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Seeing in the dark

So much going on in the sky this week and yet it can be hard to make sense of it all. We are in a transition time of endings and new beginnings with the mutable energy of Pisces. This is an emotional,  awkward, nebulous time where the hows may allude us. It is truly a time to focus on being present and grounded then getting clear with what is important and from your heart. There is also a call for  surrendering of all that needs to be let go. Not only letting go of physical (people, situations) things but also of the having to know, the unfulfilled wishes, the forcing of our ways, and the managing of it all. We are all learning to see in the dark. Seeing in the dark requires more than just thinking, it requires us to hone in all our senses and intelligences (body, mind, spirit, and emotions) to activate this deeper wisdom to guide us. We are learning to be ourselves in ways we have not been before and thus the old ways of navigating and reasoning may not serve us. If we can let go of the details and focus more on clear, intentional steps that feel aligned then we open ourselves to profound experiences with the mystery and magic of spirit. 

I want to break down some key events that are all transpiring right now. Venus  just went retrograde at 13 degrees Aries. Her retrograde cycle is for 40 days. Venus is the planet that rules relationships (inner ones with ourselves and ones with others). Venus also deals with financial matters. On a deeper level, Venus is the feminine. Not being a female but the feminine creative and receptive nature that exists in all beings. During a retrograde cycle, the focus is inward and reflective. There is a need to revisit themes again that need to be integrated in a deeper way. Perhaps past relationships or relationship themes are needed to be understood in a new light. Perhaps financial matters are up for a different take. On a more collective level, we are also receiving downloads of new ways of expressing our feminine nature. We are learning how to be in our hearts and how to take bold steps from this  space.. We are deepening our capacity to love ourselves and each other. This is a time to reflect on what you value and who you value most. How are you allowing yourself to be open to receive more of what you love in? How are you showing up more authentically from your heart? This is a time for deep healing work. This time calls for the courage found in the Aries archetype. This is a time to listen to the wisdom that is ready to direct you in new ways. To do this work, we must get to know our hearts and to tend to issues near and dear to our hearts. Often we must explore the cracks to find where the light comes in.  This is a potent time of heart activation before the Spring Equinox. Once we know what is dear to us, we can honor it fully with our intentional actions that lead to a more balanced way of being in this world. 

Mercury is moving through Pisces with the Sun and Monday conjoins the Sun. While Mercury is in Pisces this is not the time for big decisions and vivid clarity. This is a very spiritual auspicious time to sharpen your intuitive skills though. It is a time to feel deeply, to sit back and observe, to be in nature and to let go of obsessive habitual thinking. I am practicing the "I don't know meditation." Try to observe, be open, and refrain from having to know, figure out, fix or categorize what is transpiring. Allow space around it all so that you can tap into the intelligence that directs the universe. Slow down, don't believe everything you think or that you are told. Let things come to you. Not all the information is present. We don't have the details and getting them may prove difficult for now. Tend to the practical matters of life and for the areas of conflict, give yourself a break and shift your approach to allow for more spaciousness. This is where the magic can come in. Meditation can be an ally during these times. 

Mars moves into Taurus on Thursday, this may calm the storms a bit. If you have been feeling overly frustrated, angry, short tempered and a little out of control with impulse regulation then this fixed earth energy of Taurus may level you out. Tend to your body. Take your time before acting. Slow down and experience what you are creating. Be intentional with your energy and take some rest. You will to be rested and gas tank full as the year is truly only about to begin. We are laying the groundwork now. Like we hear when traveling "secure your air mask before you secure another's". Taurus teaches us to take care of ourselves and develop more self-sufficiency. This helps us in loose boundary times of Pisces. 

Sunday, the moon is full in the sign of 22 degrees Virgo. This full moon is opposite the Sun conjoined with Chiron and Mercury and square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This moon may highlight the feelings that are trapped, the clingings to the past, our delusions of how it really is (or how we need it to be), and our suffering that we shy away from. Pisces truly teaches us about inclusion and the power that love has to not deem anything as excluded from source and love. The divine is present in all around us and all that shows up within us. It is  all worthy of love and acceptance. This does not mean that we are doormats or that we give up as we face the wounds of our battles. We are learning that through compassionate love for ourselves and others we unite ourselves and each other in healing and we transcend the temporary and the small way of perceiving experience to understand that it is all larger than we can ever understand. Then we touch the universal intelligence.  Virgo balances Pisces. Where in Pisces is all so mystical and cloudy and at times difficult to touch with our understandings, like trying to hold an ocean in your hand. Virgo allows us the earthly qualities that we can touch. We get the dose of reality when we know thyself fully and not with the rose colored glasses on. Whiles Pisces defines love as inclusion,  Virgo defines love with its ability to refine, correct and improve things. Virgo is the servant and urges us to offer ourselves fully to our integration, healing and alignment. We must understand what is and be dedicated to moving towards that which continues to teach us to be available to show up in our full light  It also desires that we are seen in our true selves and received for who we are. When we love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we are, then we open the heart. When we open our heart, we can give more fully from the abundance of compassion that resides there. Love heals. Virgo is deemed the healer. When we can love, we have the power to heal. When we heal we have the tools and the experience to share and support others in their healing. Saturn in Sagittarius teaches that our experiences is the guru to finding our truth. Saturn teaches us about hard work, endurance, and that nothing meaningful in life is easy or quick. This full moon, we realize that healing is a lifetime process of day to day, step by step unveiling of our truth and light.  It takes work to heal. It takes self-knowledge and the desire to not settle for status quo, not because we are imperfect in how we are but because divine intelligence is always expanding and we too are always evolving. Healing also takes compassion, surrender, and love. When we combine the two we initiate ourselves into the fullness of our "beingness". 

So, let's all learn to see with more than our eyes, let us have the courage to open the heart to see with all of the wisdom embodied within. Let the dark be a place for welcoming us to a deeper way of experiencing ourselves and the reality of life. 





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