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Sun Breaks

This week we prepare for the Spring Equinox (next Monday) and the commencement of the beginning of the astrological new year. The full moon in Virgo last Sunday may still be helping you clean up and integrate what has been transpiring in your life to prepare for what may be ready to bloom this spring. We have been in a time of releasing, feeling, healing and it has been intense. We are doing a lot of downloading of new energy and it not be yet entering our realm of mental consciousness. Perhaps your body has been doing some talking, or you feel emotional overload that does not make any sense, or you just feel plain our of sorts. Clarity is coming and our energies are getting ready to align so that action will feel more supported and not forced. Look for the sun breaks of insight, motivation, and clarity this week as things are about to speed up!

Monday, Mercury moves into Aries. The foggy head and nebulous ride through Pisces may have been giving you information of a spiritual or mystic flavor but it may not have fed your mental mind. Now that Mercury enters Aries, we are ready to launch and put into motion our ideas. Get the ideas flowing and channel what your desires are leading you towards putting in action. Launch that website, write that letter, send in that proposal! Later in the week Mercury will conjoin (merge) with retrograde Venus. Give a voice to what is on your hearts with those you are relationship with. Give a voice to what you need in your relationships ..even the one with yourself. 

The Sun has been moving through Pisces and we have been sobering up to some illusions that have kept us feeling alone, separate, closed off to our hearts and living in a world more fantasy than real. We have been invited to remember our vastness, that we are so much more than we perceive, that the momentary troubles are not as dark as we perceive. We have been called to dream and to engage with our creativity so that we are not stifled by what is but inspired to be agents to dream it into being better. This week the Sun conjoins with Chiron (our collective wounds that keep us separate from each other and separate from source, unity, God, connection to the it what you want). Where do you need your compassion, your deep presence, your forgiveness and love? How we do all un guard ourselves to open towards each other? When our hearts are closed off, we see ourselves as separate. We feel loneliness in our pain. When we open towards our vulnerabilities and not run from them, we see each other through our shared pains. We can connect deeply and feel the unity and spaciousness around the raw reality of being human in this physical world. The ground we seek is an illusion. We are not in control. We cannot escape karma and the pain that is a part of life. But, we don't have to suffer. There is healing and there is community. Real wholeness isn't obliterating the scars like they never happened but allowing the scars to inspire us into remembering that we can transcend them. 

The Sun squares with Saturn this weekend, and truth although painful can be sun break out of the haze into our maturity so that we are ready to step into our more authentic selves. Running from the pain, we can numb ourselves out of reality and out of the work we need to do to heal. We can make ourselves smaller than we really are. We can settle for mediocre instead of remembering that we can shoot for the stars. We can forget that life and how we live it should not be devoid of heart. Saturn although stern and heavy handed (and not the life of the party by any means) is simply trying to redirect our efforts towards that which will give us more inner peace and fulfillment. We don't know what we don't know and it can take the firm guidance of Saturn to point out what is simply not going to give us the experience we came seeking. Saturn urges us to learn from our experiences and use them to gain wisdom about who we are and often who we are not. Saturn give us the grit to keep going even when we are uncertain of the outcome. We are going to need that grit this year and that dedication to that which gives us light. 

It's going to be be a wild ride this year into seeing the manifestation of what has been germinating under the surface. Let this week be one of real conversations with yourself and reality checks. Let the next steps come...Love and and blessings to you all!


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