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Flood Gates

We can thank nature in Portland for giving us a very good analogy of what this upcoming week may have in store for us emotionally; flooding rains. Get ready to feel, a lot. Get ready to feel not just your stuff but collective stuff we are all processing. The Sun, the moon, Neptune, the South Node and Mercury all join up Friday for a new moon/Annular Solar Eclipse in 8 degrees Pisces. The bright spot in all this emotional flooding; healing. When we feel, when we put down our guards around our hearts, when we open our eyes and lean into the pain of our battle wounds, we can heal them. We may feel like drowning but the T square of Jupiter (Libra) opposite Uranus (Aries) conjunct Mars now and square Pluto (Capricorn) give us the get up and go so we  won't stay down for long! Mars in Aries adds more fire to Uranus's shake up of all that needs to be dismantled. Some of us feel this as aggression, frustration and short fuses while some may feel liberation. Something new (although not yet visible and barely perceivable) is being born. If we can wade through these waters a bit longer, we may find a new land.

The Sun recently moved into Pisces and as you just heard as of Friday we will have most of the solar system in this archetype! Pisces is ruled by Neptune and traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is generally considered mutable water but you can even consider it ether. Mutable signs "mutate" energy through transformation, healing. Energy in its current form needs to be adapted to be better aligned with what is necessary now and in the future. Pisces is a very intuitive and creative sign. It connects us to the collective unconscious and with that comes our collective wounds, ideas, needs, inspirations, etc. It also connects us with unlimited potential. We are in the realm of spirit and the mystery. Normal laws of time and space do not apply with Pisces. This is miracle territory (ESP, telepathy zones). With Pisces the veil is very thin and what separates us normally dissolves. We feel our own stuff and we feel each others, and thus there is the potential for deep connection that is not personally driven. Pisces is the higher octave of love, universal love not conditional love. As with all archetypes we see a shadow side. With Pisces it is escapism, addition, delusion and martyrdom. We can feel so much, we can sense so deeply that we cannot process it. We can avoid it by finding escapes through drugs, mind numbing tactics or, making up stories about it grounded in fantasy. We can also sense all of it and decide it is on us to heal it all (another form of escapism) and we can play the martyr, ignoring the other's part in their own healing. I may decide that I would rather deal with your issues than my own. That would be so "spiritual" of me!  Pisces is the most mystical and spiritually focused sign but often our understanding of what that means can be tainted by religion and thoughts that spirit is outside of our realm. Traditionally, those that were most spiritual were in monasteries or up on the top of the mountain separated from the normal folk. So, in Pisces we can feel this deep loneliness when we perceive spirit to be somewhere else other than inside and a part of us. Pisces is the raw, unkept, deep honest place that true reality exists within. Egos dissolve and we are left with the wisdom that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience for a blip of time. 

So how does all that apply to this week? Let's start with the T square that has been going on for some time now with Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. These cardinal (initiating) signs are creating something new. We are being asked to get in touch with our deep personal desires. We are are being asked to transform outdated, suppressive traditions of society into more balanced, harmonious and less polarized beliefs and expanded living. More personally, where have you been absent of heart and spirit in living "the grind"? What feeds your spirit and opens your perspective to a more broad and inclusive reality where being in your heart and being fed is part of the solution of bringing us together? This new reality cannot be born until we can feel the affects and sober to the fact that is is not working out presently. We cannot heal until we realize we have a wound. It is the old "what we resist persists" truth. We cannot unite in love until we realize we all are in pain together. Again more personally, until we can face our pain, we cannot feel the support around us in exposing the wound to the light to heal. The Sun conjunct the S Node (our past, karma, the habitual patterns) is square Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius (our raw truth that gets suppressed and shamed). This is where we may meet the judgement of ourselves. We may feel that our pain and wounds make us less than. Conversely, we may let our wounds create a false judgement of what is possible and what is not. Our growth comes in welcoming our wounds as wisdom teachers and valid guests as the table that do not have to be there forever but yet leave marks of wisdom that can be carried onward into our healing. Then our wounds can give us judgement and discernment over what needs not repeating rather than using them as a place of judgement for ourselves and others. What we cannot face in our shadow we will project onto others. Chiron (wounded healer) in Pisces is square Saturn in Sagittarius, encouraging us that our truth is not only found in what we know and what we are good at doing, but also in the wisdom of our tender places of vulnerability. When we are vulnerable enough to see ourselves in our pain then we cultivate a wisdom that supercedes false ideals of who we should be and how we should be. We can just be ourselves, and know what wholeness is not absent of shadow, it is simply just not ruled by what we are not willing to see. 

Friday, we experience the solar eclipse on the new moon. Two weeks ago, on the lunar eclipse we were asked to get in touch with our hearts and to ask what can we offer in our creative acts of the heart to humanity. Now, the question is what are you willing to do on your part of the evolutionary healing that we all so desperately need? We are birthing a new culture, one that respects our "humaness", spirit,  the laws of nature, and love. A world of hate and separation will not last. A life that asks you to pretend to be who you are and motivates you to want to escape reality isn't worthy of our spirit. We are infinite spiritual beings with infinite possibilities. We are encouraged to start living this truth. There is support for this paradigm in unseen forces and means. Love is the most powerful "weapon" we could ever use and yet it is the one most ignored when seeking solutions. It starts with recognizing the familiar face in front of you. Our pain is mirrored in each other. We all feel pain, loss, loneliness, confusion...none of us know what is happening and where these waters of change are leading us. Yet, we can trust that if love is leading, we are held. If we can find the courage to heal inside what keeps us separate from our own love then we can apply that same compassionate love to others. When we heal ourselves, we heal our world. There is no separation between us anyway. If I heal then you heal too because we are connected. I don't have to manage how that looks and you don't need me to heal you. We all have our own part in this mysterious process. We don't need to understand it, healing isn't linear or logical. So on this new moon/eclipse, where is you love needed? Where can compassion, love, and surrender serve you and humanity when we pause to feel and to open? Where can you receive in and allow the mystery of spirit to heal you? This can be a time of emotional drowning and wallowing or it can be a time of deep honest reflection and un-guarding. It can be auspicious and beautiful. When the floodgates of love open, no one ever drowns. (Susan Gale). 


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