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Transforming Together

In Portland the rain is here and this is a precursor to the water element that is about to penetrate the astrology of the times. The Sun moves into Scorpio on Sunday to join Jupiter and Mercury. With Neptune and Chiron also in water signs, it looks like the invitation is to tap into all those feelings.  These times have been intense already and at times exhausting. Stress, conflict, tragedy, and battles of will are evidenced in our world and perhaps even our more personal inner world.  Connecting to our feelings can be uncomfortable but allows for an opportunity to humanize the affects of what has been transpiring. We can then move from sympathy to empathy to those around us. If we witness those hurting we can relate to their pain and when we are in pain we can see that we are not alone. Water also provides a place for connection to our tender sides and each other. This week can afford the opportunity to rise above the struggle, the intensity and allow for some insight that  will allow a more clear understanding of the real work at hand. Rising above "surviving it all" and moving towards a place of transcendental realization  found in the higher consciousness . We get here through our growth and transformation. We have been growing and learning a lot this last month through our relationships and the phrase "Together Everyone Accomplishes More" will hold true for this new lunar cycle. Let's break it all down now...

Right before the Sun moves into Scorpio, we experience the Libra new moon. This new moon is opposite Uranus in Aries (the desires and will to break free and assert our individuality). We have been in the time of Libra working on balance and developing some harmony within us and around us perhaps in our relationships and learning what that entails. With the Jupiter opposite Uranus interplay, we may have danced a lot with uncovering individual desires and how they affect others when expressed as well as what others need and desire from us and how that plays out...perhaps finding some aha moments of truth when we find the balance point or learning a lot when we error to far to one side.  We are learning how to relate and this is vital to our human evolution and growth if we wish to move to more "love consciousness".  Libra likes negotiation so this may have been a see saw kind of month for you with what you are experiencing in developing further your new way of being (that started way back in the Spring Equinox). The new moon occurs at the close of the Libra cycle (26 degrees). This new moon speaks to the ways we are becoming adept with working with all of these at times conflicting and polarizing energies A key point being that we are slowing down, pausing and gaining a larger perspective before we act. Animals and children don't sensor desires. As we mature though we realize that desires are abundant and often times when not incorporating our wisdom and discretion they can run all over us. When we can blend the lower octaves of our desires with our higher wisdom, we can tap into spiritual will which pleases not only our individuality but when based in love can affect ourselves and others harmonically in the big picture. Uranus is Aries may provide some disruptions in this cycle that will uncover some revelations about relating to others that is vital to moving forward towards freedom, peace and harmony for all. The truth is we will never save this planet alone. We cannot even really live our own life without the support of others. This is a time of perspective and revelation about our patterns of relating to others. If those patterns serve you and others, you may be feeling the peace of your choices. If your relating patterns have been a bit one sided or even harmful towards others, Uranus may cause some chaotic shake ups to allow you to see the error of your ways. So this new moon asks us to reflect on the insights that we need to carry forth on our journey with respect to the other and how we can allow others to support our growth and how we support the growth of others. Take a peek at the relationships you have, what does the mirror say? 

