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Roller Coaster Rides with our Emotions

Just as Mercury goes direct, we welcome a full moon and a cardinal cross of intense energies. In essence, January has started and will continue keeping us very aware that there are big changes happening and on the horizon. Those of you Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn..this is a big time for you!  Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, there is plenty for you too! Although we are now in a new year and many of us (me included) want to pack 2016 in a box to never be opened again, in astrological terms, we build upon larger cycles of time and hence the work and the experiences of 2016 are quite valid and necessary for what we are going to meet in 2017. Bottom line, we don't get to pack away what surfaced like our Christmas decor because it is time to deal with what is in a real way so that we are ready for what is ready to emerge in 2017 differently and from a new place on knowing. 

Early Sunday morning, Mercury went direct. Although we still have some time before he arrives out of the shadow zone of the retrograde territory, you may feel some relief in the communication backlog. Be mindful of what seemed to seek another pass in the realm of communication, learning, transportation and especially with regards to where you put in the hard work and endurance in hopes of achievement of something, a goal or a destination. Right now all the planets are direct and it has been a while since we experienced this. If only we don't speed up too fast and forget that retrograde periods invite us into a pause for reflection and deeper integration. May we have the patience to discern what we needed to revisit so that in our next steps we can make the course adjustments that will allow us to feel more aligned and in our hearts. Capricorn tends to pull us away from our passions and our hearts as we can be swayed by the "shoulds" and what "they" told us we need to work for and towards. We may have devoted a lot of time and energy into something just to realize it feels a bit empty of heart and spirit. This is essential to discover so we don'r continue feeding energy into something that isn't really what we want in the long term. Even if we have put years into building it. We learn skills and methods from our experiences and when Saturn is involved we learn best by learning what does not work first. Stubbornness is a Capricorn trait so often we hold our ground until the ground swept away because we fail to see the signs. 

This week, we have what is termed a "Cardinal Cross" of aspects between Uranus, Jupiter, the Sun (loosely conjoined to Pluto) and the Moon. Cardinal energies are powerful driving forces for change with the initiation of new things. These archetypes deal with home, work, self and our relationships so when these energies meet up for dinner you can expect to feel their presence and potency.  We were just talking about Capricorn and the Sun is in a loose conjunction with Pluto in this sign. We are shining the light on our beliefs, traditions and where change is being called for in our life in order to mature into a deeper place of authentic being and doing in society and in our work (the public realm). What is holding you back? What keeps you in old habitual ways of working towards the goals instead of ideals that excite you? Sometimes we hold onto the familiar and the old because it yields comfort. Jobs and roles give us security. People that approve of our jobs and our methods of living give us security and validation. This can feel good on the outside, but this Cancer full moon will ask, how does it feel in the inside?  The full moon is Cancer is opposite the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. 

The full moon occurs early Thursday morning in 22 degrees Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the moon so she is in her home sign and feelings are on the frontline. Feelings are unpredictable, all over the board and often unconscious. Where do they come from and why are they here? We may not always know but they give us information and are a very important part of our identity and expression. Capricorn can shut down feelings as they can "get in the way" of what is important: accomplishing the goal, doing the work, and staying strong. If we shut our feelings down, we can block our healing. We can be removed from the affect our actions have on our more tender parts. Cancer seeks emotional security. Cancer seeks to comfort and calm the inner body and to feel powerful in a more softer way, the way of the feminine. Emotions hold great power. When we are fearful of expressing them, we are removed from a very powerful aspect of our being. The part that allows us to connect deeply to our spirit and the parts of us that care not so much about feeling good about what we are accomplishing but rather how we feel about who we are within those roles and methods. The moon also deals with intuition and the ways in which we are led and guided by our inner knowing. This is so helpful for discerning when we are taking steps that are truly authentic and feeding a deeper part of ourselves or when we are fixating on a goal or mission that will feel empty at the end. This full moon forms a trine with Chiron and Mars in Pisces and Lilith in Scorpio. Bottom, line feelings are going to be hard to temper this week and this is a good thing. If we truly are ready to make changes in our life that lead to our evolution and our growth we must take inventory in how we feel. We need to meet the feelings that perhaps lock us into fears of change and transition. We need to be real with what is a fantasy and what is present. We need to acknowledge where we need to find emotional calm and balance within ourselves so that we are not seeking a role or job and others approval to do this for us. Inner security does not come from another but from tending to our feelings and gaining trust that we can take care of our inner selves as well as the parts of ourselves that want to do and accomplish. Both are needed and in this full moon, we have to go into the deep inner parts of our being to also seek what this period is illuminating. Are we chasing ghosts with our eyes closed hoping to catch what we want or are we connected to our deep intuition and allowing ourselves to be guided as we step by step do the work of showing up and making choices that feed all of us (inner and outer, masculine and feminine parts, being/doing). 

The last part of the cross deals with Jupiter in Libra opposite, Uranus in Aries. This is a time of learning to balance the masculine and the feminine. Learning how to do and how to receive. Learning how to work with others without losing ourselves and our desires rather than feeling like we have to do it all alone. This is a delicate balance. We want what we want and often we don't even know what we want because our Aries impulses just keep us acting without discernment as to were we are heading. So often we act without pausing to take the time to direct our action in more mature and resourceful ways. We are feeding a lower desire perhaps instead of a deeper desire. For example, we stay in a job that gives us money instead of seeking a job that gives us fulfillment and value.  Uranus is Aries is shaking things up a bit so that is more apparent. Uranus likes disruption and chaos. His invitation is to do things differently and when we do this we get a new perspective and often we free ourselves from chains of habit we didn't know we were prisoners to. We get to connect to our fire that confirms that we are alive. We feel passions and this brings our will to act and to put in motion what we need to go towards what we want. This is a time to connect to what do you really want? Uranus would say do something different to get closer to it. Jupiter is on the other side, letting you know that partnership and balance is also key. How does what we want affect others? We need others to manifest and to be in the world. Are you willing to do the work together? Can you see that the other is a wonderful window from which to view to world for a larger perspective. The other helps us remember that bridges connect and barriers separate. This is a time for bridges and connection. We need each other but we don't have to lose who we are in the process. We can be creative in learning new ways to unite and to work together to expand in ways that serve us all. 

In summary of this big week: we are going to feel like it is a bit like being in an amusement park. You hurry up to wait and emotions are rampant. You get on a ride and you feel amazing as it is fun fun and delightful and then it ends and you are disappointed and you wish it didn't have to end. Or maybe the ride made you sick and you thought it would never end and there is great relief when you get off. Then you must decide which ride next, so many choices, the person you are with has their opinions and you have read all the reviews about the rides, how do you make your choice that honors your wishes and yet is open to others? Then you decide and you get in line and wait again. What if this ride was the wrong choice and it stinks? You won't know until you ride it. What if this ride is even better than the last? What if this is the ride you have been waiting for? Life is a bit like this now. We truly don't know. But we do have our experiences, our emotions, the other people in our lives and our spirits/passions to guide us. They all have a voice and yet when we allow them to convene we get to make the choice. May we make choices that tend to our inner selves and our "beingness" and allow ourselves to feel the choices of our lives, may we make choices that respect each other, may we let go of what perhaps was good experiences but not good methods for allowing us to expand into intimately knowing what feeds our spirit and have the courage to do that more often than not! Big work friends, glad we have each other. Let's take this ride together!



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