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The space between

Whether you felt like last's week's energy was like throwing yourself into an ocean of hot emotional soup without a flotation device or you wondered what all the fuss was about, we are survived the Pisces eclipse and full moon of last week. This week the energy starts to stabilize and the intensity may seem to lessen a bit (please!). Mercury goes direct on Wednesday. Communications should improve and feel more easeful and perhaps we have had time to reflect on where we can improve our focus to aid in our healing, wellbeing and integration (hone in on where your body has been speaking to you often through pain). Thursday the Sun moves into cardinal air sign, Libra, and Friday Venus moves out of Libra into intense and emotionally rich Scorpio. The theme of stepping outside of duality/polarities will begin to shine a little brighter as the sun shifts into Libra.  This should support what has been set into motion by the eclipse. Whatever is present now emotionally and mentally be it pain, confusion, joy, or a conglomeration of many things, we can remind ourselves that it simultaneously the accumulation of what was started at some prior point that is ending having come full circle and something has been set into motion, a seed that is ready to begin its process of growth and maturation. This eclipse may have spotlighted a certain something for you to  now see from a less biased and fixed mentality. With Libra we are welcoming in intelligent perspective, balance and partnership. Libra is a cardinal air sign, so we are working in the realm of the mind to initiate and forge ahead with new energy. On the equinox we see the duality of the season: the ending of summer, the celebration of what has been harvested and we get to taste the bounty of what we have been working and tending from our hearts. On the flip side we have to choose what to keep tending that will sustain us into winter and what to let go of in appreciation and realization of how it served its full purpose. As we let go of the form of what was harvested the essence still remains within us and can be now applied towards where we are next journeying. 

This strong sense of duality and life in the space between it has been so evident recently. I notice than when I am feeling scared, uncertain and experiencing peak emotions as in the last week, the draw is to gravitate away from discomfort and pain and to cling towards what feels good and comfortable. This tends not to work out so well as maybe you have also found. One of the beliefs that I think Saturn is asking us to mature during its time in Sagittarius is that bad things happen (we experience pain) because we are being punished and when things are good and we feel life is ticking along according to our liking that we are being rewarded for good behavior. A fundamental truth of the universe that I am discovering is the universe is unbiased. Pain and happiness are just cycles like the seasons and they are not to be taken so personally. We all get to experience both throughout all of our lives. When we live in hope and fear we ascribe to dualistic philosophy. We will meter our behavior to avoid the one side of life that seems to be unavoidable as it is a just simply a season like fall and we will suffer. Nature cannot take offense that the leaves fall off the trees just as nature is not being rewarded when the flowers bloom. When we are clinging to one side then we are blocking the flow of life. We block our innate wisdom, our growth, the tools that are before us to support us, and we block the flow that will allow the emotions or pain to dissipate as nothing lasts forever. We also block our ability to see the spaciousness of possibility in between the polarities. There is so much potential and possibility between our hopes of what will happen to gain happiness and our fears of what may happen that may cause pain. When our thinking and actions are polarized we are frozen with an "either or" mentality. Life is rarely black or white. Mars in Sagittarius is teaching us that our actions are not right or wrong, we need to ask a different question from a wider lens.  What actions allow us to expand and to trust that there is potential for more than the small mind can perceive? What actions line up with our truth in this moment? What actions let us breathe deeper and let go of fixation and holding onto what we know to make room for the mysterious possibility? These are the themes of Jupiter in Libra and the Sun moving through Libra will give us more fuel for this topic.

This has even been applying to our relationships as Venus has been transiting though Libra. When we need to be right then the other has to be wrong. When we can only sit with our point of view there is no space for a more expansive and inclusive perspective. The broader truth should reveal that it is not "either or  but "BOTH and more". If we cling to what we think and know then we will feel like a ping pong ball bouncing from pain to happiness non-stop. That is exhausting and will deplete our vital energies. There is a more harmonious way to relate to ourselves and each other. For sure it feels more comfortable to cling to what we know and how we feel we are right and justified. It is totally un-grounding, spacious, and scary to accept that most likely there is more to the story we are telling ourselves. Venus will leave Libra this week and move into Scorpio (things may get a little intense relationally) so we can start to do the work of shifting and healing the ways in which we cling towards these poles for our comfort and security so that we can take back our power to remain calm and carry on in the spacious place of possibility and the unknown. The possibility that we have to face our fears instead of building up walls around them,  to see where we are clinging, accept the fact that we may not know how it will go or what the results will be... I am seeing that the gift of Libra is an open mind. When we accept that we don't have to live in the comfort of our dualism then we have a lot more life to take in and interact with. We can start to meet life in the middle. We can meet others in this center space of "I don't know" but I am willing to learn as I go. I am willing to see more space around the grasp of what I know and what I want. We introduce the freedom of working with life and others to partner moment by moment. We get to change the ingrained neural pathways of how we have always done it and we open new ones that may allow us to see the vast terrain of unexplored land before us. 

As we complete this Virgo cycle, Chiron in Pisces has been a strong presence calling us to our own healing. When we face uncertainty, our fears, and the pain that we avoid with this openeness and are willing to say "I don't know" then the healing can take place. I have found that often my need to fix, understand, control, and hold on to the questions prevents me from the spaciousness it takes to accept the healing that is available for me. Questioning and thinking about it is another way for me to hold on and seek security and protection. Healing is not linear and we cannot reason our way though it. When we cease the struggle to know, perhaps we will find that all we need to know will come in due time. Support for our growth will come as we need it and our deep wisdom that knows exactly what to do to heal can lead us. Unwalled and unguarded we find the space of our hearts and the heart of the universe, a universe that is willing to partner with us though it all. Perhaps we will find the beauty in it all instead of the two sides. 

May a new perspective be the lighthouse to the unfolding a new experience of life created  moment by moment. 




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