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Walking in another's shoes

We are in the final days of Capricorn as Thursday the Sun enters Aquarius. Ha, right before the inauguration we welcome the sign of all things uncanny, rebellious, unstable and completely out of the ordinary. Aquarius is fixed air so we are coming from cardinal earth and things of a physical nature to things of the mind and our intellect. Innovation and shaking things up will be a theme that we can play with during this lunar cycle. A gift of Aquarius is freedom from the norm and unity in diversity. There is something brilliant and genius that can emerge when we step out of what we know all too well. I think the planets set up this week quite nicely with Saturn in Sagittarius square Mars conjunct Chiron and Venus in Pisces. I am going to summarize this as an invitation to soften your hard edges of what you know to be the way, the truth and "right". We have a right to our truth. We have an obligation to know it and to live it perhaps but what about when it starts to make us hard and rigid and it closes down our hearts and our ability to show empathy? What about when it disconnects us from others and our environment? How do we strike that balance? That is the dance this week friends!

There is a lot of Pisces influence right now. Pisces is mutable water. It connects us to feeling, the ocean of universal love and connection. It dissolves barriers and tears down the walls of separation between you and me and us and spirit. It is where unlimited potential, creativity flow from. It can also be where we find ungrounded optimism and illusion/delusion and an ability to numb or check out of reality. One aspect of interest perhaps this week is empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. It is seeing pain in another and although you perhaps cannot relate you have felt that same ache in your heart too perhaps with a different scenario and thus you get it. When we share empathy with another we open our hearts. Empathy can be overdone and we can overindulge in another's feelings and emotions and take it on as a burden for us to carry or a problem for us to solve. That is a shadow side of Pisces in being the martyr, I will suffer for you since you cannot help yourself (or really I cannot help myself so I will dissolve into your world to escape). That is one side to watch for in finding our truth.

Another side, is the lack of empathy at all. It is what happens when Saturn In Sagittarius turns rigid and dogmatic and attempts to convert and condemn when something outside our experience and knowledge base is found. It is when we are so sure we are right or in the know and someone challenges this or expressed an idea, plan or feeling that challenges ours. It is when we witness the same emotion or passionate righteousness but perhaps to a polar situation and instead of placing ourselves in another's shoes, we work to make ourselves more right and thus them more wrong. This too can be a side to watch for in discovering our truth. The Chiron influence might suggest a little projection of our own wounds and fears onto another when this happens. For example, if I have found a truth that makes me more powerful than another or more right then I will perhaps be brought to interact with someone that allows me to face my fear of losing power or being uncertain about myself. I may see it as their weakness but in my challenge or judgement of them I am truly meeting my own weakness and judgement. The outer is a reflection of the inner truth applies. 

What I feel is being offered here friends is the chance to apply empathy in all situations in which ruffle your feathers and even the ones in which you are so certain you are right that you are let's say a little cocky. What if we pause in those moments and place ourselves in another's shoes (as small or large as they feel on our feet and as uncomfortable as that makes us) and allow for ourselves to feel into what comes up for us? Turn in and lean into whatever emotions arise as teachers for our growth. If I meet fear, lean in and explore what that fear may be about. If I meet, anger what is anger allowing me to learn? Not in the way of blaming another for the emotions stirred but acknowledging that it was already inside us (Chiron again) and it is ready to be felt and healed. We heal by feeling. Individually and collectively. We are at a time where we can feel a little polarized as a nation, as females and males and individuals and families, etc. If we want to heal the pain and the hate that is causing the divide, we must have the courage then for each of us to soften our hard lines and be open to what we learn when we do. I am not saying cave in, change your position, or give up, I am saying be open to what truths or Truth can pour through that expand and grow us all collectively when we practice empathy.  


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