On Friday, the Sun moves into Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars (the masculine, the will, our desires) and Pluto (higher octave of our will and desires from a soul level). Scorpio is fixed water. Fixed energy deepens and concentrates. Water deals with our emotions. So we get deep emotions and so we get ready for intensity. Everything Pluto touches is intense since he deals with our transformation.  For us to transform something has to "die". In order to be our new selves, worn out hats that we have worn in the form of identities need to be retired or laid to rest. And when we speak of death we enter the realm of the taboo and all the &*^% nobody wants to talk know those dark topics and ones in which we all think about but no one dares to say. I liken Scorpio to a haunted house. You enter the unconscious underworld of your desires and attachments and fixations just like you enter the haunted house, scared to death and ready to bolt at the first fright. It is uncomfortable, scary and literally dark in there! The biggest factor is that we don't know what is at the next corner so many of us just avoid it all together or close our eyes or freeze up with terror. We have a physiological response! Our body goes into fight or flight and we shut down to our rational mind and go back to primal times of being chased by a tiger. The trick is to stay connected to your body and access to your higher mind so that when you meet the goblins you can feel the fear but say, "this isn't really a goblin, I just feel like it is." We can have the courage to shine the light on the dark and see the truth and act from intelligence opposed to instinct which will urge us to freeze or flee from what we see. Scorpio desires the truth because the truth holds the power. When we are in fear and when we are unable to recognize our fear stories, they hold power over us and control our responses. When we look at the fear, as scary and uncomfortable as it is ,and we don't freeze or flee, the power the fear has over us dissipates. We can see the object of our fear or realize the story we have around our fear and use the intelligence we possess to choose actions that are most appropriate for our evolution opposed to our survival. Remember that most fears originate in the fear of death and if you have ever been in the grips of fear it feels like you may die. There is no way to avoid fear but we can lessen its grip over us and reclaim our power. Remember the haunted house, after you go through it one time, if you dare to go back through a second time, you may still scream and recoil but you won't have as much apprehension and the fear response may be de-escalated because now you do know what is lurking in those corners. What does Scorpio want from us this cycle? I think it wants to lead us into all the places that we are frozen, numb or controlled by our fears that prohibit us from being our essential self. This last eclipse has been waking us up to our own potential for our creative selves and living a heart led life but the one thing that can send that straight to the grave is our fears. We tell ourselves stories about why we cannot take this step or how it is simply too risky or hard or we are so comfortable in the known that we dare to recognize what may lie around the corner if we get curious because if we know the truth then we know we have the power to change our choices. So Scorpio is asking us to face our fears, uncover the truth of what we tell ourselves around our fears and to dabble in the taboo. The taboo is anything we avoid because it makes us or others uncomfortable. It is normally a place where shame lurks. Shame is created from people's responses and opinions to our behaviors. Often when we allow ourselves to name the desires that we feel shameful about, creative power is unleashed. Truth is unlocked. The role of the other and our places of power have a huge role is knowing where to look first for those fear zones. Think of all the attributes you hide from others or those curious questions you dare ask in fear of being judged. Think of any area of your life that you give a lot of power and control too because your fear of its loss (money, work, relationship). We can also use the other as a mirror for the things we project or deny. So, that guy at work that always speaks his mind and tells it like it is indifferent to anyone's feelings or social etiquette as annoying as it is may be a projection based on your desire for more freedom to express yourself and to be honest. So from this new moon onwards, through our feelings and our fears we get the opportunity to transform our fears into places for empowerment and change. These times are rich for big steps of transformation. Letting that which needs to die be alchemized into something worth of our love and attention. 

 My suggestions to work with the energy in constructive and transformational ways:

Scorpio is introspective so these suggestions are more reflective.

*List your fears and note the stories behind them. Look for those in your relationships and in those places or spaces that have a lot of power over you. Example: I am afraid to say no when an acquaintance asks me to go to tea and I really don't share that desire to spend time together. Story: I am a bad person for not saying no. I am selfish. The person will think I am rude and not like me anymore. I will look like I think I am better than them. When I write this out it seems a bit ridiculous. The truth? This is an uncomfortable situation. I have my reasons for not wanting to spend my time with this person and I don't need to justify them or defend them. Saying yes when I mean no doesn't serve either of us because it isn't truthful. Writing your fear stories allows you to take them out of your unconscious mind and into your conscious mind. You may find your stories sound like a 5 year old and that is normal. Most of my stories are profoundly crazy to read. Haha.

*Do something that scares you. Increase your capacity to be with uncomfortable situations. Examples: Saying "No" when I mean No and yet want to say yes to people please; Telling my friend the truth when she asks my opinion even though it may upset her and I know she wants me to justify her action; public speaking; try seeing a therapist. Notice what happens after you do this. What realizations did you have?

*Reflect: Where and when do you feel fear hold you back? How would you act differently if you knew that your fears were untrue or perhaps exaggerated? What wishes to come forth through you that only your fears keep you from allowing in?

* Reflect: Recall times when you faced your fears and it resulted in growth or a positive outcomes?

Tips for working with fear when you experience it:

-Use the senses to connect back to your body and slow down your emotional response (touch your body, drink water, sniff an essential oil, take a deep breathe or two, take a time out and speak out loud about what is happening to you; do a yoga pose or some movement (jumping jack, squat, etc)

-Use essential oils. I like the firs, cedar, spruce and cypress for grounding and for enlarging the perspective (use while journaling). I also like citrus oils for building confidence (before you face a fear). 

-Get a mantra that you say to yourself when you are freaking out. It can be your power phrase. You should already believe it. "I am stronger than I remember now". 

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