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Becoming your own boss

Enter the time of "the Elder", as the Sun emerges into Capricorn joining Saturn, Lilith, and Pluto. Capricorn energy is cardinal (initiating) earth (materializing) and that says a lot about this archetype. Some Capricorn qualities are accomplishing, manifesting, disciplined, serious, hard working, responsible, leading, stable, structured, and goal oriented...It is not a coincidence that during Capricorn time we set new year's resolutions (goals).Capricorns like to have a goal to persevere and put in the effort towards accomplishing. This energy turns visions into reality through hard work, time, and commitment. Like any archetype there is a dark side, with Capricorn we can be depressed, suppressed and we can get so caught up on achieving that we fail to ensure that what we are creating provides for us an inner fulfillment. We can be hardened by our responsibilities and we can serve an authority outside ourselves that strips us of our power. So hanging out in more of the shadow qualities can feel like drudgery, depression, and like hitting the wall over and over again with no way around or through it. With this archetype we face karma, what goes around comes around and our choices catch up with us despite how well intentioned they are. This cycle is Capricorn will be even more "heavy" and "weighted" as the Sun in Capricorn begins this cycle conjoined with Saturn in its home base of Capricorn, and then later by Lilith and Pluto. These are potent energies to bring even more awareness to what this sign wants us to learn this time around...let's break it down

I like to understand the planet Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) as the parent child relationship. When we are young, our parents have to give us a lot of direction, rules, and guidance...we are on a short leash in other words because we are not able to reason and understand how the world works quite yet. As we mature and we show responsibility and we make choices that allow our parents to trust us, they give us more rope and we get to venture outside the back yard. Eventually, we grow into adults and we are able to do our own reasoning and make our own decisions based on how we see the world. Well, that is what is "supposed" to happen but look around and we find that many people in the world stop somewhere along the path to maturity and never find their own path, they never develop their own voice of authority. We can be adults in form but not in mindset. We carry values that are passed down but not validated by our experiences. We serve the "elders" that we feel "know more" even when their direction feels limiting or empty of heart. We honor the philosophies and belief systems that we are told will give us success and when they fail us, instead of investigating what our experience taught us and course correct we try harder. Or we wait for the "free ride" and think that there is an easy way out of dealing with difficult experiences. Hence, we don't want to do the hard work, (isn't there someone else we can pay or give over our power to do it for us)? These are all lessons in Saturn's school of hard knocks. We all go to this school and some of us graduate more quickly than others. Saturn wants to teach us that our truth and wisdom comes from the collective experiences of our life. The fun and delightful experiences but also the trials and tribulations of life. There is not better authority for you than your own life. At some point we have to serve the inner authority and stop being directed by all those external ones if we truly want to find a path that give us that deep inner satisfaction. If your compass is outside of you, you will be driving in circles chasing the moving targets all the while feeling devoid of passion and the spark to keep gong.  If you want to run a marathon because you have a passion and delight in that goal, then the not so fun parts of the training won't be easy but will feel worthy of the hard work and dedication. If you want to run a marathon because you read it was a great way to lose weight and your parents both ran them (a case of the "shoulds") then each time you are asked for self-discipline, you will feel like you are emptying your life force into the gutter. With Saturn comes the boring, routine tasks that are required get us to the goal because without them we are left with a good idea and lots of great intentions. If we do them, we don't necessarily enjoy them but we know that they are worth it because they are part of the discipline of committing to something meaningful.( Like brushing your teeth) With Saturn there are no short cuts. If we want to rewards, we have to put in the effort. Nothing is for free with this guy. Like we have all heard, anything meaningful in life is never given to us. 

Pluto (the soul's journey to experience its desires) has been in Capricorn working hard to deconstruct the systems of power in our lives that direct us away from our truth and empowerment. Government changes/break down are occurring at a rapid pace all the work of Pluto in his quest for transformation. The government and any outer authority (church, schools, etc) are ruled by Capricorn/Saturn. We give a lot of power over to them to tell us how to be, what to think, and how to act. This can feel very disempowering us when the ideas they ask us to serve are not aligned with what we know to be true. We can feel limited, small and like we are living under the thumb of a powerful elder. This is just how Pluto works, eventually the pressure builds and we develop the drive that says not anymore! Or we give up and decide there is nothing we can do and sell our soul. Pluto in Capricorn urges us to do what you can with what you can do now. Release the "I can'ts" and focus on what you "can do" now. It can be as simple as coming home for the holidays. Let's say  since moving away you have become a vegan. In the past when you come home your family fails to respect your choice as a valid expression of your truth and cooks only traditional meals and tell you to eat up or you will offend "mama". Your choice, stomach your values and make "mama" happy or do what you can: bring your own food, Uber to the grocery store and purchase food you can make, eat what you can and skip what you cannot, make this time away a "fasting" practice. You may upset the family, you may cause a ripple, but you have just decided to become your own inner authority and you may find you never felt better and more alive. We always have the power of choice. We may not like all the choices we have but often our own lack of consciousness around our choices or our in action are the areas that limit us the most. Even the smallest act from a place of "I can" will lift us out of our limitations and bring us back into empowerment. 

As we enter the couple weeks of the year, this Capricorn energy asks us for reflection. Look back over the last year, remember all those desires and ideas that surfaced in spring. What came into manifestation due to your hard work and dedication? What never made it out of a good idea stage? Where was the grit in your life this year? What challenged you to show up and to persevere? What did you learn about yourself or what skill did you develop through the experience? How can you take this skill or learning about yourself and apply it to your vision of where you want to be next year? What steps/actions/disciplines are required to start making your vision a reality. What can do you do now with what you have (your time, your energy and your skills)? Who are the authorities in your life? Where do you feel the most limitation? Where do you "should" all over yourself? How can you start to feel more empowered by validating your own experiential wisdom? How can you go "in" instead of "out" for the answers and advice you seek?

Side note: Capricorn rules bones and joints, structural parts of the body. Notice if you have been experiencing any pain, stuckness and injury here.  Could this correlate to feeling stuck or immobile in your life? Where do you need to take some actions to feel like you are moving forward?

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