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Feed your Fire

What a week this should be! New Moon in Leo on Tuesday. Mars moves into Sagittarius (can I get an amen?), Venus joins Mercury in Virgo and aspects to the personal planets galore. How's your digestion? This week is all about how we are able to use this Leo fire to digest and assimilate the many experiences that we are having with these energies so that we can fuel our creative fire. This Leo sun is inviting us to step forward into our creative potential and express who we are from our hearts. This will get us attention. This will put us on stage. Are you ready to step into the light and invite yourself towards expressions that validate who you are in your uniqueness? The sun forms a trine (harmonizing aspect) to Saturn in Sagittarius. When we live from our hearts we allow ourselves to be in our truth. We mature and take off false masks that in authenticate our heart felt co-creations with life. This week though we get to be challenged by quincunx aspects to Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn with the Sun. Lilith in Scorpio is still square this sun too. What does this mean? It means that the dogma of what we were told, how we were taught that the game is played, and what the outer authorities tell us is law (Pluto in Capricorn) will be circulating in our energy field as we explore stepping into these new dimensions of self expression.   These are deep grooves in the karmic wheel in our psyche. It takes quite a bit of courage and self-trust to decide to abandon what the consensus says and trust our own intuition and heart tugs. Neptune will also confuse the situations with any illusions that keep us feeling separate or victims of circumstance( the yeah buts), or wishful thinking that has little depth, but underneath that is an invitation to dissolve these false boundaries and step into the groundless state of trusting the source of flow and miracles. We can spiritualize it all friends, and when we merge our heart with what we do and how we do it, it all becomes unified and it all becomes work that ties us to a deeper purpose, the ones that allows us the feel in sync with nature and all beings. Our unique expression can actually allow us to serve humanity from gratitude and fullness.   

It should be noted again, that still there is an absence of air in the sky. Air is our perspective and our clarity. Bottom line, get out our your head. It is not the best resource for you. You have others more readily able to help you move through these times. Like...your body, your emotions and your spirit! Mercury just entered Virgo and Venus will join on Friday. Mercury in Virgo allows us to let the body give us information. Our body is always communicating with us. The body is wise beyond our knowledge. Virgo allows us to purify what we are putting into our body so that we are choose sources that give us max nutrition. If the sun is our vital energies and our vital energies feel low, then check the source of your nutrition. When we are feeding ourself ideas and beliefs that disempower us, then we feel weak. If we withhold activities that nourish us and feed us well, then we remain low on energy to create and expand. We must value the relationships and ways we treat ourselves that speak to our heart and invite the heart to expand and we can feel when this happens in our body (and when it does not).  Mercury will square Saturn on Saturday and the message is to integrate the messages of the body and perfect your digestion with body wisdom not information from your mind. Venus is beckoning us to not let our wounds close our hearts, but yet break us open to find what really will allow us to value the wisdom of our hearts. Sometimes the pain of disappointment and loss is just the elixir to connect us more deeply to the state of openhearted heart living rather than the temporary fix of just getting our basic needs met. 

Another note of interest is that we still have several planets in retrograde, Uranus (Aries), Saturn (Sagittarius), Pluto (Capricorn) and Neptune (Pisces). Most of these planets deal with evolutionary themes and learnings that take time to integrate (hence why we get many lifetimes to work this Earth thing out). What you may notice, is the feeling that what I thought I understood is not so. I thought I knew how this life thing was going and now it is going a new way. We are realizing that some beliefs and philosophies need to be re-examined. We are realizing that spirit moves in mysterious ways but never the less, everything is spiritual. Experiences teach us that living a life from shoulds and from the advice and examples of other people's ideas and dreams is a dead end road. Ignoring our deep desires and suppressing what we need to be ourselves keeps us chained to a life we don't want any part of. The Venus aspects this week to Chiron (our wounds) and Uranus (our quirky ways that are our doorway to freedom from the known) and Mars (our drive) invite us to value the questions, our mistakes, our pain, and our confusion as simply the path we need to take to truly remember our wisdom, our truth and our way back home to our hearts. We are not here to get it perfect but to simply be perfectly ourselves.

The new moon in Leo will occur Tuesday at 1:44pm. This moon will be trine to Saturn in Sagittarius, harmonizing us with our truth that freeing us from restrictions and limitations. This moon will also be square Lilith in Scorpio so shadow aspects of ourselves may be felt in order to step into our power. Fear of the unknown. Fear of loss. Needing to hold on and control events, people and situations to feel powerful can all show up when you dare to feel your way towards new self expressions . Pluto and Neptune will be in conjunct so there will be a feelings is this the "right" way or looking for answers outside of ourselves will tug at your mind. You may even just want to dream it and allow the neptune fog to cloud your ability to take steps and do the work to start to actualize your dreams. Return to your body. Return to the what your feelings are showing you. Allow the vision of your spirit to give you the direction. Return to your heart. Feel your heart and sense what breaks open the doors to your heart. What allows you to feel alive and thriving? What keeps you open to connecting to others and sharing who you are in a way that validates you by feeling seen? If you had everything to gain and nothing to lose, how would you act and what would you choose? This is the question for this new moon cycle.  Life is meant to live large and out loud. What is ready to be brought to the light and magnified by the sun's rays? You have had many experiences that when digested and assimilated will provide you with exactly what you need to radiate the truth of who you are. Let the heart lead and shine bright!

Have a super week! If you are around Portland, join me Tuesday night for a new moon community gathering, More information on my events page. Much love to you all.



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