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Worthy Focus

Welcome to Virgo! The friendly fire of Leo has now shifted into a more productive energy rooted in the earth element. Once again, there are lots of planetary aspects going on so this is another big week of discovery, insights and growth on our path. Relationships will be highlighted as Venus makes multiple significant aspects. We are still missing a lot of air element but the mind may feel like it is on overdrive since Virgo is ruled by Mercury (rules the mind). Monday Jupiter in Virgo conjoined Mercury and so thoughts are abundant and aspirations around this archetype are elevated. We may need to focus abundant mental energy on something useful this week as the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all in the sign of Virgo! Simplify! The Virgo archetype is about improvement, perfecting and purification. This is where one can feel the influence of Mercury. Virgo takes in a lot of information, experience and physical data to analyze and discern the meaning, the cost/benefit, and what is  unnecessary versus what is essential . In Virgo time we start to get back to work and our routines and regimes that we feel serve us. In Leo it is play first work later and with Virgo it is back to the grind in essence. Virgo rules our health and wellness (our digestion) and so we may feel inspired to clean up our diet or to restart or refocus on our wellness practices...whatever makes us feel like we are improving ourself and making progress.  Virgo also mirrors the archetype of Chiron, the wounded healer, as we also focus on service and how we can help others with the our work. With Chiron often the medicine that we offer others is the medicine we need yet cannot recognize within ourself. Chiron provides us with lifetime work and discovery within our wounds/imperfections as we learn how to work with who we are flaws and all. We become the expert on our wound and thus our wound becomes our greatest gift and with Virgo we are invited to serve and share our gifts with others. We can then realize the beauty of our wounds and the medicine it provides for all. The shadow of Virgo is never being enough and falling towards perfectionism.  We can also be taking in so much information that we can get a little overstimulated with what to do with it all and forget the process of integration happens over time within the experiences themselves.  We can work, work, work all the time and forget to surrender and allow and the importance of the "let go", to trust the process itself as the teacher and that we do not have to do it all. The perfectionism of Pisces balances Virgo in this way. So how to  play with this Virgo energy...through focused action and discernment. Give the mind a framework from which to filter the information of our experiences. What is the framework?...our truth, the wisdom of our heart, and the learning provided by our unique experiences. The mind is our ally when we give it a worthy focus. 

An aspect that has been building until this week is Saturn conjoining Mars. We are aligning our will and desire to get our truth into action with the wisdom of our experiences. Where has struggle, suppression, external authority and father time been your teacher? Where did you learn what your truth was not? Where have you felt held back and squashed down? Where have there been lots of "no thank yous" and doors slamming shut? This is not punishment but Father Saturn stepping in to teach you how to grow up and into your maturity and your leadership as boss of your life and most importantly CEO of your truth and how it will look out in public in form. Saturn takes reflection and time so this is where time is in our favor...broaden your lens to see past the here and now and look for lifetime themes of wisdom. Mars and Saturn together can make us frustrated and angry and this just may allow for some changes to be made or some "not going to do this another time" moments to occur. We are called to action but not action for the sake of action alone, but mature focused action on what serves the wiser self and the part of ourself that may have been hidden under a mask. We don't have to rush into unconscious action but take the time to stabilize our vital energies so that we act when we feel in alignment. Patience! Mars will square Neptune in Pisces this week so our actions will play against the delusions we may have been hiding underneath to keep us from facing the truth. 

Venus, and our relationships get a big focus this week as well. Relationships to self, others and our relationship with anything we value. Venus is opposite Chiron this week. This where we will feel and face our wounds, the shadow and how it feels relationally to be human and fallible. The gift when Venus in Virgo is that we don't have to be depressed and defeated by our wound. We don't have to run away and numb out when it shows up. With the support of Virgo, we can take a good hard look at what is and use it as a tool of self discovery. What if we got curious about our wound and we studied it and used all of the experiences as fuel for growth and healing.  What if we used this wound as inspiration knowing that this is where our potential for the most growth and healing lies! As we open to learn more about ourself, we recognize the power and fire for transformation that self discovery allows.  Knowledge of the self is power because when we truly know ourselves and we are not afraid to look clearly at who we are, then we can surrender the fear to who we are and we can make choices that honor who we are and what serves the whole self. This truly is integration and this is the time for it!

On Thursday, Venus is inconjunct Uranus in Aries, so we have a chance for unexpected change, revolution and freedom from what binds us relationally to perhaps patterns that keep us feeling imprisoned to a false sense of self.  Be bold in how you show up for yourself and with others. Does how you relate speak to your worthiness and value of who you are wounds and all? Our wounds make us who we are, hiding from them hide us from who we are in our wholeness. At the end of the week Venus will conjoin Jupiter so there is opportunity for growth and expansion to our relationships, when we do the self work. When we know what is there is room to make choices that serve the truth we want to reinforce. We can let go of what is not essential to that truth and growth and allow for the space to broaden our sense of Self and what is possible in our relationships. Mercury and Venus conjoin on Sunday and so we may need to talk and communicate about what we are discovering and we may strengthen our focus on those relationships that matter most. 

So focus the mental energy, the evolutionary Aha's on what you value, on what allows you to feed what feels nourishing to the whole you, body, mind and heart. Purify your intentions, what is essential?  Remember the voice of your heart from the this recent time in Leo. Lighten up this Virgo energy with play and with knowing that serving truth should also have a pleasurable side as well. 

The Moon: Tuesday-Wednesday: Taurus( earth:feed the sense, stillness); Thursday-Friday: Gemini(air; communicate, network); Saturday-Sunday:Cancer (water: self care, emotional nuturing)

Love and blessings to you all! 



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