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Truth: The power of choice

I don't even know how to start this but in short, there is a lot going on out there astrologically speaking and it is only beginning! Starting Friday there are some big energies to work with so let's all take a deep breath and see what we can do to work with the energy instead of brace or be overtaken by it! We have been getting a dose of truth lately. Maybe for the first time we are speaking it, hearing it, or allowing ourselves to see it but none the less we are getting some revelations if we are paying attention. Change is upon us and we simply cannot play the same games with ourselves and each other because the tricks have been exposed and now we are looking at what this truth is calling to action. When we awaken to truth change almost always pursues and is should right?  It is one thing to be living and acting under beliefs that we feel to be true (or under unconscious terms)  but when we find out that those beliefs are illusions or based out of fears ungrounded in reality then it becomes a choice to either act in truth or to act in denial but none the less, we now have the power that the truth gives us-a CHOICE. Anytime we have consciousness around why we act, we have the choice to act or not to act, to say something or not to say something, to reinforce "false" beliefs or habits or to introduce new ones. In every moment our experiences guide us to uncover more about the truth of who we are. No one can tell us our truth, there is no book or class that will have this information. Our collective experiences of the struggles and the victories of our journey and the consciousness we give them affords us this answer. So, as we progress down our path, all the while discovering what works and what does not work for us, we face the choices that essentially allow us to learn and grow from our experiences or to resist our growth thereby causing us to repeat our experiences only with different people and situations. We are not bad or good for whatever we choose, but it is important to understand that we are choosing. 

On Friday, Uranus the planet of all things unexpected and chaotic opposes Mars in Libra. Mars is going for peace, harmony and balance (especially in relationships) and Uranus may just break that party up if it is not aligned with our deepest desires and call towards inner freedom and growth. If we are in a relationship that is peaceful and seems pretty on the outside but misaligned with those deep desires and our need to be true to those needs then you never know what this planet may do to shake it up and wake you up. This is especially true if you have planets in late degrees (20-30) of Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn). 

Saturday, the infamous Mercury Retrograde commences. Mercury will station at 29 degrees Sagittarius and travel back to 13 degrees before it stations direct on December 23rd. (Look to the house rules by Sagittarius to give you a hint for where you can do some good reflection for the next three weeks). Mercury rules communication, transportation, learning and all things mental. This is a good time to slow your roll communication wise and take a little more consciousness into what you are saying, why you are saying it and how you are saying it. It is also a time to reflect on where you are going. Since Mercury is in Sagittarius we may be reflecting during this time on those beliefs that are surfacing. Mercury is conjoined with Saturn so there are some extra incentive to reflect, review and to draw upon our experiences and to mature our beliefs. Saturn has been taking his time asking us to start living from our Truth this last year. He has been asking us to start to mature into our own inner teacher and guru. We need to stop looking for the answers outside and start confirming the truth that resides inside our heart. We need to go deeper into our self-discovery and through the time collect and accumulate the teachings that the school of life has afforded us and start putting them to the test. Our truth should stand the test of time. Our truth should allow us to have the endurance to keep on and to stand strong on something we know to be the true not because we read it or it sounds good but because we have lived it. Saturn also catches us when we try to collect $200 and pass go but yet we didn't really do the work. There is no short cuts with Saturn. This can be a lovely time to be more aware of even the inner dialogue that goes on sometimes unnoticed. Some of those beliefs/fears that hide out and are on constant repeat and we are just so used to it that we hardly notice. But, thoughts are energy. Hence the saying, change your thoughts, change your life. How powerful it is to be more aware of what our thoughts are creating and to let that consciousness allow us the choice to retire and redirect thoughts that are creating realities that are not in our truth. With Saturn and Mercury square to Chiron, some big healing can happen when we face the truth as to what we believe. Maybe we need to embody a truth that brings in hope and the chance to step up and be larger than our fears allow us to be. 

Last but not least, the full moon at 11 degrees Gemini occurs at 7:47am PDT. (If you have early 0-15 degrees mutable planets (Sag, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo) this one could be big).This full moon is square Neptune in Pisces. Gemini is about change, being in the moment and the freshness of youth and possibility. With Gemini the truth is relative to what the moment brings. Our Sagittarian Sun is asking us to forge ahead with new hope and a faith in what we know to be true. Neptune asks that we let go of the illusions that keep us from our growth and expansion and that also limit our choices and ability to allow ourselves to morph and change continually into who we are ready to become. Our experiences have confirmed a truth that is ready for us to claim. We now are being given the choice, do you claim it and allow the truth to set you free to grow and expand or do you choose to look away, deny, stay in the Neptune fog and pretend the choice is at someone else's feet.   Jupiter is trine Neptune and square the moon's nodes (karma and dharma) and so big growth and big power is on the table if we can move from the known, familiar comforts of our past towards the unknown and unexplored terrain of our dharma. The unknown is always scary.and we never know how it will work out. Faith can be a hard concept to muster if it is not grounded in realities we trust. Trust what has been confirmed by your experiences. That is what is true for you. The doors that have closed..the ones that seem to be opening. The desires you have felt burning and the deadness that had led you to walk away.  Our truth give us the key to unlock the doors of our potential, but we have to choose to let it lead us to the door. Otherwise, it is just a key...

Love to you all!




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