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Doing it Differently

It is an odd time to say the least! So much change, craziness and unpredictability makes us all want to go on vacation or hide under the covers. Get ready for some fire under your feet this week though! Mars (action, our will) has entered Aries and Friday Venus (our body, our values, relationships) will follow and in the final days before we watch Jupiter go retrograde, we get the chance to take action and feel motivated to place some energy into what we feel needs to be born. Feel the support to take some unexpected leaps while all the planets are direct for the next 4 days. Whatever you do it won't be the same as we are in the time of reformation!

The Sun is in Aquarius and this lunar cycle is all about innovation...Doing it differently, rebelling from the norm, embracing odd and unique, and breathing a little unpredictability and uncertainty into the mix. All this can sound exciting but the reality of living it can be scary and chaotic because it means we have to deal with change. The truth is that we mostly resist change. We like to predict how it will go down. We enjoy feeling in control and in the know. We don't do it differently because we like the comfort of how the routine or expected feels. This is far from the energy that has come to play. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is in the sign of Aries. Aries is all about doing. It is the ready, fire , aim energy that has no patience and not a lot of just wants to be let loose and to get it done. Aries is that firecracker within you ready to make some noise sponsored by those uninhibited desires. The desires that you don't check in with consensus about. So, we are invited to take action and to push play on those deep internal desires right now and we cannot pull a play from last year's play book to make it work. It has to be outside the box. When we do things differently we get different results. Chaos can bring about creative solutions to routine dilemmas. When new energy circulates we feel fresh and invigorated. 

But, there is one caveat to this innovation and new movement. Jupiter is Libra is opposite Uranus. Libra is ruled by Venus (the body, beauty, love, relationship, receptivity). Libra is about balance, partnership and perspective. Jupiter will go retrograde Sunday allowing us to reflect on how we are creating balance, equitable partnerships and gaining a fresh perspective as we expand and evolve. This element offers us the opposite side of all this innovative doing...we are not in a vacuum so staying open, staying present and observing and listening to the other cannot be remiss in these times. We cannot put our blinders on and go about our agendas ignoring consequences to others in our relationships and even in our environment. So we have to strike a balance, we need to check in and feel those desires that need some space to come out and be born, we need to accept that change is needed and reform is not an option but as we get the gusto to step into this we will need each other's mirror and the perspective of being open minded to make these changes stick and actually enhance our life and our world. 

Mercury conjoins Pluto in Capricorn this week and squares this Uranus opposite Jupiter. We are getting encouragement to transform our thoughts and to put some effort into how our thinking, planning, and decision making is supporting this innovative transformation. Capricorn energy thrives with routine and structure. We are seeing that our comfortable structures are being changed, shaken up and revamped. Pluto doesn't tread lightly so these changes to our habitual comforts and cozy structures of predictability will not be easy to swallow. We cannot think the same way and change. We cannot plan to do the same things the same way and change. Part of being open to innovation through transformation is embracing with an open heart the ways in which we cannot control the hows and we will not know the outcomes. These times are scary, we may feel we have lost our solid ground. Aquarius is an air sign and there is very little earth element found within the planets. I feel this is requiring us to ground and seek refuge within new structures of support. To find strength and certainty within our faith that Mama Earth and the forces of nature have always been in control. Like the mother natures shows, life is always in cycles and although change is certain, we can rest that it won't be any which way forever. The pendulum always swings both directions. If something is dying then something is being born. And sooner or later that too will die and and thus the cycles continue. 

So this time is saying "Do it differently" but staying open minded. Stay connected to yourself and especially to those around you. We need each other. We need to love each other more than we need to find faults and to point fingers. The Truth doesn't need our approval to emerge but we can certainly be open, free vessels for it to pour through.  Be the change that you want to see in the world.. is how it goes right? Let's see how we can soften towards that which makes us uncomfortable, even if they are people or values that we do not understand. Let's plan for uncertainty and let's embrace what makes us our own rebel for a cause that gives us a voice to be heard. You deserve to be heard, but so does everyone else. 

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