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Show time!

Eclipse time is here again! This Friday during our full moon in Leo we will see a partial lunar eclipse. Eclipses are times of rapid shifts, insights, and change. This can be a powerful time to be receiving the support we need to make potent shifts in our lives. In two weeks on the new moon in Pisces we will experience a solar eclipse. So in this portal of time between eclipses, sense how nature is supporting the necessary changes and insights you need to speed up your growth and healing. Tuesday Mercury joins the Sun in Aquarius, more power to thinking outside the box and embracing the unusual and unexpected.  Jupiter the planet that rules our growth and expansion has headed into its retrograde period allowing us time to reflect on our path's direction. Where are we headed? Where do we want to go? How are we being met? What is the deeper truths we are learning about ourselves through the mirror of our relationships? We feel life's uncertainty together. We are all scratching our heads and asking when does it all stop and go back to normal? This week we get to mingle with the concept that perhaps normal is being redefined and we are in the midst of defining our role within it. 

Let's break it all down. First of all note that there is a lot of fire and air energy around us. These energies are very yang, they move fast and they are intense. It is easy to get burned out, lit up and blown away with thoughts and incessant doing, distracting and running around as if the sky was falling. We need to balance this with earth and water. We need to be in our bodies, do your physical exercise, your meditation, have some good self care routines that you adhere to. Take time outs to be alone and to connect to your feelings and to listen to your inner voice and guidance. This will feel against the grain a bit with all this fire and air but this is where knowing yourself and your tendencies help you monitor what you need and where you are getting caught up in the frenzy and disconnected from your center. I find simply stopping to breathe deeply and feel my body helps immensely in staying present and not panicking with all the chaos and momentum around us. 

Mercury enters Aquarius Tuesday. Mercury rules communication, transportation and technology. When in Aquarius we are challenged to look outside the lines we have defined, where we feel the ceiling lies and also where we may be so certain we are right or even lost that we fail to open to new and innovative ways to see old problems and situations. We are invited to change things up and be differently. I read recently that 80% of the thoughts running through our minds have been thought before, they are old and most likely strictly habitual and perhaps not even true. Aquarius dares us to speak out, to be different, to rebel against the norm. Look for where you are afraid to communicate a part of your truth that feels odd or freaky. What can you reframe to see a situation with fresh eyes? How you embrace uncertainty? How do we trust that often change is needed to see what we have been missing by viewing it the same way? So, permission to step outside comfort zones..maybe your odd and peculiar is just what is needed to jointly come to a consensus that results in a solution previously unavailable. Unity in diversity!

Jupiter in starts his retrograde period from now until June. Jupiter in Libra is opposite Uranus in Aries. This opposition has been stirring up our desires and where we need to break free and let our spirit out. It has also been asking us to find new perspectives that are less polarized. We are working on ourselves though our relationships. Libra is where we learn partnerships, who to trust, how to listen, how to give and how to receive. How do we navigate who we are as individuals with who we are in partnerships? What does each teach us about being connected to our spirits while being in a world that needs us to learn to share, to love more and to respect the other despite diversities of all kinds. Jupiter also teaches us about how we expand and grow. Jupiter is our path finder. Jupiter helps us simplify and distill down our desires to that which really deepens our experience of our truth. Relationships are a speedy way to expand us. This is a potent time to reflect on our relationship learnings and how this is developing our sense of self and our path. 

Friday, at 4:33pm the moon is full in the sign of 22 degrees Libra. The lunar eclipse occurs at 4:45pm. Leo balances Aquarius and Aquarius balances Leo. Leo adds the element of heart. Leo connects us to our self expression and our creativity that we want to be seen by others. Leo connects us to passion and play. Leo lets us be a little selfish and how to steal the stage to get some attention. Leo lets us get lost in the fun of it. This is a more "me, myself and I" focus than the Aquarian archetype which can certainly get some attention but a different kind of attention, the kind we generally don't want. Attention for being out of the ordinary and not like you "should" be. Aquarius is very Truth focused and detached from emotions, personal interests that give temporary pleasure. It is the archetype that starts revolution. This lunar eclipse speaks to the importance of both archetypes in creating sustainable change that supports our personal and collective evolution. "Individual realizations acquire their true meaning only as they fulfill a collective purpose." When we tap into our creative potential, that part of us that allows our sprit to express its unique gifts and personalities and we offer that in service to our community then bigger things happen. When we let our heart lead and we apply those passions towards a higher goal then love is magnified. What we pour our heart and soul into is medicine for our own souls and when we are full then there is more to give. " The release of higher energies becomes effective and value to the extent to which it serves a higher but concrete and definite purpose."  This full moon asks you, what do you have to share from your heart? What is pulsating inside you ready to be poured into a mold to be offered to the world to serve a purpose that is greater than just serving our immediate needs? I have found that when I truly connect to what I love and what lights me up and I follow its pure expression, what results wants to be shared and given away. I receive more in giving it away then keeping it hidden. The full moon makes a trine with Saturn in Sagittarius (asking us to step up to our truth) and Uranus in Aries (unleashing our desires). So its show time, you are called up to the stage, what is your next scene presenting to the eager audience? The world needs your gifts. The world needs you and not the you others want or define, the you that you came here to be. A good actor channels his or her life experience, those raw emotions, the spirit within, to present his or her perspective on a script. Sometimes it falls off the written lines and perhaps when that happens the script goes a direction that is elevated from its previous state. The stars would lean in that direction. The light is on you...



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