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Wide Open Spaces

The heart is still at center stage as we continue our Leo cycle, Our sun is trine Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. We are aligning the heart to have the courage to live free ,aligned in our truth. Courage seems to be a theme again this week as Saturn takes the mic. Saturn will finally go direct on Saturday as it starts to conjoin with Mars. We will start to align our actions and will with the wisdom of our experiences. This period of reflection has possibly closed some doors, restricted access to some channels of escape back to the familiar, only to point you towards the only door worth opening, the door of to your expansion and growth. The truth known and felt in your heart. It takes great courage to go through this door. It is easy to suppress and go the "easy way" out. Easy for only some time though. Then the hardness of the heart sets in and we feel dead inside, uninspired, and stuck. Followed by the heaviness of the burden of living for someone's else's ideals and dreams. It takes a lot more effort to swim upstream and so we may feel exhausted from fighting our deeper calling to turn around and ride the flow into this next chapter. As we sit back and take a deep breathe, we may find the clarity of what our experiences have been trying to teach us. The invitation that has been right in front of our face but maybe we just had to exhaust all the other options before meeting the more fulfilling, open hearted, and expansive option. It doesn't mean this choice and opportunity will be easy. It just means that it should feel like your heart can breathe again and that something deep inside you is awake again and ready for more.  

The rub is that we do need to analyze, question and take steps to perfect the way we are living. This week Venus, the North Node, Mercury and Jupiter all together in the sign of Virgo square Mars and Saturn and oppose Neptune and the South Node. Virgo energy will keep us in the improvement mode thinking we need just a little more tweaking until we get it perfect. To a degree we need to do some tweaking but this needs to be occurring in the body and not the mind, and it needs to be balanced by the Pisces energy of surrender and deep feeling. We need to feel our body as a truth filter. Instead of reasoning it out with our head, we must learn to feel it out.  The body speaks, be it pain or restriction or stability and alignment. The hazard in this feedback loop is that we can get so caught up in trying to figure it out and get it right that we forget the key element that our emotions play in our healing and in our processing of our experiences. We cannot digest them properly until they have been felt. Pisces invites us to feel the fear, the discomfort, the pain, the itch that we want to scratch by going back into our habits of disassociating from our body when it gets tough. Back to that courage. We must be courageous not in blind action and reckless decisions for the sake of movement, but in ways that honor our body's wisdom, the wisdom of our experiences. We must find courage to live in this opened hearted space in order to feel deeply our experiences with it all. It feels raw sometimes to feel what is ending and what needs to be released. It feels scary to go through a door not knowing what is on the other side. But, we have to open our heart and feel it anyway and trust that we can do it step by step, moment to moment. Learning to live from the heart does not give us a trail map with all hazards and points of interest mapped out. It invites us to the spaciousness of the present. We don't get it all right because in each moment we do what we can do to stay present in this spaciousness that may very well feel not very stable and grounded because it is in sync with the flow and the flow is always changing, adapting and integrating as it traverses. It is not about a false security that gives us a temporary ground to dig our heels in to brace for change. It is a security held within the deep layers of trust within our heart and that in the moment we will always have what we need to discern and to keep grounded within our truth. 

Jupiter can be said the fast track path to your evolution, and it is the sign of Virgo. This is a year of step by step integrating our experiences within our body. We are clearing out and making room for the essential. We are simplifying and seeing how when we get to the essence of what really aligns us and feeds us that truly less is more. This week Jupiter is opposite Chiron in Pisces. Chiron is the wound that we have come to heal and master and to share in service to others. It is what we deny for ourselves but we can give and share as medicine to others until we surrender to our humanness and allow our gifts to be our own elixir for healing. Chiron in Pisces is calling us to go into those deep wounds that keep us feeling fixated on escape routes or addictions to fill the void temporarily only to prolong our suffering. Chiron says stop running from the pain but lean into it and let it free you. Let it drop you into that place of deep unconditional love and deep spaciousness of the heart. When the heart is not covered over by our illusions, we feel deep, and this depth connects us to the universal bind we have to each other. Our pain. We all feel pain and when we acknowledge this then we can find compassion and the courage to stay in the open space of the heart despite the intensity and we come together. and we hold space for each other.  Chiron and Jupiter will tug of war this week. Balance the two, be in the raw openness of the heart space by feeling your experiences and all the emotional content they possess, clear out the clutter and all that is not serving the heart and align yourself with the steps and action of what allows the heart to stay open and free.  

The moon this week (our feelings, our way of self care and doorway to our deep intuition): Monday: Libra (air; perspective, relationships, creating beauty); Tuesday-Wednesday: Virgo (earth: integrate, take steps, improve); Thursday-Friday: Sagittarius( fire: expand, vision quest for truth, adventure); Saturday-Sunday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish, effort, reflect)

Happy heart living friends. Love to you all....

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