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Unwavering Resolve

We have settled down into Taurus energy now and things may feel a bit more stable and grounded for the moment. We have entered fixed earth energy that wants to concentrate and distribute in material forms. All the sparks of inspiration, action, and new beginnings that we experienced in March now have settled into some observable forms for us to tend to. What we feed grows. We get a chance during this next lunar cycle to be more present and deliberate in how we are feeding that which we want to continue to grow and cultivate while noticing what weeds also are growing in our garden. This is where the invitation lies, not to continue to feed energy into pathways that keep us stuck in our ruts and habits. It is easy to feed our habits because they are routine and familiar. It is easy to feed those negative thoughts, worries, fears as well if we don't realize that time, attention and energy towards them allows them also to grow. Aries moves fast and allows for quick uncensored action. Taurus comes next to allow us to stabilize these new forms of energy so they can be sustained. We need the resolve to conquer the obstacles we previously have faced and this is the time to muster up the energy to do it with patience, presence and intention. A new moon in 6 degrees Taurus Wednesday morning (5:16am) is the time to focus your TEA (time/energy/attention) on your garden. What weeds need to be pulled or ignored?  What needs your unwavering focus?

We still have 4 planets in retrograde (Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and now Pluto). This is pulling us towards reflection, rethinking, re-focusing, rebirth..we are taking closer look into what we thought we were finished with or where we thought we were going. This is crucial if we really are ready to make changes that serve our truth and our expansion. It is too easy to fall back into the past, the old ways and the familiar if we are not careful and observant.  This reflective time slows us down a bit so that we don't fail to notice what beckons for more attention or even what is inadvertently getting our attention. Retrograde Mercury started in Taurus with us observing what is materializing due to our thoughts. If we feed our worries and our fears, they tend to show up. If we are feeding our desires and our inspirations, then we should see that materializing as well. Whatever is showing up in your world is evidence of what you are feeding, as Mercury moved back into Aries you get the chance to start again if the 1st course didn't please the pallet. On Friday, Mercury will catch up with Uranus again allowing us to break free of mental constraints. We can free our mind when we feed it nutrient rich material and give it space. Let your mind wander away from the what ifs that feed more fears and debilitating thoughts and instead towards what sets you free and give you room to wear some new shoes. Venus is moving out of Pisces Friday and back into Aries so whatever matters of the heart (relationships especially) that came up for healing and release are ready to be replaced with new heart felt desires. New relationships and new ways in which you embody what you value are ready to be claimed. 

Mars, planet of action, is now In Gemini and square the nodes of the moon (karma vs dharma). If we want to move out of what we know and where we have been and into our growth and potential then we have to adapt, change, and make fresh choices. This takes a lot of presence and interaction with the environment. Making new choices may mean observing what choices are available other than we we cling to. Forming new habits require a fresh look at what is present in each moment for interaction. Be open to new faces, new places and new spaces for opportunity intertwined within the familiar.

Sunday, Saturn in Sagittarius is square Chiron in Pisces. Our wounds, our fears and our pain can keep us hiding out in what we feel will protect us from anything that may hurt in the future. Chiron is allowing us to feel these tender places and dark shadows so that we know they exist. We cannot ignore these places and at the same time we cannot surrender to them as our fate. Saturn is directing us towards growth and expansion and ultimately towards what is true for us. Part of this process is revealing the obstacles that have previously been road blocks. Not so that we turn around and go home when we meet them, but so that we find a new path. There may not be a short cut but there is always a path to somewhere. If you don't know where you are going then any path will get you there. If you know where to want to go than there are paths that lead you closer and ones that turn you away. Now is the time to determine which path you want to take..the road back to the past and familiar or the road to the new frontier.  Each path requires effort and you have to do the work to traverse. Each destination has a much different feel. In Taurus we pay attention to the senses. How do our commitments feed our senses and do they delight us? What we feed grows so might as well grow something that tastes delightful!

Love to you all....


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