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The Healing Portal: Self Discovery and Embodiment

Ready for a reset? This week provides a portal to accelerate you towards your destiny, the future and the unknown aspects of yourself ready to be unveiled! On Thursday we have an annular solar eclipse (not visible) along with a new moon in Virgo. Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday in the sign of Virgo. Mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Gemini, and Sagittarius) get a double dose of all this mysterious alchemical energy. This is a time of non-linear change and transformation with a heavy earth focus, so staying centered and grounded in your body is essential. The mind will have plenty to digest so don't get caught up in the details but keep your focus on your heart and its timeless wisdom. Take your time, slow down, and go within as much as you can...transformation never happens over night and with this energetic intensity it will be all to easy to focus on what is going on with others and getting caught up in the outer frenzy losing your discernment on what matters most to you. Let's set the stage for this week's main events...

On Monday, Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and beauty moves into Libra. Finally a planet in an air sign! Venus just loves being in Libra (one of the signs she rules). Libra deals with relationships, balance and perspective. We  can gain more relationship intelligence if we stay open minded.   Relationships teach us so much about ourselves and our outer environment. When we allow ourselves to see those we relate with as mirrors of ourselves then we gain perspectives that can provide a broader lens from which to understand our environments. We learn the true meaning of partnerships with Libra as we are asked to give and we have to balance that with the ability to receive and vice versa.   We are called to create "beauty" in our environments (home, work, etc) when Venus is in Libra. We may find more interest in the arts and creative endeavors that allow us to see the beauty that exists all around us and deep inside our souls when we give it a voice and a means for expression. During this time it may be helpful to ask what seems out of balance in terms of what you love and value?  Where can you create and allow in more beauty in your life? In your relationships where is a deeper understanding of true partnership needed and where does the scale tip with your relating habits (giver/taker)?

Tuesday, Mercury planet of communication, transportation, technology and learning goes retrograde in the sign of Virgo at 29 degrees. This is a time of reflection, re-examination, recalling, revisiting...anything that gets another round or try. This is most definitely not the time to full court press anything in the realm of Mercury as we are taking another warm up lap to revisit some important insights we may have missed. Mercury rules Virgo but Virgo is an earth sign so while there is most certainly a mental focus it is coupled with physical symbology of what is going on inside our minds-our body! Mercury will stay in retrograde until September 22 when it goes direct at 14 degrees Virgo. During this time, anything that Mercury deals with is considered fair territory for the unexpected and often the undesirable mishaps, so keep it simple and take your time with mental tasks and goals. So yes, your cell phone may die, you may find that trips are delayed and getting decisions made seems impossible, that people misunderstand you and that everyone seems a little "off" mentally. Mercury can be a trickster especially in Gemini but this is not so much the case in Virgo. Mercury retro in Virgo is about being centered in ourselves, our essential needs, our health and wellbeing, and our service to the world from pure motives. It is the time to reflect on how we are integrating these essentials into our life with our plans, routines, and communications. We must back our dreams and ideals with solid effort and commitments. It is a time to get down to business with time management and who/what is getting what % of our time and energy and are those essential needs in that equation. How do we align our effort and work with what is meaningful for the long haul. We cannot serve anyone when the gas tank is on empty. We cannot fill the gas tank on "low nutrient snacks" that only get us by. This is a good time for meditation. This is an ideal time to slow down and notice what is going on inside our heads. Do we even know what is worrying us, motivating us and filling up the air time in our minds? When we do sit and find out, we must let go of the motive of "fixing" ourselves and understanding the whys of our minds but rather reframe this time as one to which we dedicate our work towards self discovery. Self knowledge is a powerful tool for helping is discern what is best for ourselves and what is taking us to a deeper place of conscious embodiment allowing us feel whole and centered in the present times. Look for where the snafus happen during this time, these may be messages and clues to where you are off center and in need of a little clean up and reorganization.

And now for the main event...the new moon/solar eclipse! Eclipses happen every 6 months so they are significant times of the year. We will experience a lunar eclipse on the full moon in two weeks so this time between eclipses are considered powerful portals of time to experience a myriad of possibilities. During an eclipse the light of the sun is hidden so that we are able to see perhaps something that we cannot when the sunglasses are on in full light. The sun is our vital energies, our unique creative potential, and our personality. Eclipses occur on the moon's nodal axis and this Virgo eclipse occurs on the North Node. This is the leading edge of our expansion, the fresh, unexplored terrain of the future and where our soul calls us to experience something new. This is also a time of deep healing and integration as we are called to truly learn and know the full Self. Part of moving forward is acknowledging where we have been with acceptance and an honest look of where we stand now. It is also a journey of unveiling who we are as we see more clearly every part of ourselves, even the parts we may deem flawed or wounded.  With Virgo we take in all the data but we must sort through what is helpful and what is just part of the story of our lives and need not be highlighted and incessantly broadcasted (mental mantras). We must use our wise discernment to know where our energy should focus for moving us in the direction of our growth and healing. A an important step in our healing is accepting our flaws and wounds as part of us, just as worthy and essential  as the parts of us that we accentuate because we feel it makes us look good or that others value that side of us. It is not necessarily about erasing our wounds and "bad" habits or tendencies but knowing their effect on our life and choosing to give them the proper place. When we know ourselves we are not slaves to our wounds but servants in how to work with them so that we can heal and integrate their wisdom into our lives. The shadow of Virgo is trying to be perfect and overly critical of ourselves and others. We can get lost in all the details and forget the broader vision of our life is to live it moment by moment as best as we can and we will never get it perfect! The polarity of this eclipse is in Pisces, where the South node lies (our past, our comfort zone and the familiar). Which means for this eclipse what also might be unveiled from the brief period of "darkness" is our  escape mechanisms and where we try to take the back door approach out of our life. It can also highlight where we blame others for our wounds and hold them accountable for our healing. This may be in an attempt to avoid pain and fear of what will happen if we are exposed. The beauty that Pisces offers is unconditional love and oneness. This rub is that although we all feel that avoidance of pain is the ticket "there"; pain is actually the doorway to finding it. Through  the experience of our wounds, our pain and our darkness we see with eyes open that all of us is spiritual beautiful and worthy, that all of it is part of life and part of being held by the mystery of the open, vast space of the heart. If we can find compassion and be able to make space for ourselves then we can connect all of who we are with all of what we do and how we express it. Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius square off this eclipse for the final angle. Truth, life purpose, our belief systems all come into focus we we are realizing who we are. We will uncover perhaps how our beliefs have shaped us and how the rights and wrongs we have been taught have directed our attention and focus. This eclipse asks us to express and expand your individualized sense of self regardless of your traditions. No one can tell you who you are. No one can validate what your truth looks and feels like. Another angle of expansion is taking the risk in trusting your own interpretation and analysis of your experiences and what they distill for you in terms of the truth that is ready to be put to work and integrated into your daily living.

Big energy. Impactful times. Change happens on its own time and it never follows logic and reason. This eclipse is a time to make friends with yourself and to have a truthful adult conversation where we listen deeply. Reveal your deepest secrets, take responsibility for your healing, be willing to take the baby steps towards implementing what you know to be timely and essential to your initiation into this unknown place of being, and trust that this is a moment to moment process. Be centered in your own wisdom, from within that place your clearest insight is available to you. 

May we all be feel the support around us to do our deep work of mindful living and being!

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