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The Power of Choice

Aries (ruled by Mars) is here and with it comes action, beginnings, assertions, desire and some instinctual energy that needs to move! Motivation may be higher than it has been in a while and you may have those inner callings to make it happen...but if we reflect too much, suppress or hesitate the energy may come out as anger, aggression, frustration or anxiousness. This is a crucial time to get out of our head and into our bodies. We need to be physical! This energy needs to be grounded so our practices that channel that energy into the areas that best serve our values and callings is essential so that we are not leaking energy all over the place. This is where the power of choice comes in. Aries cultivates the courage to act. We must remember that our actions are powerful as our our decisions not to act. In both cases we are making a choice, the difference is where  our consciousness lies in our choice making. How can we use this lunar cycle to direct our choices towards that which feeds our deep desires?

Monday, we started a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Aries. This is a cycle to explore your individual desires. What do you want? Not what does everyone else want for you. What are those instinctual urges calling you towards? Aries is often considered the Warrior and this can lend itself to thoughts of fighting and defending your desires and strengthening your boundary when you are challenged. Often times though it is not others that we need to fear but our own choices. If we remember that Libra balances Aries, then we remember that the outer will always mirror the inner as that is best mirrored in our relationships. So those that challenge you or ruffle your feathers are here to ask you to go deeper into your own truth and ask where is more courage asked for me to assert myself to myself. What are you hiding from? Where are you off track? When we use the power of the other's reflection of our own shadow qualities or our desired qualities then we can clarify the direction for our energy to flow and we can summon it with more fierceness and vigor. I notice that when the battle lines get drawn with another, the battle for me in truly within. If I look to where I am in inner conflict then I can expose the energy leak or confused and misdirected energy.

Venus just went retrograde in the sign of Aries on March 4th. She conjuncted the sun last week to begin another 19 month cycle. Sunday she will travel back into Pisces and will station direct on April 15th. Venus represents the feminine but is currently in a masculine sign so this is a deep time of integrating the masculine and the feminine aspects of ourselves. During her cycle of retrograde we are in a time of re-evaluating our relationships. What do you want in your relationships? Who do you want in relationships? How do your choices support these desires? This is also a time to re evaluate the choices of how we invest our time, energy and attention. Our vital energy is our most precious resource, without it we don't have energy to survive much less thrive. So this is a time for looking at our choices for how we spend our TEA (time, energy and attention). Venus teaches us that what we value we draw to us. Sometimes our choices speak differently than our hearts. I find often that what my heart desires is not what my mind directs my energy towards. Sometimes our fears or our unconscious patterns are drawing to us something different that what we truly desire. This is where we have the power to choose what speaks to our desires and the choice to say no and to refrain from actions that do not honor these desires. Boundaries come back into play. When Venus dips back into Pisces boundaries becomes more allusive. What if others don't like what you value or what you desire? What if it upsets them or triggers them? How do we feel when we choose what we want and when we do not? This is a time to listen to your heart. Pisces deals a lot with endings and sometimes we must make choices to say no and end relationships (with people, things, activities) that keep us in the past or in a false representation of who we are becoming (Aries). Remember it is our choice and our choices are powerful messengers of our desires and what we can expect to come forth in the future. Pisces allows us to dream and to imagine what it would be like to start creating a reality that mirrors our desires more closely. 

Thursday retrograde Jupiter in Libra will square Pluto in Capricorn again. Jupiter in Libra is helping us expand who we are in relationships and how we expand our paradigm  by being in relationships. Jupiter's retrograde cycle is a time for reflecting about how we are being met in relationships. Where are we giving too much or not enough? Pluto in Capricorn is challenging the establishments of what the we were told is "the way and the path to success". Pluto brings with it change and transformation as what does not serve you will not stand. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is the heavy hand that closes the doors that dare not be worthy of your purpose for the long haul. So this square brings about a need to re negotiate whose the boss in your life? Whose truths do you embody? What is the purpose of who and what is in your life and does it give you meaning and depth that you can stand on? Will it last?

I feel this time to be simply amazing. We are realizing what powerful creators we are. We have the power to say "Yes" and to claim what is in resonant to our heart's callings. Doing this calls forth more of what we say yes to. We also have the power to say "No" and to redirect the energy coming our way. We can also be unconscious and make choices by default and claim fate as the excuse. Even in this scenario we are making a choice. Aries begets courage. It takes courage to choose consciously. This is time of looking around and reflecting on what you have chosen thus far and to feel deeply if it warrants more energy and momentum. Happy choosing...

The moon this week: Wednesday and Thursday in Taurus (feed the body, stabilize, get still inside (maybe by exercising the body); Friday and Saturday in Gemini (communicate, talk it out, learn, feed the mind material that gives your nourishment); Sunday and Monday in Cancer (self care, nurture your emotional side,  find sanctuary for your soul).



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