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Emotional Emancipation

Get ready friends... This week is potent in evolutionary ways. Major aspects. Full moon. Themes of our lifetime. We are in the olympics of our life spiritually. If we can stay with ourselves we can allow for some big healing and shifts to occur. Breakthroughs. Epiphanies. Are we ready for this?  I will try to set this up with a background story. Saturn is direct. Saturn can be felt as limitation, authority, suppression. This planet is time and space and the hard but worthy life lessons we receive through living and learning. Saturn is trying to help us with finding our truth and our deeper path in life and in order to do this doors will close, wells will run dry, and we may struggle a bit. Saturn is square the nodes of the moon right now so this means that we are making some evolutionary decisions and steps right now to point us towards the unfamiliar, the unchartered and our higher calling. This will require effort, integration of our experiences (what did the old road teach us) and risk. We are up against what everyone has told us, what is "right" and "wrong" in the dogmas we were fed and the wounds we have felt in being inauthentic to our truth and who we are. Evolutionary steps are not baby steps but a big leap unto the unknown and it is damn scary. Mars in conjoined with Saturn so we have an extra push towards this growth and maturity if we can see where we are being nudged. Otherwise, we will feel the brakes on and we will feel push back and struggle. Now is the the time to be honest and truthful with yourself. Where are you wearing a mask that has not fit for way to long? Where are you stuck in the past ruts ruled by your illusions of a happy ending that has no evidence but are based in fantasy? Where are you investing your time and effort as a means to and end opposed to feeling something that frees you and expands your paradigm? Enter the sun in Leo. Bringing us some solar warmth. Reminding us how it feels to be playful, creative, a little self indulgent and living from our heart. Leo is about finding our creative potential and expressing who we are as individuals. What makes you feel alive in who you are? What are you on the joy scale? The sun is trine Uranus breaking us from the norm to be who we are with a renewed freedom. Chiron is quincunx so we are meeting our wounds in this calling. Where have we been wounded in being who we are? Where have we been made to feel less than or not good enough when we tried this? What back ground stories and illusions have we created to keep us in the past so that we don't go for it? Where did we close down our heart or where are we living in rose colored glasses to prevent ourselves from feeling the pain of the past so it can be released? We cannot live from our heart when we cannot feel what is hiding inside?

Thursday at 2:26am, we have a full moon in 25 degrees Aquarius. The full moon is in a yod formation with Uranus and Chiron. A yod is very intense and impactful transit labeled the "finger of God". In this aspect we must overcome a challenging ego centered experience for our spiritual evolution. Aquarius is the least emotional sign. Not a drop of emotion keeps this archetype in line with the higher truths of unity in diversity. With the moon in Aquarius, we are invited to feel our individual desires and callings. We may need to feel the awkwardness of being unique and different in the ways that make us beautifully ourselves. We must step outside of the emotional intensities of this time to gain the higher mind clarity of what is at stake. Uranus in Aries is sextile (harmonizing) with the moon. Change, upset and the unexpected may occur to awaken to more expansive, larger than our ego mind identity. We need to be making steps that break us out of patterns that keep us attached to false identities and a ignorance of our deep desires.  Aquarius and Uranus both are about non-attachment. It is true or it is not. Plain and simple. It opens you to liberation or it does not. Aquarius doesn't care how you feel about it, just that you reach the potential that you are capable of when you step into the abyss of your own revolution. Chiron in Pisces is at the point of this aspect. These are those old wounds, still unhealed that keep us down. We stay in pain. We stay in denial. We stay in fear. We live in fantasy.  We wallow in our emotions never really feeling them with consciousness. It is time to feel what is keeping us from the deeper love of ourself. If we love ourself we will choose to heal our pain and we will take steps that liberate us from it. We will surrender and let go of the stories and we will feel what is true. We will feel disappointed with choices that didn't work out. We will feel grief and loss at what has to go. We will feel fear at the truth that moving forward into the present and future is scary and unknown but we know what does not work and what is not serving us. We will feel it yet we won't let it untangle us. The choice is ours. Life in the past, the wounds and our fantasies of what ifs and maybes or life in the present, the truth of what is. Be real. Be honest. Go forward. When we feel, we can heal the past. When we take steps that say to our fear, I hear you but I don't serve you, we create a new story to live with. When we step out of our emotional bondage of suffering by actually feeling with truthfulness, we emancipate ourselves from the wounds and we use them as ways to love ourselves and each more fully. We need  undiluted clarity within our emotions. They are telling us that we need a new story, that changes need to be made. Are we ready to make them? 

The moon this week:

Monday: Capricorn (earth: accomplish); Tuesday-Wednesday: Aquarius (emancipate air: break free); Thursday-Friday: Pisces (ether/water: deep healing/spiritual connection); Saturday-Sunday: (Aries: fire, create)

Blessings and love to all of you and we do our deeper spiritual work and we show up for ourselves!

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