and we all wish we had more time. I feel these are important whys to explore presently. What are you doing to create more love in your life? How do your actions speak to how lovable you are? The root of most fears is death. What fears are taking control and bossing your around keeping you from using your time to be in love and to create the fertile soil for more love to grow? Our whys are important to understand because they tell the story of our future. We must be conscious of the script we are writing because time is never promised yet love surrounds us. 

The moon this week...Monday and Tuesday: Cancer (self care and emotional well ness check); Wednesday-Thursday: Leo (play, express yourself, fun therapy), Friday-Saturday: Virgo (body care, wellness routines); Sunday: Libra (beautify the world, listen more, relationship appreciation day)

Love to all of you!


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