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Out of the cocoon

We have officially celebrated the Fall Equinox and the Sun has officially moved into Libra.  You may feel the balance of the elements now as we shift from the focused water and fire elements into a more even spread of all of the elements. The introduction of the air element has been a nice change (Jupiter and the Sun in Libra). With air we gain perspective, we dance with change, we learn and  communicate with others and our environment. All the internal Virgo energy may have had you feeling like you were in a cocoon, nestled into your own focused world of thoughts, plans and healing. Now it is time to break out of that cocoon and take in the wider view and to relate with others. We need to broaden our perspective before we emerge from this cocoon with our new wings. We may come to realize that we don't have it all figured out and that we really cannot do it alone.  Living in our safe cocoon can keep us in the "what about me" cycles of thoughts where we can be so self focused that we forget that there is an unbiased world out there and our actions do affect others. In our draw to stay hidden and tucked in tight we forget that whatever we are experiencing will pass as all situations succumb to the truth that nothing is static.  Thank goodness that discomfort, fear, pain will pass at some point! We also can rob ourselves from the inspiration that others provide when they model rising above challenges, the empathy that we can see in another's face that has faced adversity, loss and pain.  The other is such a necessary ingredient in our healing and evolution. Taking in the information reflected in our environment is essential if we want to co create and partner with life. We can pigeon hole ourself into what we think will happen and how we feel it should unfold only to miss what is meeting us and inviting us to a new and unexplored way of living. This is the Sun conjoined Jupiter in Libra. Libra is Cardinal energy and so new things are being initiated. We are starting something a new way and so the old ways won't be so helpful. Our experience is not useless but we must take it and enhance it a bit with some new spices. Jupiter is our fast track to growth and expansion and in the sign of Libra we need another for this kind of growth. "The time of the lone wolf is over. " The other gives us an element of truth we may miss. The other is not here to tell us what to do or that we are wrong, but to invite us out of polarized thinking (I am right and therefore you are wrong. Black or white?)We learn to compromise. We learn to soften the hard edges of where we dig our heels in for security. We also get to see the mirror of what we may be unable to see. Nothing like a relationship to let you work with what you would never dabble in alone. Some relationships take you to your edge of comfort just to prove to you that there was more of you that you have not met and more growth is possible. No one says relationships are easy but they are the best way to teach us what we will never learn solo. Jupiter in Libra will also teach us how to be met by life and that there is countless ways to go and opportunities before us. We get to take those Virgo intentions for our integration and look around for how we will be met in making those a reality. It may not look the way we thought but if our eyes are open wide we won't miss where the support is coming from and where we are being led. 

Tuesday, Mars moves into the sign of Capricorn. Mars is less comfortable in a yin earth sign but Capricorn is cardinal energy so this helps us tap into the endurance to take our desires and inspirations forward. Capricorn calls for self discipline to learn from our experiences and to apply the wisdom of our experiences to the means in which we want to accomplish our goals. With Capricorn the temptation is to do our work as a means to an end. When we add our heart and our passions to what we do, we add the sweetness that allows the journey to unfold with authenticity. With Capricorn we also face karma and our traditions as possible standards we place before ourselves. Remember Saturn (Capricorn's ruler) in Sagittarius is reminding us that we are the holder's of our truth and our truth should be the standard not another's. So, take the truths you have been discovering and add the discipline of doing the work step by step as you move forward into this new phase.

Friday at 5:11pm we welcome a new moon in Libra (8 degrees). A new moon is a seed time to plant intentions and watch the growth reflected back through the lunar cycle. This new moon is conjoined Jupiter and the Sun in Libra as well and within a close orb to a square to Mars in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn.  Take the urges of Mars to start the work of setting our heart based and truth oriented goals with Pluto's call to evolve past our fears and limitations of the past based on what we were "told" and how they did it and then mix it up with this Libra energy and what do we get? We get to power and inspiration to merge from the cocoon and into a welcoming world of opportunities to be met and supported. With Pluto in this mix we meet our evolution and any time we are in the midst of transformation it can make us feel alone, frightened, and clingy to security. Transformation is *&^&^% tough! I am finding that this is where we are feeling those deep fears and insecurities is where we are closest to big expansion and new growth. What if the caterpillar chose to stay in the cocoon for fear of the other side? We need to remember that we are not alone on this path. We need each other. The universe is giving us messages all the time. There is support all around us. Even in the eyes of a fellow seeker just as confused and scared as we are, it is evidence that we are all doing it as best we can. Let's open our eyes and look up, around and within. Partnership is the name of the game! No one promises it won't hurt as we emerge from the cocoon and that the work won't be difficult, but the the reward of flying as a butterfly speaks for itself. 

The moon this week:

Tuesday-Wednesday: Scorpio (water); Thursday-Friday: Sagittarius (fire); Saturday-Sunday: Capricorn (earth)

Love to you all!


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