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Beliefs vs Truth

The emotional waters may dry up just a bit as we enter the Sagittarius cycle today. Sagittarius is mutable fire. With fire we deal with identity, vision, creativity our passions and all things of the spirit. We also get a dose of optimism and hope. Mutable energy mutates, transforms and accommodates change.  Sagittarian themes deal with truth, vision, beliefs, travel, exploration, going deep and wide with our questions and quest to understand what is the meaning of life, this circumstance, this relationship...this..... Look at the news and we see evidence of a lot of exposure of the truth coming out. We see the remnants of the Scorpio archetype with the truth involving a lot of dark and taboo topics. I think this current Sagittarian cycle wants us to do some self-discovery to see where we need to expand and be bigger. The world needs us all to grow up, stand up and be bigger and bolder than ever before in our truth and authenticity. One way we need to grow is in our beliefs and paradigms. The old ones are worn out and clearly not working. A lot of what we may believe may not be our truth. We must do the work to untangle our truth from beliefs that suppress it and ones that allow our truth to be continually reformed and evolved as we do. So if we want our culture to change then we must individually change and wise up to what is a more embodied and relevant truth. We must let go of what keeps us small, hidden and fearful and we must take in the fire energy to inspire faith and hope in our future. 

Beliefs are funny things. We get a lot of them from our lineage and our childhood, even what part of the US we live in. Beliefs give us structure and a foundation to make choices and they guide our morality. But, the shadow side is that they can harden us to think that we are right and others are wrong. We can hold our beliefs like a sticks and beat others over the head with them trying to "help" them get it "right".  But whose is the authority on who is right and who is wrong? How do we know what is a truth (something we believe that can change ) and what is TRUTH (something that is confirmed universally through the test of time) We all disagree on that too according to our beliefs.  I don't find that beliefs should be solid like rocks but I have learned over time they need to change and be adapted to our growth and what we learn as we experience life and interact with others that carry a whole contrasting set of beliefs. If I held some of the same beliefs I did in my 20's I would be living a completely different life.  We can find that some of our beliefs are excuses to keep our fears hidden and the familiar ground under our feet. Look under the rock of most of our passionate beliefs and you find that we need them to be "right" to keep us from facing a fear. For example, say I believe that it is nearly impossible to find a job that would allow me to work from home and make the same money I am making at my office job. That belief limits me from perhaps job hunting and putting myself out there or even spending time reflecting on what type of work I am capable of doing at my home that interests me and that I am skilled at performing. If I look under the belly of that belief I may find a fear of failure. I may also find a fear of not having enough money. So, it becomes necessary to ask myself what is the cost of that belief and does it serve the larger expanding, growing vision of myself. We just experienced a Scorpio new moon, and Jupiter the ruler of Sagittarius is in the sign of Scorpio and so this Sagittarian theme will be also working to uncover the lies we tell ourselves and others that conflict with our truth and our need to expand. Look to those people and situations that trigger those judgmental feelings or the need to be "right" and see what truths they are exposing for you to revisit and perhaps broaden. 

So how do you expand your beliefs and allow yourself to see a bigger and broader perspective? One suggestion is to travel. Travel by plane, by car or with your mind but get out of the known, familiar and comfortable. Beliefs are reinforced by the people around us that carry the same ones. We start to believe that it must be right because well everyone I know says the same thing. Does that really make it true? Enter a new culture and you see people behaving under totally different beliefs and living life just the same. Have a conversation with someone that follows a different political or religious view and seek to understand what makes them believe what they do..(axe spend the entire conversation judging them and proving them wrong). 

Another suggestion is to look for all the times you say "That is not right", "That is not true", "You are wrong" and pause. Instead of digging your heels in, see if you can stand in the other view's shoes and seek to understand why their stance is what it is. Ask yourself what fear of mine does my belief keep safe? What if I were to challenge my own stance, what changes would I make or what could I see differently if I held a more malleable truth? Why do I need to be right? What if there was a bigger truth to learn?

Another way to work with this energy also is to reflect on the truths that adversity and challenges allow you to uncover. With Saturn in Sagittarius, we have been working to uncover our truth through the challenges of life. Reflect on a difficult relationship, job or situation. What did you learn about yourself? What skills did you cultivate that you didn't have before? For example, let's say a project at work had you working on a team with really strong personalities that clashed. Perhaps through all the tiffs and heated conversations you learned how to deal with difficult people more skillfully or perhaps you learned how to compromise and how to listen. Maybe you will never ever agree to a project like this again but this prepares you to have that difficult conversation with your family about coming home for the holidays. Maybe for the first time you had the courage to speak the truth.

A final way I will suggest that you can work with seeing yourself in a more broad lens is to create a vision board or a vision statement. Maybe you list all the things you love to do, the skills you have, the places you love, the types of people you enjoy, and the truths that your experience has taught you.  You can even add the difficult circumstances you have overcome and what you learned about yourself through them. Why do this? Because often we get caught up in what we know or what we have done and we are not able to see who we can be and where our potential lies. Part of creating that larger vision is to see beyond our back yard. Ask yourself, do my actions and beliefs support these visions or do they keep me away? When I counsel people that are looking for direction in life, I have found it helpful to not get so rigid in the specifics but to create a familiarity with what is "feels" like based on the feeling state of things that they know they enjoy.   This helps in day to day decision making. Does this feel like a step toward my vision or a step away? That is how we find the truth and also how we uncover the beliefs that prevent us from moving towards our truth.

We get the next month to deep dive into our beliefs and what they say to our truth and how we are integrating these into the vision we are creating for ourself. Faith can be difficult to cultivate when we are waiting for others to direct our path. Seek and ye shall find. "Your vision will become clear when you look inside your heart. He who looks outside dreams but he who peers inside awakens." Jung



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